Saturday, October 29, 2005


Poor Carolyn Castiglia

Make sure you have at least twenty to thirty minutes of expendable time before you click on this link to read the comments section of Carolyn's older blog entry. After all, there are numerous comments that might pique your interest. Carolyn Castiglia, a New York City blogger, mentioned Prussian Blue in a negative light after reading the Bust Magazine article. She probably felt the classic neo-Nazi wrath soon after composing that blog entry.

They have infinitely more talent than any self-hating indie-pop duo like the one in Bust magazine that betrays their own race by helping nonwhite victims of the recent tsunami.

*laughs ass off* :)
Those neo-Nazis are obsessive, huh?
How have you been doing, Kamandi? I hope all is going quite swell in your astute life.
Hi. Mind deleting posts 3 and 6 from the racistjailbait entry?
I don't mind at all.
I made the deletion, Yama.
ok that just scared me. Its funny how when someone makes a comment. The SheWolf goes into attack mode. No wonder I spend most of my night laughing my ass off at them
They were calling Carolyn Castiglia a 'mutt' and a 'non-white' when she is obviously an Italian-American woman.
Good, Am - teaching a few credits this semester at CUNY, and muddling through BTS season. :)

We'll have MSF back up next week.
Prussian Blue The neo nazis love harrassing people who disagree with them.
hey, I'm back from SA. :)
rh said...
hey, I'm back from SA. :)

You didn't get eaten by a lion... yay!
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