Thursday, October 27, 2005


Fashions For European Americans, Part I

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Here is the supreme 'Celtic Beauty', also known as Lamb.  She is striking a pose for the camera in a tee shirt that is designed for people of Celtic extraction to supposedly 'take pride' in their ethnicity.  Actually, these shirts were on sale at Prussian Blue's official website until recently.  I am not sure if they're still on sale, though.  If I am recalling correctly, the twins were selling them at the steep rate of twelve American dollars per tee shirt.  Stay tuned, because I intend to display more fashions in the near future.

I would kill them if I could.

for charity.

I can't honestly believe that the government lets them perform. Fuck liberty, this is incitement to racial hatred and violence.

If they were over this side of the pond they would have been destroyed already.

Like the GNOME?

I prefer my friend's Indochinese beauty.
"I would kill them if I could.

for charity.

I can't honestly believe that the government lets them perform. Fuck liberty, this is incitement to racial hatred and violence."

You would kill them if you could, and THEY are the ones inciting hatred and violence??
boudica of suburbia said...
I would kill them if I could.

you're a piece of shit, you homocidal scumbag.
You fit right in with all the losers on this filthy racist blog.
You would kill two little girls if you could?
Fuck you, you mother fucking savage.
First you animals post porn and death threats on their website, and now you're saying you would kill them if you had the chance?
This is the worst hate site on the internet.

Good job Amethsyt 23, you really know how to attract the right people.
Typical phoney anti racist scumbags who wish they could kill children.
I would kill them if I could.

Killing children is a pussy thing to do.

In fact attacking them and stalking them are as well. Of course. Noone here cares about whether or not they are pussies, do they?
These ARE the same freaks that sing about a race war. I don't really give a shit about what happens to them.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Guys, guys, guys. When you run around talking about how superior your race is and how much you hate other races, insist that the holocaust never happened, accuse people of all kinds of crimes and character flaws solely on the basis of their race, throw around offensive racial slurs (as PB has done in interviews), and sing songs that promote about race wars....

You shouldn't be too surprised when you attract people who will throw it all right back at you. You are getting back what you put out. Duh. Want love, peace, and acceptance? Stop insulting people. That would be a good place to start. This is not rocket science.
Oscar, racism is NOT good, natural, or healthy.

Your actions and your words absolutely promote the idea of a race war. Shame on you.
It sounds like it's advocating it. It's something to be happy about.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

By being for racial seperation, you have insulted my Sicilian heritage. Bastard.
Hmmmm.... You say you love other races, yet you have chosena gun icon for your post and you say racism is good, natural, and healthy. I think you need to work on your critical thinking skills, Oscar.

Let's look at this logically:

Why would you want to maintain separation from other races, keep other races out of this country (which btw belongs to all of us, not just you), use denigrating language to describe other races, praise Hitler and all of his various killer henchmanan, deny genocides, and sing songs about race wars if you loved and respected other races?

Show me even one post made on the PB forum in which anyone says anything kind or respectful about other races, please.

Your claims are predicated entirely on hatred, fear, and ignorance.
Yamaggot-These ARE the same freaks that sing about a race war. I don't really give a shit about what happens to them.

We don't give a shit what happens to you either,scumbag.
How would you like it if we started posting your name and address at all the websites you have been spamming with porn?
And you're such a phoney.
Always criticising us for not wanting to live with the bottom of the barrel low lives that you pretend love so dearly.
You live in a town that is 97% white.
You don't even have to lock your doors at night.
You only have a few Black familys living in your town.
Let me guess, they are doctors and lawyers, right?
You don't have thousands of welfare loafers, drug dealers and gangs roaming your streets at night.
And yet you can criticise those of us that do and call us racists when we stand up to the problem all from your warm cozy house nestled in the heart of White America.

When you live in a town where residents have to use multiple locks on their doors and keep a loaded handgun nearby and you still want to preach racial equality to them, then go right ahead.
Until then you are nothing but an uneffected onlooker putting their two cents in from the saftey of your little upper class crime free white nieghborhood.

The movement exposed blog reveals how April Gaede endangers her own kids to her benefit. It is a shame to have mothers like April Gaede in the world.
I didn't post Prussian Blue's address on the world wide web. In fact, a 'racialist' blogger by the name of CelticWolf88 posted their home address and home telephone number. It is other whites in the so-called 'movement' that are bringing danger to the Gaede family, and I've noticed you're not criticizing them.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
It is other whites in the so-called 'movement' that are bringing danger to the Gaede family
You posted a map to their house After a psyhcotic asked you where they lived.
Do you have any idea how upsetting that must have been to a woman with two young daughters and an infant to protect?
This blog has stepped way over the line of civil behavior.
It's one thing to come to our websites to debate us or even to criticise us on your own websites.
But when you start putting peoples saftey and the saftey of their children in jeopardy you are asking for trouble.
I hope you realise Amethsyt, that sooner or later everything you have said about the girls and their family is going to have serious repercussions on your personal life.

Out of all the people who belong to MSF, none of them have ever stepped over the line of decency and made a disgrace of themselves like you and yamamanama have.
In fact, I noticed that just before MSF closed, this blog was no longer in your signature.
I would assume it is because they didn't want to be associated with it in any way.
Think about that for awhile.
The racist think its ok to preach about ethnic cleansing but when they are revealed they get quite upset. On the Prussian Blue site they are bragging about all their support they are receiving so why should they be concerend if their personal information is out. I smell hypocrisy.
I removed '' from my MSF signature voluntarily. No one asked me to take that action, so your assumption was incorrect. In addition, MSF is closed because the mods failed to pay the server fees. No one shut MSF down but the mods who forgot to make their periodic server payment.
We'll be back up next week.
I know, Kamandi. I was responding to Dopen's erroneous assumption.
you're disgusting racist
phew... is it just me or do people take things a little too far?

I will reiterate:

Lets kill 'em! Kill the children! Down with kittens, racists and people who eat bananas!

I mean, christ, people, do you take everything literally?

I like April Gaede. I think she's interesting to talk to and an attractive woman with good kids. I think all you anti-white people who attack her kids are psychos. If you hate white people, why do you live in white countries?
$12 is not high for fashion T-shirts in America. T-shirts that say "Tommy Hilfiger Jeans" (gay clothing designer) cost more. Some childrens' cartoon t-shirts at Walmart cost more.
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