Monday, October 24, 2005


Dedicated To The 'Cause'

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Here's a memorable picture of Prussian Blue's mother, April Gaede, as she distributes racist literature to any white persons who appear curious and receptive enough.  This woman is really dedicated to the so-called 'white nationalism' cause.  Bystanders have been known to throw objects at her as she proudly waved her anti-immigration signs into the foggy Bakersfield skies.  She has been called names such as 'bitch' and 'stupid white woman' by non-white people, but has continued on with her efforts.  Other so-called 'white nationalists' have referred to her as a 'whore', but April remains undaunted.  She believes her efforts will someday be fruitful; however, most enlightened people know the truth.       

All I can say is April and her precious daughters need to keep fighting the good fight.. Did you see that Coon Dr. Charles Gardere back peddle on Hannity and Colmes tonight when asked about that trouble making ****** Louis Farrakhan, and all those worthless coons, rising their worthless coon childern to Practice his worthless Doctrine of hate.. Oh wait, it isn’t hate if your skin color is shit.. But if you are a white anglo saxon, teaching your children to be proud of their race, then that is when the Child Protective Services need to be called into play..
April Gaede needs to stop using her daughters. It is a shame that a parent would do that to her children. Let them grow up to make their own decisions. Even the white power singer from Max resist said the girls were to young to be involved in their movement.
Its sad that these nice youg girls are braiwashed by hateful parents.
Why can't everyone just get along?

The girls of Prussian Blue are cute. But that's all they have. They're so untalented that I can't take their "message" not even the least bit seriously.
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