Saturday, September 03, 2005


A Hideous Pornographic Image

I recently viewed a grotesquely pornographic picture. The image was brought to my attention by Mansa Musa, the prolific moderator at MootStormfront. I've refused to post the questioned picture on this site because it contains disturbing content.

The picture displays the cookie monster character as he continuously stuffs chocolate-chip cookies inside the vaginal orifice of a prepubescent girl. I should mention that the girl was certainly telling the cookie monster to stop. 'Racialists' and various antiracists have declared Yamamanama is responsible for the image's creation; in addition, they assert that he ensured Lamb and Lynx would undoubtedly see it.

The pornographic image was hideous; in fact, only a person with an astutely sick mind would have been able to conjure it up. I don't know who's guilty because I have not seen the supposed evidence yet. However, I unequivocally denounce the actions of the responsible party.

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