Sunday, October 30, 2005


Fashions For European Americans, Part II

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This is, in my honest opinion, a self-explanatory photograph.  A picture 'speaks a thousand words', so there's really no point in composing a lengthy blog entry about this image of Lamb.  She is standing in her backyard as she poses in this latest tee shirt.

you are shit, a very disgusting shit. It is not the word of a black man, but is the word of a white man, like you. You been offending you, you been offending all the world. It's incredible like the people can be stupid, it's incredible. The human mind is always equal, for the black and for the white... but you are a disgusting people, maybe because you two sister are a son of a bitch that has not sent to you to school and has teach you her stupid concepts? It must be so. You're shit. What disgusting.
the nazism is a shit! after some days you will be destroy by the intelligent people. The nazism is a period to forget, if not to to kill you, disgusting little and ignoring girls.
You're on the wrong blog man.
Is it just me, or does she look like she has down-syndrome?
um...maybe I'm missing something, but what's wrong with the shirt? I don't see why being proud of Scottish heritage is a bad thing.
I'm scots/irish and i wonder why they would display something like that when they seem to only claim their German/Icelandic heritage... and barely talk about being of Celtic decent.
They aren't Scottish are they ... ?
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