Wednesday, November 09, 2005


The Phoenix Eurofest

Click on this link to see some recent pictures of Prussian Blue, April, and Dresden. You will notice that April's choice of clothing looks very 'milkmaidlike', and her hair is no longer blonde. The first picture at the top of the page displays April standing with a so-called 'reporter' for the National Vanguard.

I still don't see what the big deal is about those bitches. Why does everyone go on about how "good looking" they are? They're a pair of homely, pasty, bottle-blonde twits. At least my white skin looks good - those two look like someone smeared white-out all over their faces.
Thanks for being so refreshingly blunt, Yelena.
What do you mean calling Ted Wansley a "So called reporter" as if to imply he is illegitimate?

He is one of the very few paid professionals at National Vanguard, and is very good at what he does.

He has a BS in broadcast journalism and an MA in journalism and mass communication.
Byronio, academic credentials are cheap in this country and prove nothing.

Nobody owes it to him or to National Vanguard to treat propaganda as "legitimate" or to grant NV's spokesperson respect.

You have to earn respect, and it doesn't come through hatred. Deal.
And I believe it to be one of the most biased news sites. Every news story is derogatory toward minorities. It is inciteful (not insightful) in it's choice of stories and attempts to reinforce racial hatred.
"Why does everyone go on about how "good looking" they are?"

It isn't everyone. It' mainly WNs, who will tell you you're a goddess as long as you are white and blonde/red haired and pale-eyed, regardless of how weird/plain/cheap you look. Them, or pedophiles of all persuasions who will lose interest as soon as L&L turn 15.
You have a stupendously great point, Mary Kelly.
I agree with Mary Kelly also. I'm fourteen and the only time these two look decent is when they have makeup caked on there faces. And even then, the look trashy!
The milkmaid costumes come with briefs, but no clogs or anything.
Gee, their audience is 50-year-old white guys??? That sounds pretty exciting for two teenagers.
Yeah, thank god there aren't that many young people who are into the white-power bullshit. However, it's still depressing to look on those white-power forums, and on the Prussian Blue myspace, and see all the young hate-mongers.....Really makes you wonder how sheltered they must be, to think that way.
Does anyone have a picture of Mark Harrington, AKA Mark Neufeldt on Stormfront and supposedly April's new husband and Dresden's daddy? I have searched, but haven't come up with one yet. I'd be interested in seeing what he looks like.
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