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I warmly extend my thanks to 'Yo-Yo' for unearthing the following article.

Sweet valley hate
In case you missed this story from Friday, Oct. 20, it's one of those pieces that really bear repeating.

ABC unearthed and interviewed 13-year-old twin white supremacist singing sensations Lamb and Lynx Gaede, whose musical act is called "Prussian Blue." According to ABC, they are about to release their second album and have made one music video.

ABC seemed really taken by the comparison of the Gaede ladies to the Olsen twins (Mary-Hate and Ashley?), but we were actually a lot more taken with the Gaedes themselves, who -- all those anxious to blame all our problems on the South, take note -- live in the true blue state of California. According to ABC, the twins are home-schooled, though that may be a recent development. According to their Web site, both Gaedes were on last year's Principal's List for their high grades; Lynx was nominated for "7th Grade Princess," and Lamb, somewhat horrifyingly, won a history award. Their father displays swastikas on his belt buckle and pickup truck, and as his cattle brand. Their mother, April, explained the swastika thing as "a symbol of freedom of speech." Fair enough.

Lynx told ABC, "We're proud of being white ... We just want to preserve our race." April was unapologetic about passing on her personal beliefs to her young daughters, telling ABC, "They need to have the background to understand why certain things are happening." I wonder if they need to have the background to understand why they were named after porn stars and why their parents have put pictures of them lounging around in tank tops in the grass on the Internet?

We were curious about who the hell was writing their music, especially "Sacrifice," about Nazi Rudolf Hess, describing him as a "man of peace who wouldn't give up."

Their Web site credits "Sacrifice" to Lamb, though many of their tunes are written by other people. The site also turns up some breathless excitement about the upcoming release of their single, "The Stranger," a "musical adaptation of a Rudyard Kipling poem" that is "causing quite a stir on the racialist" -- is that what they're calling it these days! -- "music scene and has the potential to cross over into the mainstream." Good luck with that.

The lyrics to all of Prussian Blue's songs are listed in full. Our personal favorite was "Weiss! Weiss! Weiss!" though probably it was our favorite because it was in German and we couldn't understand what it meant (though we get the idea). This sample of Prussian Blue's music includes the line "This song was not written to entertain," which is a good thing. Because it's really awful.

"Aryan Man Awake," penned by Lamb and Mama April, may be the scariest of the girls' songs, complaining as it does of a world "where freedom exists for only those with darker skin." According to ABC's story, the Gaede sisters raised money for Hurricane Katrina victims, which was distributed by a white supremacist organization that made sure that only freedom-disadvantaged white New Orleanians received aid.

I wonder if, when Lamb and Lynx are belting out "Aryan Man Awake," they ever really hear the lyric from the song's second verse, which asks, "Can you see how they lie to warp your daughter's mind?"

I just heard about these two little critters amd their mother today. I am chilled to the bone about what they are promoting.

I'm a black South African and I know what racism instilled at a young age can do to a child.

Reading April's columns on that NA webiste I realise that something must have clicked in her while she was in her late teens or early 20s because she wrote of having gone to a mixed race school and even having been a liberal thinker of sorts for a time.

I think she may just be bitter for growing up white and poor in a country she thinks belongs solely to white people. Insane.

This is an awesome blog, I'll be back.
Thanks for posting this, Amethyst!

I think a lot of people are noticing Lamb and Lynx because its like watching a really awful slow motion train wreck. It is so, so, BAD on the one hand, and utterly tragic on the other.

What is really sad and horrible isn't even the racism so much, ugly as it is-- its watching a narcissistic mother quite literally feed off her own children and sacrifice their lives and futures to gratify her own ego and her desire for attention.

I heard about these two girls a few days ago and had to look it up on the internet to see if it was really true. I read the lyrics to some of their songs. Some of the hate is so disguised that it could actually pass for mainstream lyrics (though I hope not). It's just sad to think that these two girls, had they grown up in a different family, could have been beautiful singers. I suppose they are beautiful singers, but the hate they sing about is just so awful that the music seems everything but beautiful.
April gaede has been getting paid for some of her television interviews. What kind of mom would endanger her daughters for a paycheck?
Fuck off Nazi Punks
Fuck you southerners who belive that you're the true patriots by being racist and waving that flag that comemerates racism and the war where you PATRIOTICALLY tried to succeed from the nation
Fuck off nazi Punks
ewwwwwww. The Gaede's are trully scary, I find April to be the scariest since she is teaching her daughters this hate...

I would really like to wish for them to have some kinda horrible diseasse or die in an accident or something but I'm better than that...

Yes I know, I'm to polite but not when someone doesn't say shit to my face
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Hydrochloric acid is also a naturally-occurring gastric acid with a highly acidic pH of 1.0 to 5. If their mother drowned in a river of hydrochloric acid she'd be eaten alive.
Maybe I was a bit too harsh.
Critters! That is exactly what they are, Amethyst! I really hope that mainstream bit was a joke, by the way...
Can't we have them forcibly sterilized?
Forced sterilization is the policy shift they're gunning for. :)
omfg. i, after reading an article about "Prussian Blue", was browsing the links given on Wiki, reaching their forums and... well, although all this immense stupidity is kind of, uhm, "funny", it really scares the hell out of me. Forced sterilization sounds good, maybe in combination with forced emmigration. I have some nice, quite, deep, wet and cold spots in mind. Lots of space for the dumbass-supporters, too ;)

However, back to the funny stuff, meaning "Weiss, weiss, weiss". As i actually am from their "praised land" Germany (where, believe me, NOONE, exept some drunk assholes on the dreadful Oktoberfest, is running around in Lederhosen and Dirndln, but i suppose and hope that you know that): How can they have that much errors in that few lines???

Yes, this is a rethoric question.

keep up your work!!!
btw: it's a childrens song and the original title is "Grün, grün, grün" (green...)
I wanna to add something to the 'weiss, weiss, weiss' song:
It really is a childrens song, that has nothing, really NOTHING!! to do with racism! I sang it myself when I was a child. It is just a colour -> occupation song. It says: Green like a hunter, black like a chimney sweeper, colorful like a painter and white (weiss) like a baker! So I think you must be very sick minded to turn an innocent childrens song into a racism slogan!!!
pfft, the official pb-site may be the sickest stuff ive seen recently. i hope that this kind of propaganda doesnt work.

btw, they _do_ look like teen porn stars, dont they? they should stay at home with faces like that.

and what did they do to the "grün"- lyrics? the correct text can be looked up everywhere. why are so many whack mistakes in it?

what could happen if they were smart?

schlagt die faschisten wo ihr sie trefft!
Who besides you said anything about "Weiss Weiss Weiss" being a racist slogan?

Lies and more lies.

We have the truth on our side, you people have to lie in order to slander.

I never heard Prussian Blue claim that song is a racist slogan.

Here is what they have to say on the matter:

"This is an old German folk song that we sing in German.
It is about wearing different color clothes.
Weiss is White, Grun is green, Schwarz is black and Bunt is multi colored.
We learned it at a summer camp for kids who are German from Russia descendants.
It tells how the color of a persons clothes change by what their occupation is"
where, believe me, NOONE, exept some drunk assholes on the dreadful Oktoberfest, is running around in Lederhosen and Dirndln

Not even Jorge Buttgereit? :)
I wanna to add something to the 'weiss, weiss, weiss' song: It really is a childrens song, that has nothing, really NOTHING!! to do with racism!

When THEY sing "white, white, white," it takes on an entirely different patina. *rolls eyes*
Yes, whites are evil and weak, but soon they will be overwhelmed by the multitudes of Browns and Blacks rightfully comming to America. White fertility is actually negative,and whites fight over abortion rights to kill thier offspring, while people from Mexico, and India, and Africa are popping out babies. Prussian Blue is the sad swan-song of a soon to be forgotton race. Im sure they will be gang raped by the gang bangin great black africans or metiztos that are overwhelming the weakminded female dominated white culture. They cant even guard thier own border, and soon there will be one Mexico, Azatlan, and the Mexican priests will be wearing the skins of the defeated peoples, just as in the days of old. Its only a matter of time people!! =)
And we Jews will still be controlling everything. :-P

I don't know about you, but I'm getting a good giggle out of all this. It's sad, yet hilarious in its patheticness.
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