Monday, February 28, 2005


California National Alliance Recently Infiltrated!

California National Alliance Recently Infiltrated!
Posted by: amethyst23.
The Jewish comedian Harmon Leon (pictured) recently removed those dreadlocks and infiltrated the National Alliance in California. He did this for the purpose of writing a long article about the experience.

Harmon phoned the N.A.'s local hotline number and left a message conveying his interest in joining the organization. The N.A. promptly returned his call and arranged to informally meet him at an Applebees restaurant.

They did meet at the restaurant a few days later. The N.A. members present were a dumpy college-aged girl, Kevin and his wife, and the couple's infant. The infiltrator purposely arrived forty minutes late.

Kevin and Harmon chatted about hate for the next couple of hours. The dumpy girl interrupted a few times about how the "Chinese problem is bad in San Francisco." Kevin's wife was too preoccupied with calming the baby.

Harmon persuaded Kevin into paying for his meal at the end of their casual get-together. The dumpy girl gave Harmon a bunch of cheesy-looking bumper stickers before informing him about the next meeting. The full article is at

Sunday, February 27, 2005


Our Unanswered Questions

1) How many Prussian Blue records have been sold to date?
2) Has Prussian Blue's mother, April Gaede, lost any weight?
3) Why do white nationalists always worship losers (Hitler, confederate soldiers, et cetera)?
4) Why does the National Alliance have fewer than 1,500 members if white nationalism is really growing?
5) Why do N.A. members distribute leaflets in the cover of darkness?
6) Why do "racialists" use black-on-white crime statistics from many years ago? Why don't they use current statistics?
7) Why are Mexican immigrants hated so much?
8) Why do many of the white nationalists commit many spelling and grammatical errors prior to minimizing the intelligence of other races?
9) Do "racialists" feel threatened by Asian-Americans?
10) Are you really proud to be white?
11) Why do you question the accuracy of the Holocaust?
12) Why do many "racialists" frankly deny the existence of the Holocaust?
13) Why do white nationalists display hatred toward Jewish people?
14) Are "racialists" jealous of the fact that Jews tend to be successful?
15) Why are "racialists" so intolerant of others?

Saturday, February 26, 2005


Asian Neo-Nazi Girls...

Posted by: amethyst23
Asian Neo-Nazi Girls...
These Japanese babes appear immensely sympathetic to the neo-Nazi movement. I've conjectured that they have white nationalist boyfriends; in addition, these chicks must be very self-hating.

Prussian Blue would look quite cool in these blaring get-ups. In fact, Lynx and Lamb would have displayed more honesty by wearing these swastika-laden clothes for their album cover picture. April, however, would look extremely horrible in this outfit because we'd be able to see the fat rolls on her belly.

A kind reader informed us that 38-year-old April Gaede regrets she didn't begin having kids at age 18 at the rate of one per year. If she decided to follow that plan, twenty white nationalist babies would have been brought into this world.

Thursday, February 24, 2005


The National Alliance Compared to the Ku Klux Klan

The National Alliance Compared to the Ku Klux Klan
Posted by: amethyst23.
I recently got the urge to compare a newer racist organization, the National Alliance, to the oldest American racist group, the Ku Klux Klan. Actually, I respect the KKK for the simple fact that they do not pretend to be mainstream. We know their beliefs right off the top. Below are some differences between the two clans.
1. The N.A., unlike the KKK, pretends to be mainstream in order to lure new members.
2. The N.A. seeks educated professionals while the KKK has intellectually forgiving recruitment strategies.
3. The KKK once had several million members. The N.A. has never had much more than 1,500 members.
4. N.A. members don't wear those laughable white sheets at their rallies.
5. Unlike the KKK, the N.A.'s ulterior motive is money-making via festivals, hatecore records, and membership dues.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Future of the White Race

The future of the white race rests within the hands of these three white girls. Lamb and Lynx took some time out of their busy musical careers to pose for this seemingly adorable picture with their infant sister, Dresden Hale Neufeldt.

Many white nationalists have placed all their hopes into these girls. Their futures consist of activism, xenophobia against illegals, the fears that black men actually want to look at them, and making blonde babies. Reproduction will be the of the utmost importance for Prussian Blue and their baby sister if they plan to change the trend of childless white people.

Dresden Hale Neufeldt's middle name was inspired by Matt Hale, the incarcerated Racial Holy War guy. Mr. Hale also happens to be a dear friend of Prussian Blue's mother, April Gaede.

Monday, February 21, 2005


National Alliance's Massive Flier Campaign

National Alliance's Massive Flier Campaign
Posted by: amethyst23.
April, Mark, Lamb, Lynx, and other National Alliance members have been quite busy within the past couple of weeks. Associated Press news wires are buzzing with sketchy details about the N.A.'s recently massive flier distribution. States such as California, Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, and New Mexico have had fliers, leaflets, and literature bestowed upon their front lawns.

Only one reason exists for this desperate attempt to recruit new faces: money. Each new member pays dues that financially boost the organization. The National Alliance once raked in over $1,000,000 yearly by way of membership dues and hatecore sales. Those glorious days are a thing of the past. With waning numbers of members and slow music sales, it's no wonder why this group is losing.

Saturday, February 19, 2005


National Alliance Leaflets (or Litter)

Posted by: amethyst23
National Alliance Leaflets (or Litter)
April Gaede, the mommy of Prussian Blue, is a self-proclaimed 'activist' for the National Alliance and 'writer' for the National Vanguard website. In addition, she litters front lawns with leaflets, fliers, and literature from her organization. This form of leafleting is intended to recruit better-educated white people to the National Alliance. Perhaps Lynx & Lamb will grow up to become professional leafleters.

To be honest, these leaflets and fliers disturb most of the homeowner recipients; however, N.A. members are protected by free speech laws. The fliers usually don't contain any direct threats, so all law enforcement can do is fine the leafleters for littering. The anti-litter laws have worked only rarely due to the fact that N.A. 'activists' tend to do this type of littering during the wee hours of the morning when most normal people are asleep. I believe this to be a sign of cowardice.

Thursday, February 17, 2005


Sweet Indoctrination Part II

Sweet Indoctrination
Posted by: amethyst23.
You probably have been aware for quite some time that America is a free country. The lunatic fringes of the far right are free to indoctrinate their offspring as they wish. April Gaede, mother the twins Lynx & Lamb Gaede Lingelser, would be described as a bigoted lunatic who has a deep affinity for changing her hair color as frequently as the sun sets. Also, the proud mom has been married several times, which points to her lack of real-life social skills.

Since America is the land of the free, April was free to drop out of school, marry and divorce at liberty, home school (read: indoctrinate) her kids, and hold protests in her backyard. The golden blonde twins have an exciting baby-maker future to look foward to since the survival of their race is in their hands.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Activism in the Backyard. . .

Activism in the Backyard. . .
Posted by: amethyst23.
Here's a picture of April in the process of doing some "activism" in her nicely landscaped Bakersfield backyard. She looks as if she just awakened a few minutes earlier since her hair is not properly combed. Also, her dress looks strikingly similar to sleepwear that can be purchased at any local Wal-Mart.

Anyway, through some damned good detective work we discovered that April is twice divorced and now resides with her third hubby Mark Neufeldt. In July 2004 they welcomed a new warrior into the battle to save the white race when April gave birth to Dresden Neufeldt. We now know the identities of her previous husbands and are in the process of uncovering their secrets. We have plenty coming, so keep visiting us.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005



Thanks to one of our many sets of eyes and ears, it would appear that the father of L&L is actually one Kris Richard Lingelser, whom April divorced in 1997, after obtaining a restraining order against him in 1996. Shortly after, April married Robert Sinner II, but then divorced him as well--this time, though, without the temporary restraining orders--before marrying current Hubby No. 3, Mark Neufeldt.

Interestingly, April will share just about anything regarding her own life or her daughters (love of nude photography, for example), except her two ex-husbands, who she seems to have kept secret, or at least out of the public light.

Sure, I could think of something funny to say about all of this. But then, so could you, sweet reader. Anyway, I'm saving the real humor for when we find out exactly who the two exes are. Stay tuned.

Monday, February 14, 2005


Sweet Indoctrination

Sweet Indoctrination
Posted by: amethyst23.
I wish to make it crystal clear to the readers that the pictured child is not a Gaede family member. She's the daughter of another National Alliance member; however, you already knew that fact by closely reading the website address on her little sweater. This white child is receiving some early indoctrination (just like Lynx & Lamb). Perhaps this angelic-looking girl will be giving articulate interviews and releasing folk records within a few short years.

Saturday, February 12, 2005


Lamb Performs Solo

Lamb Performs Solo
Posted by: amethyst23.
Here's a pic of a nervous looking Lamb. She's performing solo at the IHR event in May 2004. I suppose these people did not wish to spend the money on higher class performers.


IHR Performance

IHR Performance
L&L perform in front of suit-and-tie Holocaust skeptics (b.k.a. the Institute for Historical Review) in May 2004.

Friday, February 11, 2005


Who's The Daddy, Part II

We still do not know the identity of Prussian Blue's father. He may have been a Jewish man, or perhaps April's dad is also the twins' dad. Our loyal readers gave us the former and latter ideas. Leave any info or ideas on this issue in the comments section. Maybe April became pregnant with L&L while turning tricks; therefore, she'd be as clueless as the public on the identity of the father.

Thursday, February 10, 2005


Even Indiscriminate Killers Don't Discriminate

Recently the blog was contacted by Darkwalker director Danny Draven. Normally when we're contacted by a famous or semi-famous person or organization, it's because April has invented some bullshit pseudo-legal shakedown and we're being told not to use images X, Y, and Z, or else. Not this time.

Danny understandably felt a little bad about some of the things I said about Darkwalker in a recent post. So I'd like to take a moment to clarify: Darkwalker is a shitty movie--if you're comparing it to Nightmare on Elm Street, or Friday the 13th. However, if you enjoy B-list horror flicks as much as I do, then it's a great movie. So when I said that it wasn't good, I meant it in a good way. If you like B-flicks, or just want to see April get killed by a very large monster, you should see it. If you don't, then it's probably not the movie for you. Also, if you have an affinity with tomatoes it's also probably not the movie for you, as a tomato patch the size of Alberta was used to produce the massive amounts of ketchup-like gore consumed in the movie.

We're still waiting on a formal statement from the film's producer, Danny did want us to explain that even indiscriminate killers (like Darkwalker) don't discriminate (like the Gaedes), and that the makers of the film certainly didn't know about the Gaedes rather unsavory racial-political inclinations. Ultimately, that final point is something we probably all understand. It wasn't their job to know.

So to Danny, but most of all to the Darkwalker, we'd like to say, "No hard feelings, guys." Also, "Is there a sequel planned? Because we have some ideas."

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


April Forgets to be Politically Correct

"Women are all into thinking about how people view them; that is why so many women mistakingly think being with a nigger makes them a 'good person'. I don't think they are with the nigger because he smells nice or treats them well or even looks like a cute monkey. I think it all stems from the perverted logic they have learned from society that
A. Racist is bad.
B. I want to be good and have people think I am good
C. If I am with a nigger no one will think I am racist.
D. Thus I get a nigger boyfriend and everyone thinks I am great and wonderful person."

April Gaede, author of the above words, usually pretends to be politically correct when dealing with the outside world to avoid spooking the better-educated white people. After all, the National Alliance continually seeks middle class members of society for membership. April looks so unappealing to the point that everyone's eyes hurt as they glance at her. Brace yourselves prior to clicking on the January 2005 archives to see her picture.

Monday, February 07, 2005


Mother of Prussian Blue Dislikes President Bush

"Since George W. Bush is from Texas, which, like California, has a huge problem with illegals, I know that he knows the harm his open-borders policy is causing our workers in lost wealth and our people in crime, violence, and lost lives...I consider him a greater threat to our country than any other candidate..."

April Gaede, writer of the above words, abandoned the Republican Party as soon as President Bush announced his plans to implement a guestworker program. She's fervently against non-white immigrants in the U.S.A. In fact, she wrote an anti-immigration article that referred to undocumented Mexican people as 'creatures'. The facially unattractive, overweight, auburn-haired mother has instilled these xenophobic ideas into the developing minds of her daughters. For those of you who are new to this weblog, April bore Lynx & Lamb of Prussian Blue. The non-identical twins will celebrate their 13th birthday in June. Click on the January 2005 archives if you wish to view pictures of the fat mommy.

Saturday, February 05, 2005


Who Fathered Lamb & Lynx?

April isn't going to reveal the identity of their biological father to the public any time soon. A man named Mark Neufeldt is the proud stepfather of Lamb and Lynx and the biological father of April's seven month old daughter, Dresden Hale. Baby Dresden has inherited from her father's side of the family a prized white trait: a mop of ash-blonde hair.

If you have any ideas on the identity or whereabouts of Prussian Blue's real father, please tell us what you know. Leave the information in the comments section directly below this posting.

Friday, February 04, 2005


It's Time To Refresh Your Memory

I have the displeasure of living in the same city as the Gaede clan.

We both live in Bakersfield, a city known to the rest of California as the ultimate hick town. I moved to BakeTown in 2003. It's merely a coincidence that the Gaedes also moved to BakeTown that very same year.

April Gaede was born in 1966, raised in the foothills of Fresno, and graduated from Reedley High School in 1984. This high school was mostly non-white; therefore, the experience must have been rough for her. She was raised by a "racially aware" cattle-ranching father.

April majored in journalism at California's own Fresno State University in the middle 1980s, but dropped out before earning a degree of any type. She claims that a black man attempted to rape her in 1986. The story sounds highly questionable because the black guy allegedly ran away after she "bit his finger". Any rapist could have snapped her little finger in half if he really wanted to sexually assault her. 1986 might have been the year of her "racial awakening" if the rape attempt truly did happen.

Lamb and Lynx, the blondies of Prussian Blue, were born to April in the summer of 1992. Their father is unknown at this time; in addition, I've noticed that the girls use April's maiden name as their surname. Why don't the twins have their father's surname? This is a tell-tale sign of illegitimacy. L & L were born and raised in the Fresno foothills just like their mother.

April married a "white hero" named Mark Neufeldt almost two years ago, and relocated to the "rapidly browning" city of Bakersfield around the same time period. Mark, a Gulf war veteran, has a German speaking, non-English speaking daughter from a previous relationship named Sandy. They decided to live happily ever after in Rosedale, a mostly white part of town. The bad news for this family is the fact that Mexican people are buying homes in Rosedale; as a result, this part of town is "rapidly browning" as well. April, Lamb and Lynx created time in their busy schedules to star in a poorly made 2003 horror B-movie called Darkwalker.

Mark impregnated April in the fall of 2003, and Dresden Hale Neufeldt was the result of careful baking. The ash-blonde infant girl was born in July 2004. You see, Mark and April believe in replenishing the numbers of the white race, so baby Dresden was their critical contribution. Matthew Hale, a family friend of the Gaedes, was the source for the baby's interesting middle name. Mr. Hale, former leader of the World Church Of The Creator, is serving time in prison for conspiring to have a female judge murdered. He's the one who coined the term RAHOWA (Racial Holy War). WCOTC is now called the Creativity Movement.

April is currently a housewife who home-schools her children. Two main reasons exist for the home studies of the twins. Reason #1: Lamb and Lynx are too precious to be exposed to the many Mexican children in BakeTown schools. Reason #2: Why attend school for seven hours daily when an unsuccessful music career is ready for the taking?

It is frightening when a college dropout mother has the opportunity to educate her baked goods. The two members of Prussian Blue are, however, surprisingly articulate in interviews. Their mommy has helped them learn vocabulary words that will aid in their futures as saviors of the white race. They are thoroughly knowledgeable on subjects such as Hitler, eugenics, reproduction and poor quality whites.

The Gaede clan should be fully aware of California's status as one of only two states where whites are outnumbered in the population. They should stop muttering about making white living spaces and just move to one of the numerous white neighborhoods in the great United States. Flagstaff, Arizona is a white city with plenty of white living space. The state of Utah is a vast land of white blood. I also want to suggest the Pacific Northwest due to the numerous militia groups.

April, Mark, Lamb, Lynx, and Dresden will be unhappy campers if the California tides continue to turn brown. Lamb, Lynx and Dresden will have dazzling futures as the replenishers of their race. They'll all meet wonderful white heroes, marry, bear children, and still have time for some European-American activism.

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