Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Dear Kalispell,

I feel your pain. One of our previous writers (who may yet return, I hope) used to live in California, quite close to the Prussian Blue girls. The real irony is that while they lived there, I was living in Missoula. Once I leave Missoula, they move to Kalispell.

Kalispell is a beautiful place. I have no doubt that if you really want to drive their bitch asses out of town--perhaps including a nice tar-and-feathering--you'll do just that.

In the meantime, the move by the Gaede Klan has prompted a mini-revival of this site. So here's what I ask of you: if you live in or around Kalispell, email theprussianblueblog@gmail.com with your thoughts, photos, or trackings of the crazy crackers. Anything I can do to help you make their lives the nightmare they so richly deserve. And just between us, do you think they knew that Kalispell is so close to the Blackfeet reservation when they moved?

Prussian Blue have every right to live where they like. These people are extremely narrow minded if they think the girls are "haters". They are nothing of the sort. They are however much prettier and smarter than the ugly girl in the picture who could definitely use a stylist and an extremely expensive nose job.
Hmmm...one of the twins had to drop back to a pre-algebra class this school year because she couldn't handle algebra...and she is a 9th grader! One of them (probably the same one) is happy she was able to raise her math grade from an F to a D+...Oh yeah! Real smart cookies they are there!

Abby: You seem to think that just because the twins are cute, that all of the world should just allow them to spew their hatred any where. Well, they may be pretty on the outside, but that hatred on the inside makes them pretty ugly to the rest of the world.
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