Tuesday, November 01, 2005


The "Cute Klux Klan"

This link will direct you to the recent 'Sun' article on Prussian Blue and their family. Read, absorb, and enjoy!

ok it looks like the Sun is trying to be a good news sorce instead of a gossip rag.
Except they're not cute.
well The Sun isn't exactly the most creditable newspaper in Britian
So 'The Sun' is structured similarly to a tabloid?
Judging from the commentary on the Wiki discussion page titled "Lynx is Hot," 15 year-old boys consider them cute.
Yeah The Sun is pretty much a tabloid. The main reason why people by it is for the nude girl that appears on Page 3.
The "Cute Klux Klan" sounds like a really bizarre Japanese trend.
White Nationalisms Next Top Models???

This week the girls did a photo shoot for a major magazine article that will be coming out in the new year. They really enjoy posing for the camera but it does get tiring and actually can be alot of work....

They have also been asked by our friends at Aryanwear.com to model some new Tshirts that they have created and so look out for those upcoming pictures. The last pictures of the girls in Tshirts they modeled for Aryanwear ended up in Newsweek!!!"

Don't these mouth-breathing slope-skulls realize that the reason the photo was in Newsweek is because it's shocking to see teenage girls praise Hitler, etc.? It's just a freakshow, that's all. Jerry Springer's guests were fake, but these girls are real and they believe their own hype.
Does Aryanwear only sell Lederhosen etc to white blond blue eyed peole then, or what?
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