Wednesday, March 30, 2005
Posted by: amethyst23.
Register with if you're an anti-racist. You may also register if you're a 'racialist' without worrying about the censorship of your entries (as long as the posts are made in a non-confrontational manner).

Meanwhile, Tuonela informed me of his continued communication with an actual FBI agent. I thought I'd be fair and make the small correction. Prussian Blue was allegedly threatened within the entries and comments of this blog, some declare.


Wait! There's Been A Change Of Plans

Tuonela, the Floridian who allegedly sent a tip about this blog to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, has decided to change the course of things. He has decided to work with local law enforcement to find statutes that would apply.

Fans of Prussian Blue who happen to stumble upon this blog claim they're 'concerned' for the safety of the twins. These fans, most of whom are 'racialists', believe this site threatens the twins' safety because individuals have allegedly made threats. I think otherwise. Stay tuned.

Sunday, March 27, 2005


A Small Victory After All

I decided to revise this post since it was written sarcastically the first time around. The co-founder of Buzznet, 'Mackey', decided to remove a few pictures from this blog, and here's the unabridged e-mail he sent me.

I am co-founder of it has been brought to our attention that there are some photos on your buzznet account that you did not take, and that give away personal information about a minor. Personally, i very much support the information that you are trying to get out on your blog and on buzznet (i think you should post some more information on your buzznet account). I am horrified after reading about Prussian Blue. However - we need to remove the map image and the photos of the baby, since you do not have the right to publish them. Just wanted to drop you a note to explain.

The complaining 'white nationalists' can celebrate over this small victory; after all, their complaints caused the removal of the pics of Dresden and the map. A self-proclaimed white-nationalist reader was disturbed at the co-founder's alleged 'support' for this blog. I'll reply to this reader by saying that 'white nationalism' is not PC. Many people in America will attempt to separate themselves from people and events that aren't PC. Anti-racists are still viewed as the beacons of tolerance; on the other hand, 'racialists' are viewed as 'haters'. Agreeing with 'haters' isn't politically correct.


April And Prussian Blue 'Terrorized' By FBI

This article is from the website.

A SWAT team, acting under orders from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, served a no-knock warrant on the Squaw Valley, California home of white activist April Gaede, allegedly seeking evidence in the killing of the family of Chicago Judge Joan Lefkow.

Despite the dramatic armed attack that terrified Gaede and her children, including the well-known singing twins "Prussian Blue", feds found nothing but copies of letters that had been exchanged between her and Hale. Reportedly, copies of those letters were already in FBI possession, as Hale's correctional facility Xeroxes and indexes them.

Gaede is a National Alliance member and writer for the National Alliance's National Vanguard Magazine, as well as contributor to Stormfront under the name SheWolfoftheNA, and a friend of White Revolution Chairman Billy Roper. is published by White politics, Inc. - P.O. Box 12244, Silver Spring MD 20908. All material not in the public domain and lacking other claimants is copyright 2004 White Politics Inc. unless otherwise noted.

Thursday, March 24, 2005


The FBI Is Supposedly Involved

I learned an interesting tidbit of news less than twelve hours ago. 'Tuonela', a 26-year-old Florida resident, sent a tip about this blog to the FBI. He alleges that Prussian Blue's lives have been threatened in some way. Individuals are freely able to contact law enforcement for whatever reason they please; therefore, it is Tuonela's right to call the FBI on this blog.

Anti-fans of Prussian Blue have been getting laughs out of this site; on the other hand, the actual fans find this site irritating, wasteful, and downright threatening. Tuonela declares he doesn't have a problem when I poke fun at other 'pro-white' groups. He simply doesn't like the fact that this blog makes fun of two girls. I just said it, people. It is all about making fun.

I will share further developments as I discover them. Please note that I did not insult 'Tuonela' and do not feel anger toward him. He intends to visit his local FBI office to perform a follow up of his tip. Let's see what happens.

Monday, March 21, 2005


Prepare For The Upcoming Tour

You've read it clearly. Prussian Blue is going to do some extensive touring this spring. Their mother planned a tour across American soil; however, no concerts will be held at regular venues. This bit of news is probably splendid to the fans.

Lynx and Lamb will perform at the Sacramento Eurofest on April 9. Get your tickets in a timely manner, fans. A very slim possibility of selling out exists. Perhaps Lamb's guitar will be tuned properly by the time this tour begins.

The Prussian Blue concert at the National Alliance leadership conference takes place on April 23 in West Virginia. In addition, the David Duke conference will occur in May. The twins may even do a white power concert in June.

How much money will their tour gross? Only time will accurately tell, but I'm willing to make a safe conjecture on this subject. I wouldn't attend their concerts even if they were being offered for the lowest price humanly possible: free.

Friday, March 18, 2005


April & Mark Neufeldt at the World Ag Expo

April & Mark Neufeldt at the World Ag Expo
Posted by: amethyst23.
This year's World Agricultural Exposition was held in Tulare, a poor central California city. Many good white people from all over America planned to attend; accordingly, Prussian Blue's mom and stepdad saw a great opportunity to recruit new faces.

April and Mark are members of the National Alliance. The N.A. was America's premier 'racialist' group until their leader, Dr. William Luther Pierce, died in 2002 at the age of 69. April joined the organization when Lynx and Lamb were 8 years old.

'Brainwashed' watchdogs estimate the N.A. has fewer than 800 members. Actual N.A. members say their group's membership is 1,500 strong. Members have been attempting to recruit by distributing literature at expositions, gun shows, front lawns, and European festivals.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


The Benefits And Detriments Of Multiculturalism

The Benefits And Detriments Of Multiculturalism
Posted by: amethyst23.
White nationalists, such as Prussian Blue's family, hate living in multicultural societies. Anti-racists are usually able to live in multicultural places with much harmony and accord. Multiculturalism has plenty of benefits as well as drawbacks; accordingly, I've decided to list some of them.

The Benefits of Multiculturalism
1. We learn from each other's differences.
2. A broader view of the world forms.
3. Biracial people will feel comfortable.
4. People open their minds freely.
5. Love absolutely sees no colors.

The Detriments of Multiculturalism
1. Multicultural empires fall from grace.
2. People reside near unwanted neighbors.
3. Foreign languages might be annoying.
4. Mixture adds irksome stressors at times.
5. Some people worry around other races.

We've attempted to utilize the most non-threatening phraseology possible. Every single benefit and drawback is not listed, of course.

Monday, March 14, 2005


Further Developments In The Lefkow Family Slayings

Further Developments In The Lefkow Family Slayings
Posted by: amethyst23.
A media frenzy brewed when Judge Joan Lefkow's husband and mother were killed two weeks ago. Most reporters believed that Matthew Hale (pictured) planned the savage murders from his jail cell. Judge Lefkow ordered Hale to cease using the WCOTC name some two years ago; accordingly, many people felt he was enacting revenge.

Bart Ross, a 58-year-old male who has no ties to white nationalist groups, claimed responsibility for the Lefkow family murders in a suicide note prior to shooting himself during a traffic stop in Wisconsin. Mr. Ross was angry because Judge Lefkow ruled against him in a medical malpractice civil case that stripped him of his house, job, and family.

The white nationalists were right and the media was incorrect on this particular story. Mr. Hale serves as April Gaede's friend and Prussian Blue's religious leader. His sentencing hearing is on April 6.

Saturday, March 12, 2005


Stop Illegals!

A handful of people believe firmly that April Gaede and Prussian Blue are truly making a difference on issues concerning illegal immigration. Holding up signs in front of small crowds will not eradicate the problem. The most powerful thing the anti-immigrant people should have done is vote for anyone other than George W. Bush.

He has kept your precious borders open and continues to welcome our Spanish-speaking neighbors from south of the border. His administration continues to outsource jobs.

The 'racialists' needed to convince as many Americans as possible to vote for somebody like Peroutka. Any person who assisted to re-elect Bush is responsible for any and all unfavorable immigration woes.

Rocking the vote would have been the single most powerful thing ever done. However, April's city of Bakersfield overwhelmingly voted for Bush, the pro-immigration guy. Many other registered voters decided that Bush was 'the guy'.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Doesn't He Look Non-white?

Doesn't He Look Non-white?
Posted by: amethyst23.
Dennis McGiffen, the former grand dragon of the Knights of the Klu Klux Klan in Illinois, is the guy holding the microphone. He looks Latino to me. Mr. McGiffen might even be Native American. Please realize that my idea isn't too far-fetched before you roll your eyes.

Anthony Pierpont, a famous neo-Nazi and the co-owner of Panzerfaust Records, lied about his Mexican parentage for years. Pierpont's partner tracked down his birth certificate and was shocked to learn that the mother was Mexican. This revelation rocked many neo-Nazi people; as a result, Panzerfaust Records collapsed this year.

This simply reaffirms the fact that white supremacists like Prussian Blue will follow their leaders without asking critical questions. I'm damn sure that April, Lamb, and Lynx wouldn't knowingly offer their full support to non-whites.

I think the pictured people look like pitiful welfare recipients. I recently learned that the former Texas grand dragon was on welfare.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Stop Immigration!

Stop Immigration!
Posted by: amethyst23.
Here's a picture of April, Lamb, and Lynx displaying their severe opposition toward illegal non-white immigration by protesting in front of a gas station in North Bakersfield, California.

The xenophobic girls of Prussian Blue actually have a pleasurable affinity for immigrants (as long as they're white). However, they despise the Mexican immigrants who now call America home. April has even called Mexican immigrants "creatures".

We cannot use simple solutions to correct complex problems. Crime and disease do exist in America, but blaming these issues on immigration is just narrow-minded. Displaying hatred toward non-white immigrants is extremely idiotic and fruitless.

The crowd is present to see President Bush pass by in his motorcade. A reader commented that April and her girls seemed to have support from all walks of life by looking at this picture. I corrected the dear reader by informing him/her that April actually got into verbal confrontations with the people of color, especially the Mexicans. Also, why aren't the other "anti-illegal" people holding these types of signs?

Friday, March 04, 2005


Manicured Homes

Manicured Homes
Posted by: amethyst23.
These nicely manicured homes are in Prussian Blue's Northwest Bakersfield neighborhood. The houses are a part of the beautiful Shilo Estates collection. A reader from Bakersfield wanted to know more about their dwelling. The previous post has a cute little map that pinpoints the location of this newer home development.

Thursday, March 03, 2005


Meet Prussian Blue's Religious Leader

Meet Prussian Blue's Religious Leader
Posted by: amethyst23.
Many people in the white nationalism movement refer to Matt Hale, a self-proclaimed reverend, as "a true political prisoner".

Hale, a law school graduate, is also the leader of the Creativity Movement (previously known as the World Church of the Creator). He sits in a Metropolitan Correctional Center jail cell awaiting sentencing after being convicted of soliciting an informant to kill judge Joan Lefkow.

Judge Lefkow's husband and mother were murdered on Monday. Perhaps the slayings were merely coincidental.

Mr. Hale was the magnificent inspiration for Dresden Hale Neufeldt's middle name. In addition, he serves as a religious leader for Lamb and Lynx.

I truly hope that Donna Humphrey and Michael Lefkow rest in eternal peace. They did not deserve to suffer.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Prussian Blue's Neighborhood

Prussian Blue's Neighborhood
Posted by: amethyst23.
Prussian Blue and I reside in Bakersfield, California. April, Lamb, and Lynx live in Northwest Bakersfield; however, I dwell in another part of town. The pictured houses are in Prussian Blue's neighborhood.

Northwest Bakersfield could be described as the white-flight area. All of the houses are newer and cost over $300,000. Residents are highly intolerant toward apartment dwellers and people of color. Therefore, the Gaede klan lives in a neighborhood full of like-minded people.

The schools are fairly segregated, so I don't understand April's reasoning for home-schooling Lamb and Lynx. Northwest Bakersfield schools are mostly white and high-achieving. Perhaps April fears that the schools have been infiltrated with anti-racist white kids and teachers.

Prussian Blue's neighborhood is anchored by the amazing Northwest Promenade shopping center, the Riverlakes Golf Course, and congested Rosedale Highway. April often protests against illegal immigration in front of the Northwest Promenade. Her homemade signs always display the National Alliance website address.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Ring Peddlers

Ring Peddlers
Posted by: amethyst23.
The pictured ring could be all yours for the price of $60.

Prussian Blue's album hasn't been raking in much money lately. Their out-of-tune guitar solos and terrible voices have caused many ears to ache. Therefore, the National Alliance has decided to peddle this very overpriced ring. After all, they could desperately use the proceeds.

This sterling silver ring has rows of oak leaves and life runes. Many of you know that the National Alliance adopted the life rune symbol long ago. "This ring represents the National Alliance and the spiritual health and renewal of the White race," the literature reads.

Damn! I can't order my ring. It seems that these rings are available only in sizes 9, 10 and 11. Most women have a ring size of 6, 7, or 8. Now the N.A. is practicing some sexism by not offering this ring in smaller sizes.

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