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This is an article forwarded to us by F.R. from what was my favorite thing to read during my time spent living in Missoula, "The Missoula Independent." When the author talks about Flathead, that's right next to (or basically is) the Flathead Blackfeet Reservation, home of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai tribes (and really cheap cigarettes *cough*The Braves*cough*).

White supremacist blues
by Paul Peters

On a quiet Tuesday morning the Gaede family’s south Kalispell neighborhood seems like any other recently built subdivision, with clean new vinyl-sided homes, some yet to be occupied by owners, and workmen placing sod and landscaping unfinished lawns.

It’s a place to start fresh, which is what April Gaede says her family intended to do. The problem is that Gaede and her family aren’t exactly anonymous. They’ve been written up in a GQ feature, featured in a segment on ABC’s “Primetime,” and had their story picked up by newspapers around the country.

April is a member of National Vanguard, a white supremacist group that splintered off from the National Alliance after its leader died in 2002. What made the Gaedes famous, or infamous, are April’s twin 14-year-old daughters, Lamb and Lynx, who perform and record music as Prussian Blue. The band is probably best known for “Sacrifice,” a song that glorifies Nazi Rudolph Hess, and a photo of the kitten-cute, blonde-haired, blue-eyed girls wearing T-shirts decorated with yellow smiley faces wearing Hitler mustaches.

In their ABC interview, April said the family’s hometown of Bakersfield, Calif. wasn’t “white” enough, so she planned to find a new, whiter community to call home. She found Kalispell.

But when April’s new neighbors found out who she was, they decided some sort of response was required, so on Aug. 31 they passed bright flyers reading “NO HATE HERE” around the neighborhood. The posters currently hang in at least 10 neighborhood windows.

April claims that since the Daily Inter Lake ran a story about her neighbor’s actions, she’s received numerous e-mails from Flathead Valley residents interested in and supportive of her views.

But the family’s media exposure also seems to be doing some harm. April says she lost a job at a local coffee shop after a recent airing of the family’s story, and she says the NO HATE HERE crowd tells her daughters, “We don’t want you here.”

With no apparent sense of irony, April worries that her children will be ostracized when classmates at their new Flathead school learn who they are, and what they believe. She calls the neighbors who outed her family “closed minded.”


Louis and the Nazi's

Here it is. Finally online, the first documentary featuring the twins. I've looked for a copy of this stateside for years. I'm glad it's finally available for free. Enjoy the stupidity!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


The sad truth of how April really got preggers with the twins

"Because sometimes, not even sleeping with nearly every male leader in the National Alliance is enough to get you knocked up (although it will get you kicked out). My name's April Gaede, and I'm one more mother supporting home-administered artificial insemination."

Well, she's actually holding immunization shots, but fill those figurative six shooters up with Jew-juice (or "Jewce" as I like to call it) and you've got yourself some untalented jailbait "musicians." Not that the Jewish genes would produce untalented musicians; no, that likely came from the Stage Mother's side.

The funniest part about posting this photo is that because April writes "copyright me for all photos" she thinks it actually makes a difference as to whether or not folks like TPBB can use them. Sadly, as my use is pretty clearly satire, it's protected speech, and not subject to copyright law. That, and since April hasn't filed for an actual copyright, it makes any potential legal action that much flimsier, despite assumed copyrights surrounding digital media (for which copyright law is even murkier). If there's one thing I know, it's media copyright law. Sorry April. Guess that leaves you holding the jizz cannons.


Their blog hasn't been updated in a while either.

Well, not since June. But you can still leave them plenty of hate-comments at using or whatever other popular free service you use to mask your IP address. And you'll want to, just to spare yourself the death threats that come with saying anything less than polite to the vehemently "pro-free speech" NA. Or... is April still kicked out of that gang of jackboot child molesters?


Mail call!

If one thing hasn't changed since this site was first started (aside from National Alliance goonish intimidation) it's that we get an asston of mail. Here's a sampling. Notice that the mail tends to fall into two types: People writing to us, or people writing to Prussian Blue and assuming that's us. Sometimes mail from the latter is much, much funnier.

"Who do u think u are? Stupid white girls u are not in school because your mother doesn't want you to know that nazis are killers!!!!! nazis are killers!!!! do u think black people are worse than u? they are better because they think and go to school."

* * * * *

"The police will arrest you - you know that spewing racial hate (such as condoning killing of everyone non-white) is criminal and is not part of the 1st amendment's right of free speech.Besides you will send USA special forces to Tel-aviv to arrest buahaha. Go suck on it nazis.Your girls unfortunately have been brain - washed by you and I have nothing against them.Just drop the nazi signs , salutes and the calling of non-"whites" "mud" or you get into serious trouble.I have blue eyes and am white but I dont go spewing racial crap. Anyway this is end of discussion."

* * * * *

"Teen People drops story on white supremacist singers

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Teen People Magazine representatives said Wednesday the magazine is killing a planned story on twin white supremacist singers after learning a magazine staffer had cut a deal with the singers' mother over language used in the article.

The story was about Lynx and Lamb Gaede, members of the self-described "racialist" rock group "Prussian Blue."

In a prepared statement, Teen People said, "During an editorial review of this assignment, we learned that a junior employee made unauthorized assurances to the mother of the Gaede twins regarding the prohibition of certain words in the story. Such an agreement is in violation of Time Inc. editorial policy and, as a result, we are killing the story and pursuing a formal inquiry."

A source familiar with the situation told CNN that the words in question were "Nazi," "supremacists" and "hate." --From CNN Assignment Editor Tom Ziegler (Posted 1:14 p.m.)"

""I mean what young red blooded American boy isn't going to find two blonde twins, sixteen years old, singing about white pride and pride in your race ... very appealing?"

That's a creepy thing for a doting mother to say. Does she really want to turn her (underage, I needn't add) daughters into sex symbols in order to further her cause?

We both know the answer is a resounding "yes"."

* * * * *

"Hi, I would like to say I just admire your site, I have no tolerance for Racists, Neo-Nazi's, KKK members. I don't even reconize them as equals.....and I'm a socialist! If they EVER play in Halifax (where I live), I know many people, with many connections who hate Racists just as much as me. I have alse forwarded you an email conversation with emails by none other than that Mark guy that the girls mom has been sleeping with. He claims to have a massive underground. He threatened me with violence when I used peace tactics. He even tried to deny the holocaust, of course he was no match for my swift socialist tactics. He is nothing but a blubbering vagina.

You are the man! (or woman)
Proud supporter of you" [We're going to run this conversation, we just need to clean up the HTML shit]

* * * * *


Remember Lynx and Lamb Gaede, the 13-year-old white-supremacist crooners who made the news a few weeks back?

"Teen People" has reportedly killed a feature on the twins, after it became known that someone at the magazine had promised that the words "hate," "supremacist," and "Nazi," would not be used in the piece.

According to the New York Daily News, an internet teaser for the February story referred to the sisters -- whose songs include "Aryan Man Awake" and "Weiss! Weiss! Weiss!" -- as "aspiring musicians" and compared them to the Olsen twins.

If the Olsen twins had been taught to hate minorities, played a video game called "Ethnic Cleansing," and wrote songs glorifying Hitler henchman Rudolf Hess, maybe. But the Teen People blurb didn't get into that angle, referring to their message as a matter of simple "white pride."

People furious about the upcoming, and apparently compromised, coverage of the sister-act rallied in protest outside of Time Warner, which owns Teen People.

In response, Teen People nixed the piece, and a Time spokewoman blamed the whole mess on "a junior employee" who "made unauthorized assurances to the mother of the Gaede twins regarding the prohibition of certain words in the story."

The Daily News ran their story under the headline "Mag tells 'Nazi' singers: Heil, no!"

I can't top that."

* * * * *

"I only recently found out about prussian blue, but since i did i have been reading up on them, there is loads on the net. i found your website, and just thought you might like to see this.
I sent this email to the pro-prussian blue website:

Is the point that you are making that whites are
better than anyone else, or just that you are proud to
be white?

This is the reply i recieved the next day:
Superiority is a subjective judgment. We have never
claimed to be better than any other race. We simply
believe that Whites have the right to exist and to
continue to evolve along their own path, separate from
the other races as they have done for thousands of
years. We are proud of our people's achievements. We
have no desire to either prop up or put down the other

This sort of contradicts everything else i have heard and read about Lynx, Lamb and April Gaede, so i was just wondering, how can i know who is right?
If prussian blue are as bad as all the stuff i've been reading says, then it is disgusting.

If you weren't interested in anything i put in this email then i apologize for wasting your time.

Elly" [Reply: Elly, just read the National Alliance's website. We think you can find all your answers there to determine the truthfulness of their reply]

* * * * *

"Wow, i'm not even sure what to say. I was just watching tv and i saw this debate on these two beautiful little girls...and im like physically sick. I'm all for being proud of where you came from but it is unrealistic to believe that one race is above another. im from San Diego, so where i live we are all on the same level. things may be different in other states... but really it is unfair to raise a child to be close minded. i have blonde hair and blue eyes and im german... but im so much more than my appearance and where my family came from. those girls have a talent to sing and they're adorable so they shouldn't have a problem singing about positive things. let them learn about other religions and other races and the obsticles that every other kind of person that lives in america went through so they can really appreciate why we are america. my husband is in iraq fighting for our country...along with many other races who are fighting with him for the same reason. no one can be mad at the twins but their parents should really have more respect for their children and themselves. im so sad for them.


* * * * *

"I noticed that on your site there is alink to, (the link says Prussian Blue, the actual band) and i was wondering if you knew that this band was completely different from the racist one. Because at first it looked like that was the racist band. But then i realized that band was totally unrelated to the racist twins except for the name. Just wondering." [Reply: Yeah, that's why they are labelled as the racists and the actual band]

* * * * *

how can u think that different coloured people are different to you!!!
i am white but i do not think that i am superior to anyone
y can't we all just get on
I have alot of black and asian friends and they are alot like me there is
nothing wrong with being proud of your race!BUT DON'T DISS OTHER

* * * * *

"The girls are great. You remind me a lot of a very left wing loonie I know. Now do you really think anyone other then an off white racist is going to believe anything on your site. Well enjoy, the net is free and full of nuts such as yourself."

* * * * *

The following was one of those emails I think was meant for April, but ended up in our box. It's one of my favorites:



If you qualify, no tests, study, books or exams.

We have Bachelor's, MBA's, Doctorate & PhD degrees available in your field.





* * * * *

"Are you capable of thinking for yourself? Well, given
that unlikely scenario, I want to you to read what we
really believe, instead of that rubbish Bliss wrote to
smear us
The above is what they replied to me when I sent them an e-mail.

They disgust me FULL STOP

Please may you sign this"

* * * * *

"Here I am sending you the e-mail exchange between April and myself after she pissed me off last year bad-mouthing my classmates because they asked her politely not to bring her agenda(s) to the reunion. First you will see hers (which I had to save) and then my response. I honestly do not even remember her from High School at all!

There were several e-mail exchanges between us dated October 2004 (the month of the reunion), but I only saved this one since it was so funny to me. She stopped replying to me after my last response--I guess she had run out of words! Feel free to use my name: Doreen Montoya, RHS Class of 1984.


When have I ever preached hate? By loving and asking for a future for my race? Do you say the same to your friends who are La Raza and MECHA members since they also preach racial politics??

It is so obvious from your response that you are writing about a subject of which you are ignorant. The salute that you see White Nationalists do dates back to the Roman times....go back and read some history, educate yourself. By the way , the swastika is over 10,000 years old.

You still didn't answer the question of what it was that I was going to "do " that everyone was so scared of...but that is typical of those who like to preach "tolerance" through one side of thier mouth.

There are many people who agree with me, many who graduated with us from Reedley, you would be surprised. It is just that they are not all in a postion like myself to be able to openly state thier feelings on the subject of race.

The thing is Doreen, I wasnt coming to the reunion to get your approval or to have you agree with me, I was simply planning on coming for the same reasons that everyone else did, to see old freinds and what they are up to now. And I wasnt the one that was acting hateful.

As for your queer/lesbo/crossdressing friends, I am sure that they are nice people in your opinion. I still personally find thier lifestyle and behavior disgusting and offensive and against Natural Law and I am pretty sure it is also offensive to most conservative minds in Reedley. Would I have asked them not to attend the reunion, no way, I would have just laughed about their behavior on my way home in the car. But then I guess I am just more tolerant than you.

April Gaede

Hi April,

Firstly, I have no known friends who are La Raza and MECHA members, nor would I care to. I hate being around anyone who is too f***ing fanatical about anything--it's just freakish to me.

You can keep just telling yourself that I (everyone else)are ignorant to your wise ways of the would and "racial awareness's". I don't give a damn--I was merely writing to you in the first place because I wanted to let you know that you were (and are) wrong about the RHS classmates of 1984.

The last time I checked no one in our graduating class was running for President or any other political office so when you say and I quote "There are many people who agree with me, many who graduated with us from Reedley, you would be surprised. It is just that they are not all in a position like myself to be able to openly state their feelings on the subject of race." Your mysterious list of names is more than likely non-exisistent and the people I encountered at the reunion were mature, friendly adults.

You stated "I was simply planning on coming for the same reasons that everyone else did, to see old friends and what they are up to now." I personally don't believe you. You seem to despise your classmates by the way you replied back to Toni and referring to "cliques" 20 years later. WHY would you really want to be there then?

Face it, baby. You left no lasting, positive impressions on your classmates and accept that none of them cared to see you after 20 years.

By the way my "queer/lesbo/crossdressing friends" appreciate your "tolerance".

With love and light, Doreen"

* * * * *

"Hi! I am very glad that someone is picking on April Gaede. Clearly she is a hateful person, and organ donation is the only good thing left that she can provide the world. (rejection rate would surely be high though!) Those two poor children. Can't you see that picking on them is roughly the equivalent of making fun of the bruises on a child that has been beaten by his/her parents? What they have been through is abuse, pure and simple. Sadly it isn't a form that we recognise as abuse, although it is a perpetuating cycle as is evident by their grandfather.

I feel terrible for those girls. I am sure they are being applauded as heroes within their circle of hate, and that fame and praise is fooling them into thinking they are doing the right thing without being given a chance to realize the truth. It is bad enough that they are going to have to learn the truth the hard way but it is possible that they will NEVER learn the truth and become just like their mother.

More's the pity."

* * * * *

"Are there really people out there that believe this bias trash you post just because your afraid of two little girls. Guess your one of those people that has a very boring life so you look for those you don't agree with to harass. Bet you even voted for Kerry." [Chuck, I'm a communist. I'm not sure how you could have missed that. We don't vote. Not the real ones, anyway.]

* * * * *

"Your blog has been quiet for a while. I hope all is ok with you and yours."

* * * * *


I just wanted to say i love your music! Yea Right, i think your band is of the most racist i've ever seen, we're trying to make the world a better place and your here ruining it. Your songs suck, and your message is even worse, i mean ur like little 13 year old, devils that hate. Well for your onformation, i don't belive ur biograbhy, u have friends, those are probably friends who have no choice. I think all of this that you do is shit.And it's disgusting, And i don't know how you can stand there and smile when their is hate behind that ugly face. Your just a group of racist Bitches, and hate takes ppl to hell.

Signed- Prussian Blue Haters


P.S. if your mom, is encouraging this, then she should walk around with her head in shame.

Now take this music and shove it up ur ass!"

* * * * *

"Good morning or evening.

I salute you for your cause and efforts. You are showing people what Prussian Blue are: Racists.

I own a blog that I just started: the address is this:

I hope that someday people know that we're all human. And that nothing will change that regardless of skin colour.

many thanks to your site.


* * * * *

"Skinheads were originally black.
Why are those girls so fond of skinheads. They're just denying the roots, if they knew, they'd probably hate all skinheads or something."

* * * * *

Monday Kris Richard Lingelser was on insideedition at a court hearing for the custody of Prussian Blue. The offical proceedings for custody begin in May
here is the link that describes all the details of past and current trials
inside editions website is it shows he picture and statement of the trial

Take Care"

* * * * *

"Miki Vukalič
to me
hello lynx and lamb :)
I just want to say that there should be more people and especialy kids like you. I'm 14 years old aswell and I am pretty aware of the problem that is starting to grove more and more. Me and my boyfriend are hoping that we'll have kids like you and can you tell me any names you know? The name should be strictly european ( I'm not american as you can see :) ) and it should be a name for white people only. I like your song very much, you are smart and tallented girls, I hope you won't get stopped at your work by any dumb organizations.
And tell your mother and grandfather that they done great job raising you.

Sabine Allmighty"

* * * * *

"Do you have a blog for Negroids who sing songs like It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp?" [Negroids? What the fuck is that? Like the Domino's Pizza Noids?]

* * * * *

"Hi there,

I'm a reader. I've recently started a blog of my own, at, and I wonder if you'd consider adding a link
to me. I'll put up a reciprocal link.

You're doing a great job, by the way. Keep up the good work."

* * * * *

"Dear Prussian Blue,
I am wondering what a person of color has personally done to offend
you. If you have been personally offended by a person of color, then
think: Have you done something to offend them? The answer is yes. I
would consider writing and publishing songs of hate about someone just
because of their skin tone offensive. You are obviously very
religious. I would ask you to please open up a Bible of yours and
read it. Many times it talks about how Jesus welcomes everybody. The
sick, the poor, the colored, etc. If you don't believe that, please
read the Constitution. It states that ALL men are created equal, not
just the ones with blonde hair and blue eyes. I would like for you to
email me back with a response of why you believe in racism.

With All Due Respect,"

* * * * *

"Just a few hours ago (I think) someone replaced the picture of Prussian Blue on Wikipedia wearing "happy Hitler" tees with an edited picture where they're wearing "I'm with stupid" tees. (Both with arrows pointing at the other!) By the time you get this e-mail, it will probably have been taken down. But I saved it on my photobucket account:

Seeing that edited picture gave me an idea to do something similar, but less mean-spirited. So I went to a progressive bumper stickers site and switched around some of the slogans on these girls' tees. It will probably piss off these Nazis more than anything else. Please post them on your (excellent) blog:

With the last one, I really wanted to merge the banner in the background with a bumper sticker reading, "We are a nation of immigrants," but unfortunately, I'm not good enough at graphic design. :-("

* * * * *

"Fala suas nazi
Duas porcarias loirinhas que acham que são alguma coisa.
Tá escrito em português pois sei que vocês aí da "AMÉRICA" são um bando de
acéfalos e analfabetos. Bando de idiotas.
But i speak english. Sorry naziblondebitchlitllepig. Your country is a shit
and your peolple burning in hell son.
Mas não liga não, como seu país de cretinos e facista logo vai sumir da
face da terra, vocês podem ganhar dinheio em algum site de pornografia. As
irmãs loirinhas taradinhas e nazistas.
Kisses im your ass. Suck.
Não a imigração?? E quem vai trabalhar nesse país de teroristas e
preguiçosos?? Você duas?? Duas anãs magrelas que não aguentam nem carregar
uma caixa ou seus pais e parentes nazistas é que vão reerguer este país de
Qualquer coisa, tem emprego pra vocês aqui no Brasil.
See i u in hell assholes.

[Here's the English via Babelfish:]

Loirinhas says to its Nazi Two nastinesses that they find that they are some thing. Tá written in Portuguese therefore I know that vocês there of "AMERICA" they are a flock of acephalouses and illiterates. Flock of idiots. But i speak english. Sorry naziblondebitchlitllepig. Your country is shit and your peolple burning in hell sound. But it does not bind not, as its country of cretinos and facista soon goes to disappear of the face of the land, vocês can gain dinheio in some site of pornography. The sisters loirinhas taradinhas and nazistas. Kisses im your ass. Suck. Not it immigration? E who goes to work in this country of sluggish teroristas and? You two? Two dwarfed magrelas that they do not aguentam nor to load a nazistas box or its parents and relatives is that they go to reerguer this excrement country? Any thing, has vocês job here pra in Brazil. See i u in hell assholes."

* * * * *

Here's another one I think was meant for them, maybe as part of a business transaction:

"delightful Schoolgirls
at Poorn!,hVX"

* * * * *


my name is *******. i'm 13 and i'm asian and when i found out about prussian blue in a magazine i decided to check them out.(just to see what they were about cos the article wasn't very clear.) anyway i think they are absolutely disgusting and it's about time someone shoved them in prison. i don't care if they're only my age. what they're doing is appalling. and someone needs to deal with their mother too. she's a class one bitch. all i can now say is that i feel sorry for their sister dresden, and how she will grow up. this is becasue just looking at her she is a sweet child but when you look at her family and daily influences you just want to take her away to keep her from becoming a bitch.


p.s. you're doing a great job. keep this up

p.p.s. what kind of a name is dresden anyway ????????????"

* * * * *

"your are graed (sorry i com from belgium i talk not gaad engles)******"

* * * * *

"Prussian Blue were featured in this programme wih Louis Theroux (who I think
you mentioned in one of your old articles). It also features Tom Metzeger."

* * * * *

"i h8 those bitches" [Don't you mean, h88? ;)]

* * * * *

"I can't beleive Adolf Hitler is Prussian Blue's hero he was possibly one of
the most evil people to ever exist! Lamb and Lynx are such disgusting,
ungrateful people! And why the hell are they so obsessed with what colour
people's skin is? They are gone in the head and don't deserve to be famous!
I suppose it's all down to their stupid mother, bringing them up to believe
such stupid racist things! I suppose she's gone in the head as well!!! I
think their family is so disgusting I can't believe that people can act the
way that they do!! And to publicly broadcast their songs and letting
coloured people hear the lyrics! They could at least keep their sick little
beliefs to themselves and consider other peoples feelings! Black people are
so much more talented than them - I reckon they're just jealous little brats
seeking attention!"

* * * * *

"I can't believe what these girls are doing! I am 14 years old, blonde haired, and blue eyed. And these girls are horrible. Some of my best friends are black and when they heard about this one of my black friends started to cry. She is the nicest person on earth and here are these two girls demeaning her when they don't know anthing about her. I commend you for bringing this to our attention, this style of thinking needs to be stopped."

* * * * *

"Here's the article in today's local paper

I don't know how long they archive, let me know if it's gone and I will send
a copy."

* * * * *

Oh, and by the way, my name **********. I live in Kalispell. So if you decide that I'm a raging lunatic, don't be suprised when bad things start happening to you.
ADOLF HITLER WAS A GAY!!" [He totally was.]

* * * * *

"Hey! Anti PB gal here. Just sending you this link if
you haven't seen it already. I found all the pics here
interesting because this is their idea of having a
good time. Very sick, if you ask me.

Anyway, see for yourself:

Yours truly,"

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Dear Kalispell,

I feel your pain. One of our previous writers (who may yet return, I hope) used to live in California, quite close to the Prussian Blue girls. The real irony is that while they lived there, I was living in Missoula. Once I leave Missoula, they move to Kalispell.

Kalispell is a beautiful place. I have no doubt that if you really want to drive their bitch asses out of town--perhaps including a nice tar-and-feathering--you'll do just that.

In the meantime, the move by the Gaede Klan has prompted a mini-revival of this site. So here's what I ask of you: if you live in or around Kalispell, email with your thoughts, photos, or trackings of the crazy crackers. Anything I can do to help you make their lives the nightmare they so richly deserve. And just between us, do you think they knew that Kalispell is so close to the Blackfeet reservation when they moved?


We're still getting emails...

Greetings from the vast reaches of the internet. It seems as Prussian Blue are still alive and kicking (apparently they didn't get those smallpox blankets I mailed them for Yule), TPBB fans are still sending email updates about the couple of twin gutter fascists whose talent-to-father ratio is an even 0:0.

I realize the site's been inactive for at least the better part of a year. I realize the images are all dead now, making many of the posts significantly less funny than they once were. Well, I'd like to rectify all this, and likely start writing again. Frankly, I feel kind of bad the site has fallen into a state of disrepair, such as it is. Much of this has come from my movings about, and I'm sad to see that I no longer live a short 90 minutes away from where they appear to've decided to move.

Needless to say, a lot of work remains to be done. And while I'm busy with a number of other web efforts, on top of my normal day job, it's my goal to make the site functional again. This may mean something a little fancier (i.e., not blogger), but until I have more time to devote, I'll just try to clean up around here a bit.


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