Monday, October 31, 2005


The Wikipedia Article

Thanks to 'Yo-Yo' for being thoughtful enough to bring the article on Prussian Blue to my attention. It was slated for deletion a few days ago; however, the article is staying for now.

Hey Amethyst! I recently discovered your blog after reading an article about this "duo" on ABC. How two girls of such a young age could have so much hate inside them, is truly beyond me. If you want, check out my "expose" on these two.
Here is a little something for your amusement:

Further refutation of "white supremacy". As if Prussian Blue were not enough.

Warning: Do not try to operate heavy machinery while watching this one.
The "Cute Klux Klan?"

:) :) :)
Thank you, Yo!
Heheheh :-) Is it not just the second most dreadful thing you have ever seen? My ears are bleeding, I swear.
*blinks in pure shock* ok that was just about as bad as listening to the girls singing.... i will never ever be able to listen to music for a week after that one.
Jennifer: Doesn't that make you want to turn on the radio and jerk to sweet, melodious 'Negroid' jazz?
I think I am sticking to John Coltrane myself. :-)

The song I linked to however does serve one useful purpose: it effectively flushes out any traces of Prussian Blue's hideous "Victory Day" from your brain.

nope. I'll stick with my drinking, truck dies, dog dies, wife leaves me country music for a while... if that doesn't cure the horror... nothing will
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