Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Comments: A Time Honored Tradition

Time out from the regular Prussian Blue stream of muck for a message of questionable import from the bloggers: This blog gets a lot of hits. Not tons, mind you, but it's done very well for itself ever since the kind words from Radosh.net. Right now, we probably average about 50 hits per day. That, of course, is good news. Here's better news: probably by tomorrow we'll have a nice, shiny, official, non-blogger domain name. Even better news: we have a comments section.

That last bit of information is not exactly new--we've always had a comments section for each post. What's interesting is that no matter how many hits we receive, no one uses them. As a seasoned blogger, that's something I find quite disturbing. It's quite difficult to imagine a reader having absolutely no reaction to the site. The comments are there for you, dear reader.

PS- As you've no doubt noticed, the posts have slowed down a bit for the holidays. Don't worry, they'll pick right back up again. We're shooting for at least two more before New Year's, and then we'll be back to our one-to-three per day, per usual.

Friday, December 24, 2004


Fruitcake: The Second Greatest Invention Ever By Europeans

(The Gaedes decorate their Yule tree) White Trash Nationalists may not believe in Christmas (well, at least the ones in the Naitonal Alliance), but they have their own holiday to celebrate--no, not Kristalnacht, Yule. For the Prussian Blue clan (klan?), Yule is the holiest day of the year, right after April 20th. Why is Yule some important? In April's words, "The winter holidays are upon us, and in this time when we Americans are beaten over the head with foreign cultures and traditions, like Kwanzaa and Hanukkah, it is imparative that we remember what this time of year means to OUR people." In this case, "OUR people" means "European Americans," not "douchebags." However, April seems to have somehow missed the whole "Christmas" thing. Then again, maybe it's understandable: just think of all those times you go to the mall, and the only thing you hear over the intercom are muzak renditions of "Dayenu," and the Dradle song. Oh yeah, and "Definition," by Black Star.

I know what you're thinking: what about the Santa hats (see photo above)?
Even Santa is a European tradition. Many different European peoples have their own traditional character who visits at the time of Winter Solstice, bringing gifts and treats. He embodies characteristics of Saturn (Roman agricultural god), Cronos (Greek god also known as Father Time), the Holly King (Celtic god of the dying year), Father Ice/Grandfather Frost (Russian winter god), Thor (Norse sky god who rides the sky in a chariot drawn by goats), Odin/Wotan (Scandinavian/Teutonic All-Father who rides the sky on an eight-legged horse), Frey (Norse fertility god), and the Tomte (a Norse Land Spirit known for giving gifts to children at this time of year). Santa's reindeer can also be viewed as forms of Herne, the Celtic Horned God.

You know who else he embodies? St. Nicholas, who also gave gifts to children. Hence the name "Santa" (Saint), or "Sinterklaas" (Santa Claus in Dutch).

April's point, however, is that Europeans have invented a lot of great things, like Yule. Their greatest advance prior to the mullet, however? Fruitcake. Just think of how much ingenuity it takes to create such a universally disliked food/doorstop. And you know what? They deserve it. Like April says, "Let us take back this holiday. Singing and decorating a beautiful Yule tree with family members, cooking family recipes with your children, listening to classical music written in Europe long ago, and looking forward as a people to the adventure of the coming solar year are all ways that we can take this time back to what it really should mean for us all."

In this spirit, the Prussian Blue Blog would like to wish Mark, April, Lamb, Lynx, and Dresden a happy* Yule. Don't forget the fruitcake.

*We really, really hope the NAACP or NCLR Christmas carols on your front lawn

Wednesday, December 22, 2004


The Sound of Music*

*And by "music," we of course mean "Cystic Fibrosis"
(April, Lynx, and Lamb do their best von Trapp impersonations) White Nationalists (or "White Trash Nationalists," as one of our readers more accurately refers to them) care about genes. You may have heard of "eugenics" in your secondary school history courses, probably right around the unit on phrenology.

Naturally, April was quite concerned when she was unexpectedly diagnosed with the disorder:
I was shocked to find that I was one of those 1 in 25 Whites who is a carrier of the cystic fibrosis gene. Remember--no one in my family had even heard of the disease before, let alone had it, and I have two perfectly healthy young girls.

Now my husband is also being tested, so that we will know what we are dealing with. Keep in mind that even if he is a carrier, we still have a 75% chance of having a healthy baby. We will not terminate the pregnancy at this late date, regardless of the results, but we want to know. Also, in future pregnancies I might choose to terminate early on if a child is going to be born with cystic fibrosis.

Caring words, to be sure. As one of our readers put it in a recent email,
She is currently trying to get her three daughters tested to know whether or not they have the cystic fibrosis gene. April was horrified to discover that she had the gene earlier this year. However, local doctors and geneticists will only allow a woman of childbearing age to be tested. April wants to ensure that her future "Aryan grandchildren" will be healthy, free of congenital defects, and able to increase the numbers of the White race through reproduction. To Mark & April, reproduction is the key to saving the Whites from extinction.

They feel that many Whites are selfish by going childless or by choosing to have only one child.

Thankfully for April and unfortunately for the rest of us, her hubby, Mark Neufeldt (who met and courted her online--praise Thor for e-dating) is not, it turns out, a carrier. What of Lynx, Lamb, and her newest Hitler Youth, the appropriately-named Dresden? It seems like April may have to wait it out in utter torment, a torment that will be sweeter than honey to us. Hey, there's a German word the Gaedes should know: schadenfreude. There is the possibility, however, that if her daughters do turn out to be afflicted by the disorder as well, she will simply use it as a poor excuse, in typical stage mom fashion, for why her daughters have zero musical talent. For that, however, we will have to play the waiting game as well.


Pride Of The Aryan Warrior: The Mullet

Some people say mullets are the true mark of white trash. Nay! Nothing says "white" in front and "party!" in the back like a mullet, and the Gaede girls have worn theirs with pride. And why would there be anything to be ashamed of? There have been plenty of famous mullets. Ask Lynx and Lamb, and they'll tell you: mullets are the greatest accomplishment of the Aryan race, and probably the best we'll get to see from them for a long time to come. That's why Prussian Blue's career began to go downhill right after the twins cut theirs in favor of the "mullet lite," also known as "bangs". Has the bump to neo-Nazi stardom really made the girls forget their roots so soon?


Will PB Star Power Shut Down The Border?

If you really want a cause to succeed, you had better get some serious star power behind it. Just look at how many happy Hollywood faces lined up behind Kerry, and he still lost! Naturally, if you're a white supremacist group like the National Alliance, this type of endorsement is absolutely vital. Unfortunately for them, the pickin's are woefully slim: there's Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson's father, Mel Gibson, and now, Prussian Blue.

That's why we'd like to throw our hat into the ring. We agree: Stop Immigration! In fact, we believe in this cause so strongly, we're going to leave. There are far, far too many immigrants of European origin in this great nation, who have done nothing but manage to fuck it up over and over again. So we're leaving. Right after April, Mark, Lynx, Lamb, and Dresden, that is! Come on guys, we all know you want to repatriate. So set an example for the cause and buy yourselves five one-way tickets outta this berg and back to the UK. Well, actually, maybe only two three tickets to the UK. We think Lynx and Lamb should go to Zimbabwe instead. We hear that place is a regular paradise (or in your case, Valhalla) for whites.

Do remember to send postcards.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Buffy the Aryan Slayer

With the upcoming release of the debut Prussian Blue CD, I have to wonder: they stole their name from another band, 97% of the music on the CD is not theirs, so what about the album title, Fragments of the Future? Turns out that one wasn't stolen from another band. But it does look like the Gaede girls are big fans of BtVS fan fiction. See the Fragments of the Future series, by Kantayra. I think we all know who their big crush is...

Just think. In a few years the girls will be old enough to view Kantayra's NC-17 fanfic index.

This gives us an idea. Do you have Prussian Blue fan fiction? Email it along to us at theprussianblueblog@gmail.com; we'll post it. If we get enough, we can set up a whole archive. Remember though, if you want us to post it, keep it funny but legal.


The Prussian Blue Blog Presents: Dr. William Pierce In Interracial Gay pr0n, Vol. I

Monday, December 20, 2004


"It's, um, African."

(Many thanks to Daniel Radosh for providing us with the great material for this piece after his recent blog about the girls)

April Gaede loves to pawn off the notion that her non-identical twin daughters are a self-made act. There's no doubt they lack the big money of the Olson twins, or even Huckapoo, for that matter. But ask yourself this: How many 10-year-old twin girls wake up one morning, look each other in the eye, and say (simultaneously), "Let's learn to play violin and guitar, dress up like we're in Lord of the Dance, and perform folkish covers of white power music"? One could argue that the girls of Prussian Blue are unusual, and this is certainly true--just not unusually talented. Lynx and Lamb's act is nothing less than a gimmick, the work of a domineering stage mom, different from other stage moms only in that she happens to be one of the rising stars of the National Alliance.

The simple fact is that as much as the Gaede girls might "believe" what they sing, they don't really understand it. They're simply too young. Louis Theroux, who spent a good deal of time with the Gaede family, writes,

In the front room, Lynx and Lamb sing an a cappella version of a song about the whites fighting the blacks in South Africa titled Strikeforce. Each time they sing the word "strikeforce", they give a Nazi salute. When the song ends I clap, then wonder whether I am doing the right thing.
"They don't seem old enough to know what that's about," I say. "Well, I've explained to them," April says. 'What's the ANC?' she demands.
"It's, um, African." Lamb begins. "National."
"Congress," April says. "And what's happening in South Africa?"
"The blacks are killing whites," Lamb says.
"And in Zimbabwe."
"And in Bim-zah-bwe," Lamb says uncertainly, and looks out of the window.
April educates the girls at home herself, using text books from the 1950s. In her study, April shows me an alphabet book she's working on for toddlers titled A is for Aryan. "Every letter has a word that is important to the white race or represents the white race," she says. "So B is for blood, C is for creativity, D is for dixie, E is for eugenic." The artwork is being drawn by white prisoners, some of them incarcerated for hate crimes against non-white victims.

It becomes painfully obvious the more one delves into the bubble inhabited by Lynx and Lamb that they are far too young to possibly even begin to understand the meaning behind, or ramifications of, their "music." This becomes more evident when one notes that only two of their songs on their debut album are originals (three if you include one track that was clearly written by April, who kindly tossed some credit Lamb's way).

"The choice you face is to bring your children up fairly or not," I tell her when we are alone.
"I don't understand how I'm not doing that," April says, fixing me with a look. "A person who tells their children that all people are created equal are, in my mind, lying to their children."
"I think what it's about," I continue, "is judging people based on who they are, not your prejudice about who they are. Giving people a chance."
"I find other races annoying," April says. "I don't like their chattering in other languages, I don't like the way they look. I mean, 99 per cent of them, they're just not pretty. I don't want to be around them. I don't like the fact they seem to make everything just dirty and messy wherever they are. I don't like to be around them. I want to be around all white people."

Perhaps April is simply oblivious, as stage moms sometimes are, of her naked exploitation of her own daughters. Or perhaps she simply has trouble admitting that her daughters' real value lies in their ability to advance her own position within a fringe movement.

Sunday, December 19, 2004


Bavarian Eye For The Aryan Guy

FABA: Prussian Blue's Guide To Looking Whiter Than You Already Are

In today's world of cultural integration, it can be hard to know how to tell the world, "Hey, I'm all white, baby." Well, not anymore, thanks to the Gaede girls! According to the fashion section of their new website, you too can look like you just came from your local Renaissance Fair or Oktoberfest, in a series of questionable outfits that make the shit on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy look... well, straight. Need something that just screams "stompin' kikes"? Try some lederhosen. "Haus frau"? You'll love the dirndls! Nothing says "we're gonna party like it's 1870" like a dirndl--just take it from the girls:

"Around 1870 it also became cool for the upper class ladies to wear them in the summer. Now the wearing of the traditional dirndl has become a way to show national and ethnic pride and all girls of Germanic ancestry should have one in their closet."

This shit is hip, people. It's hotter than FUBU.

Indeed, nothing scares the heebs away like a pair of short, tight leather pants, especially when combined with knee-high stockings. You'll have darkies on the run in no time. Are you an Aryan woman looking for something a little different? You've got to try lederhosen for girls:

Nothing says "I love my race" like red women's short lederhosen with hearts!

At this point you might be asking yourself, "Why would anyone actually wear this shit?" Of course if you're a self-respecting Aryan, you'd know that, while clad in the above outfit, you may be mistaken for a garden gnome, no one will mistake you for a Mexican garden gnome. Just be careful you don't end up looking like her, though, or someone could take you for a Real Doll.

What about Lynx and Lamb? How do they keep up with these trends, and more importantly, will we ever see an L&L fashion line? No one is sure, but frankly, I think I speak for all of us when I say we'd like to see hella more 12-year-old neo-Nazi girls in totally unnecessary corsets.

Thursday, December 16, 2004


Prussian Blue: Youngest Wash-ups Ever

Typically artists--or in this case, talentless hacks and name-stealers like Prussian Blue--have to get famous before they wash up. Not so with Lynx and Lamb. They know that even little girls can be washed up without reaching fame first. All it takes is a couple of instruments, a vicious, promiscuous stage mom, and a healthy lack of talent, all bound up together by a genocidal dream. Just look at "their" album. Three songs are by Lamb, out of twelve. Technically, one of those is credited to Lamb and April (Mama Hitler), but if you look at its lyrics compared to Lamb's solo work, it's pretty evident which one of the two had the greater hand in crafting it. That would knock it down to two songs by Lamb, two-and-a-half at best. None by Lynx. There are actually more songs by Ian Stuart on it (a full four). So much for April's "many originals." Perhaps they are even more like Mary-Kate and Ashley than we ever suspected.

Like Michael Crichton? Then you'll love "Lo," a track from the film adaptation of his book 13th Warrior. Hey April-- hope you got the license for that.

However, if you love a good(?) German folk song, or just lots of songs talking about Valhalla and Valkyries, then maybe the CD is for you after all. I might buy it myself, just so I can hear the twins sing, "And still it sickens my heart to see a picture of the red flag in Berlin," since the Soviets did kick so much Nazi ass.* That's why the red flag of the international working class flying proudly over the Reichstag* is featured on the banner of this very site. Who knows-- maybe we'll switch out some of the graphics for Hitler killing himself.*

* There's nothing more fun than gloating about how the South lost the Civil War--except gloating about how the reds smashed fascism in Europe.

What could explain such an early wash-up? The internet is a-buzz with rumors. One suggests that April is simply pushing her daughters too hard. Another is that Lamb is going through the "Drew Barrymore Phase" normally exclusive to child stars, already so drug-addled (see left) that it is somehow affecting her already scant performance abilities. Yet a third rumor suggests a combination of the first two: April is feeding her daughters drugs to increase their obedience and susceptibility to the warped propaganda of the National Alliance. If the drug rumors are true, will Lamb seek help? Perhaps the more important question is, will her mother allow her? She might not be too keen on letting the milk money to dry up.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004


New Beginnings... Sort Of

There comes a time in every blog's life when it starts going through changes. It's voice becomes more mature, it starts noticing PHP code in places it never had it before--well, you get the idea. The time has come for the old, first Prussian Blue [anti]fan site to expand its horizons. Normally, this is a natural progression. In this particular case, we have to thank April Gaede, herself, mother to our very dear twins. Through her free speech-loving ways, she has, unwittingly, forced a catalyst. I say "we" because what used to be the work of one lonely blogger is beginning to evolve into the blog of a community: the Prussian Blue trackers and anti-fans.

We're only getting bigger now. Thanks, April--and tell the little angels we say "Hi."


The Tactless Stage Mom

In the world of music, there's only one thing more tactless than a group that wears their own teeshirts when they perform. What is that one thing, you ask? When the mother of the group writes up a review/advertisement in her local paper without mentioning that 1) She is their mother; and 2) They are fascists.Read more »


Great Moments In White Supremacist Pedophilia

A charge that gets tossed at we Prussian Blue followers frequently is that we're "pedophiles," or in the case of April Gaede, "pediphiles" (e.g., we like feet). If we actually liked Lynx or Lamb, they might have a case. Unfortunately, as we have brains (and ears, for that matter), such a premise is quite impossible. There is one group of people who have always had problems with pedophilia though--no, not priests--Nazis!Read more »


"Zwillinge, zwillinge!"

I blog a lot about rising pop-Nazi folk (no pun intended) icons Prussian Blue--not to be confused with the real band Prussian Blue, who are to the best of my knowledge neither a folk duet nor Nazis. Yet there is one aspect of the Gaede twins I've never touched upon: the inescapable irony of white supremacist twins.Read more »


It's Here

Finally we're going to have a Prussian Blue website, as one fellow Prussian Blue blogger has informed me. Unfortunately there's still the problem of the actual band Prussian Blue, who has held a copyright on the name since 2000.

Having played in a number of bands in the past, any group knows it's common sense when chosing a name to see if there's already another group out there with the same one. How exactly does one find this sort of information? It's not as difficult as one might think--you just google the name, and if that doesn't work, you tack on the word "band." It's not like they don't know how. After all, you found this site, right April? To be fair, however, neo-Nazis are not known for their common sense.

This morning I finally got around to emailing the real Prussian Blue about this matter. I'll keep you all posted about the response. Regardless, remember the original "Prussian Blue website." You're looking at it.


Blake, She's Not

"What Must Be Done," by Lynx Gaede, age 10

Fire and Rage burn inside
But I will hold on to my pride.
My race and my family make me brave---
They are all I want; I do not crave.

We will fight for what we believe;
Our land we will retrieve.
Our race is Nature's Finest,
So I can't understand people's blindness.

ALL the mud races must be banished,
For look at the world they have damaged.
Look around and what do I see?
Ugly brown faces staring at me.

Our people must look like my mom and dad.
They dont now and that makes me mad.
We don't want to be mongrelized,
We want to be Nature's Finest down deep inside.

Now sit down and think of what I just said;
Remember our Cause until you are dead.
Hope what I wish comes true,
And that people come to look like me and you.

I am proud of what I just wrote,
And now I will go and read it to my Folk.

By Lynx Gaede
age 10

printed in the Winter 2003 issue of Resistance magazine


An Interesting Correction

April was kind enough to leave a comment on my blog informing me that the picture of the person on the horse holding the NA flag is in fact April herself, not one of her daughters. While I can't truly say that I regret the error, it is obviously one worth correcting. I have to admit, I figured that if I got corrected on anything about the Gaede girls (and grandfather), it would be only the content of one of the pictures. That said, it's good to know I'm now ranking high enough with google for all things Prussian Blue (again, not to be confused with the band Prussian Blue) that I've managed to attract your attention.

Back to you, April.


Of Horseback And Hos

I realize at this point that I'm probably becoming the surrogate homepage for Prussian Blue. I suppose that's fine, given the fact that I utterly detest them. That said, every day I find more interesting stuff than the next. Today? Well, permit me to fill you in. April Gaede and her daughters live in Bakersfield, California (or in April's case, "Mexifornia").Read more »


Prussian Blue Actually Race Traitors!

Will this shocking discovery rock the white nationalist movement?Read more »


Prussian Blue: Behind The Fascism

For those of us not deeply involved in the world of white supremacy--or even remotely involved--it can be difficult to keep up with the rambunctious twin duo, Prussian Blue. Who are the real Lynx and Lamb? Where do they come from? I can't tell you everything, but I can tell you what I know. Lynx and Lamb, or more properly, Lynx and Lamb Gaede, hail (heil?) from California, or Mexifornia as their mother lovingly refers to it. You can find Lynx and her mother, but not so much Lamb, floating around online if you know where to look. Lynx goes by the handle "Punk_Violinist1488," her mother, "SheWolfoftheNA," and "Odin's shieldmaiden."Read more »


This Just In: Prussian Blue Actually Suckier Than Bands They Cover

This Just In: Prussian Blue Actually Suckier Than Bands They Cover

One kind reader was polite enough to post the links to two tracks by Lamb & Lynx. All you have to need to do is get a whole lot of booze, right-click, and save-as.

"I Will Bleed For You" -- mercifully, this one gets cut short at the end.

"Skinhead Boy"

I'm no fan of Ken McLellen. In fact, I'm also no fan (if you haven't figured it out yet) of white supremacists. And while I haven't the least fucking clue who Ken McLellen is, one thing I can tell you is that Ken McLellen would not appreciate the hatchet Lynx and Lamb took to his song (that I've never heard before), "I Will Bleed For You." The first thing you'll notice is that Lynx's violin is flat. How flat? Well, about as flat as Lynx herself would appear to be at the tender age of eleven. Take it from me, a lonely blogger who started playing violin when he was eight: Lynx's violin skills leave a lot to be desired.

The second thing you'll notice is that while neither have voices fit for any performance venue beyond their own shower, they also can't sing in harmony. I know what you're thinking: that's okay, they're only eleven. Problem is, they aren't trying to harmonize different notes. We're talking one note here, and they can't hit the same one together.

Thankfully, Lynx leaves her violin in its case on "Skinhead Boy," seemingly a special track, as it is not available on their LP. Unfortunately, both are singing at once again, and neither on rhythm, which makes it remarkably hard to hear all the presumambly great parts about killing jews, blue eyes, and kicking ass.

There is, however, a silver lining to this off-tune stormcloud: some day, probably about four years from now, the Gaede girls, as part of their duty to their race, will take up husbands (or perhaps just one lucky husband) and begin the chore--sorry, glory--of pumping out the runts to expand their racist litter. Also, as part of their duties, being submissive wives and all, they'll probably have to give up the whole "music" thing in favor of housework like doing the dishes, laundry, meticulously cleaning their hubby's sniper rifle and polishing his genuine WWII collector's Nazi regalia. I can't see this leaving a lot of time for recording, let alone touring, which gives me great hope. But then again, maybe that's just the Jew in me talking.


After All, What Could Be Cuter?

Go on and ask yourself, what could be cuter than Mary-Kate and Ashley? Well, how about if they played folk music? Not only that, how about if they were white supremacists? It is in this spirit that I give you Prussian Blue.Read more »

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