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Bad Behavior In Public?

This letter was written by a fourteen-year-old girl who first encountered Lamb and Lynx when they had just moved to Bakersfield over two years ago. I have also copied and pasted it to this blog for your convenience.
I know Lynx and Lamb. I was at the [NAME REDACTED] mall one day with my BFFs Kirsten and Jess and wer were just standing by Claire's waiting for Jess's ear to stop bleeding becuz she got another hole peirced (she has 14 holes in her left ear!) and this blond girl came up to us and asked us who we were. It was wierd becuz we didn't know her and she wanted top know who we were. So we told her and she told us her name was Lynx. And honestly I didn't laff. Honestly. But Kirsten kind of did. (Jess couldn't cuz she was kind of crying.) And she got a little mad but whatever. So she asked us if we went to school and we told her we did. She said she was homeschooled and Kirsten kind of laffed more becuz obvs homeschooled kids are total freakes. I just stood there and didnt do anything really. Oh, Lynx looked like a milkmaid. It was wierd. Anyway she said she was new in Bakersfield and she was looking for freinds which was wired becuz you don't really look for freinds, you just mnake them, you know? Anyway so that was wreid. (And Jess's ear was really bleeding at this point. She went ot the bathroom I think.) BUt we we like whatever. So we just staired at each other for awhile. Then another Lynx walked up to us but she said her name was Lamb. At this point Kirsten completly lost it and ran away. So I was standing there by myself with these two girls who looked like milkmaids looking at me with thier creepy blue eyes. TOTALLY creepy. IT was so deirw. Lamb said I was pretty and they were new in Bakersfield and they were just in the mall and whatever. She seemed more normal even tho her name was Lamb. Then Lynx was like I told them that already and got all crazy. I was like Lynx is TOTALLY the cunty one becuz with twins theres always a nice one and always a cunty one. I didnt' say that but that's what I thought,. Then Lynx asked me if had any black freinds. So I said yes becuz I'm totally in the drama club with An'gell. So Lynx spat on me and Lamb kicked me in the shin and they walked away. And I was just standing there. Kirsten wasn't around and JEss was still iun the bathroom. THEN, they turned around and called me n-lover, if you know what I mean. I can't write it becuz it's too awful. So I screamed milkmaid ho's at them, but they just walked away. So thats how I knew they were little racist bitches. I'm glad I know becuz if I ever see them again or in concert, I'll totally throw crap at them. Like bottles or something.


I honestly think that's fake.
I hope so! I would never walk up to someone my age (or any age, for that matter) and ask if they would be my friend...
p.s. i think you should add this story.
Several thousand copies, eh? Wow, about 300,000 more copies and they'll be caught up with William Hung!
They have sold several thousand copies of their albums?
"I'm totally in the drama club with An'gell."

That's simply not credible - I just don't believe a real 14 year-old girl would say this.
What raises your suspicions, Kamandi? In my opinion, some parts of this letter do seem too good to be true.
The spelling fluffs seem forced, as does the rest of her diction and self-presentation. Sounds like an adult male trying to emulate a teen girl, not a real teen girl IMO. And I find it VERY difficult to believe the girls would be THAT forthcoming about their beliefs.

Whole thing seems bogus.
Yes, I remember seeing a website where that letter was posted. ( Not the blog that you linked to )

A bunch of people where writing in slightly different versions of the same story.

It was almost like some sort of exercise where someone makes up the story, and others add to, or change it as they go along.

Amethyst23 said...
They have sold several thousand copies of their albums?

April's "husband" had awile back thanked everyone on their old board, and said that "Fragment Of The Future" was in it's "second pressing"

I'm assuming a pressing would be 1000?

He also mentioned that that was quite rare for a white nationalist/underground band's debut album.

I believe that the arrangment April had with Gliebe was that he would promote it, and give them one dollar for every CD sold, but for every 1000 sold, he would give them 100 of their own CD'S, that they were authorized to sell themselves for whatever they wanted.

They were selling those for between $10.00-$14.88

So it would translate into an intake of about $2200 or so for every 1100 sold.

That's what I heard anyway.
pfft... The letter seems to sound like its come from a 14 year old... language barrier on teens now is different then what most of us have.

And why would they sell their albums for so much? Most unheard artists sell them for 20 bucks on CD and 10 for cassette...

Guess April failed any kind of marketing in school.
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its possible they could have been 'performing' at the local mall. What better way to try to recruite the young then hitting where they love to hang
April is selling the cd on Ebay. They can't be doing too well because they have her "husband" shilling for her.
I just checked Ebay to see about the CDs. They sell for $15, I might add. I look to see these in the free pile at my local music store, if I see them at all!
This better be slander or I'm out of here...And I bet that's exactly what your ilk want of want us to think Lynx and Lamb are rude and stupid...IMAGINE, asking someone if they had a Black friend and than spiting on them...ITS A LIE. It has to be. It's too disgusting.

One thing that makes me suspicous is the "friend" thing...I suppose the author, feels that they "want" friends. AWWW...those wicked, mean old "racists" don't have any friends.
I've actually heard that they're quite popular in their public school, which I assume they're no longer enrolled in.
I have heard they were popular because of the fact they had a CD. You know junior high school students--"fame" is number one and superficiality rules!! LOL! They started school in January and one of the girls was voted princess for the Valentine's Day dance a few weeks later. They were only at the school one semester, and by the end of the semester, the tide was turning because word was getting out about their beliefs. From what I heard, there really would have been trouble, had they returned this school year.
April Gaede is a site telling the truth on April Gaede
Seems like a hoax.
I suspect it is.
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How do know this?
I meant "How do you know this?"
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You're remarkably articulate for a twelve year-old.
"you want us to think Lynx and Lamb are rude and stupid"

They are rude. They called non-whites "muds" on national TV for crying out loud. And Lynx did once say on her fan blog that the non-whites at their school knew they didn't like them.

Since kids aren't normally perceptive, I'll wager that L&L must have said or done something to give those non-whites that (correct) impression.

As far as stupidity goes, they don't seem to be extraordinarily bright.
If this incident actually happened, you guys can come on over and shoot me in the eye. While I completely disagree with their mentality, I think that it's pretty counter-productive of people to generate anti-Lynx 'n' Lamb sentiment, unless the "goal" is to keep them racist forever. If I was a White Nationalist, I sure as hell wouldn't want to become an "anti" if "antis" were doing stuff like this, and leaving comments about how they want the girls to die. It just makes all of us non-racists/anti-racists look like savages, which is what half the WNs already think we are. Good job. :)
As far as stupidity goes, they don't seem to be extraordinarily bright.

They seem pretty well-spoken for kids their age. I wouldn't be suprised if they tested very well.
As an American Jewish/ Russian/ Lithuanian/ Portugese/ Welsh girl, I would honestly strangle these two ignorant trashy moronic hateful piles of shit, if I ever ran into them.
I'm a 17-year-old girl, so (unfortunately?) I know plenty of other teen girls. The language and style feels painfully authentic.

However, I can't help wondering if maybe this random 14-year-old is lying (or at least exaggerating) the whole thing. Then again, that could just be me wanting to assume the best in people - which I probably shouldn't do, given who the peope in question are.
"So I said yes because I'm totally in the drama club with An'gell."

No teenage girl has said this since 1984. Please. *rolls zoreyes*
OK, I am a 14 yr old girl, and we DO NOT talk like that!

"I'm totally in the drama club with An'gell"

Please! The spelling mistakes are not very convincing, and vary from word to word.
EG: wired, wierd, deirw - all supposed to be WEIRD

Also why would Lynx and Lamb go up to randomers they didn't know and ask stuff like that?

The letter is a fake in other words
It is startlingly obvious how FAKE this letter is.

What is your source, and why are you posting it as fact?
As much as I loathe these two bitches, yeah, I got to admit, it's fake.
Hmm, wonder if this post will be deleted. Wonder if you have the guts like Stormfront does to keep posts that express the other side of the argument...

I cannot believe what was said in that letter to be fact, not because I am a rabid fan of PB but simply because no teenage girl speaks like that and no true evidence was provided.

Why is it that anti's find it so difficult to correctly spell and use the English language the way it was supposed to be used. To communicate effectively! Why does it take the racially aware and proud to speak proper English?

It really shows how tough you all are, insulting two teenage girls because they sing beautiful music about being proud of who you are. I have all of their cds and there is not one lyric there that preaches violence against those of another race.

The lyric you use far to infrequently to put down the girls; "Aryan man awake, How much more will you take, Turn that fear to hate, Aryan man awake." simply expresses the need for the Aryan man (which is me) to wake up to the lies and stand up for ourselves. I'm sure if you anti's woke up to the lies the media feed us all you would suddenly hate the media and government as well!

That is all from me, I will be checking back here to see if this comment lasts more than a day!

Eratic White Pride
in reply to nicolas de la mare...
"you want us to think Lynx and Lamb are rude and stupid...IMAGINE, asking someone if they had a Black friend and than spiting on them...ITS A LIE. It has to be. It's too disgusting."

here is a quote from a thread on the prussian blue forums, written by "dominator" in regards to a story about a Jew claiming that he was shoved by police...
"they probably forgot to mention that he was rude to the cop by calling him a goyim and spited on him, too."

i assume by "spited" he means "spit". why is it that you guys can claim that a Jew spit on a police officer, but prussian blue spitting on someone just can't be true?

you hypocrite
The letter is confirmed as a hoax, the authors have admitted it.

umm I dont know what to belive. But they have a right of opinion. Which is Really rude and idiotic. I mean i hate you because of the color you were born with which you had no control of. BullSh*t.

im so bored im stuck with reading this crap.
I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

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