Wednesday, September 06, 2006


The sad truth of how April really got preggers with the twins

"Because sometimes, not even sleeping with nearly every male leader in the National Alliance is enough to get you knocked up (although it will get you kicked out). My name's April Gaede, and I'm one more mother supporting home-administered artificial insemination."

Well, she's actually holding immunization shots, but fill those figurative six shooters up with Jew-juice (or "Jewce" as I like to call it) and you've got yourself some untalented jailbait "musicians." Not that the Jewish genes would produce untalented musicians; no, that likely came from the Stage Mother's side.

The funniest part about posting this photo is that because April writes "copyright me for all photos" she thinks it actually makes a difference as to whether or not folks like TPBB can use them. Sadly, as my use is pretty clearly satire, it's protected speech, and not subject to copyright law. That, and since April hasn't filed for an actual copyright, it makes any potential legal action that much flimsier, despite assumed copyrights surrounding digital media (for which copyright law is even murkier). If there's one thing I know, it's media copyright law. Sorry April. Guess that leaves you holding the jizz cannons.

jizz cannons! nice one. this family is ridiculous, this movement is ridiculous, this blog, however, is pretty darn fun. cheers! -- janet
How much of this blog post of yours do you consider to be satire?

Looks to me like its about half-pseudo-satire and half-fuck-the-law-you-havn't-got-an-actual-copyright-na-na-na-bo-bo.

Four sentences of satire and six sentences of I-didn't-do-anything-wrong-by-stealing-your-picture.

That really sums up your blog.

hmm. I wonder if there is a statute on this, of some kind?
Why do you have such an obsessive hatred with this family?
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