Saturday, October 29, 2005


From The 'Movement Exposed' Blog

Click here to read the latest news concerning April, Lynx, and Lamb. The proprietor of the other blog wrote another splendidly informative blog entry on Prussian Blue and everything that has happened since they appeared on the ABC network. Stay tuned.

I love how this guy is also a white nationalist.
Someone must have angered him.
I think her treatment of those girls angers almost anyone who isn't a delusional idiot. As he correctly stated:

I guess she forgot that most people hate racists.
She thinks most of the white people in America are clandestine, secretive racists who need some awakening before they embrace 'racialism'.
A psychological phenomenon known as "extremist's curse" - flawed insight into the perceptions of non-extremists.
She's been referred to as, "WHITE POWER PATSY RAMSY" on more than one occasion by her fellow racists.

:) :) :)
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