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Check This Out

Click here for some more Gaede family information. I am sure that this is old news for many of you; however, it doesn't hurt to put this information out there again. Stay tuned.

That has to be the funniest article I have seen yet. April Gaede must have pissed someone off.
They were even malicious enough to print her home address and phone number for all to see. I would agree that she must have pissed someone off badly.
The best part is that all of this is part of a power struggle in the National Alliance. I love watching these fools tear their pathetic movement apart.
Okay, I do have to come back to shake my head in wonder.

I'm afraid I just can't feel threatened by these guys. They are the masters of self-sabotage. They are already their own worst enemies. Its sad.
Somebody handed them more than enough rope to hang themselves.
Did you see how much 'camel toe' is in that photo? Bloody hell, you could drive a truck in there she's so loose!
Hi, again, PB watchers. Just a quick quote to say you have a link.

I was really disappointed to hear on the "Prime Time' piece that April and the captives are headed my way -- the Pacific Northwest.
Heh! Quick note.
Is MootStormfront down?
I think it's part of that gestalt collapse that happened after Prussian Blue was on ABC. I'd really like to see their take on this situation.
Guess what I discovered while at work today? Well, it seems a few years ago Fraulein Lamb Gaede of Prussian Blue called the Inga Barks Show on KERN (back when they were on recess from Home Schooling) under the alias “Ellie Mae”. Quite a fantastic bit of radio and the MP3 from the event can be heard HERE at

It seems this saga ruffled a few feathers of the pro white power types at the National Vanguard website. They were upset over host Inga Barks handling of the call while defending Lamb Gaede of Prussian Blue for using “Ellie Mae” as the name used over the air for privacy purposes yet the article goes on to reveals her real name (so how is that going to help her privacy purposes?).

Also, it seems since the ABC TV Primetime story went to air Prussian Blue have removed all comments which were placed on their BLOG also removing the option to post comments on the site as well.

The above text was published on my blog at

it's since recived a comment from a Oscar Yeager from that mentions The ability to post comments was removed only because of jerks who spammed the Prussian Blue website with pornography, death threats, harassment, etc. after the ABC show was aired.
"An 11 year old Athiest"


That right there really says it all don't you think?

Gaede and her cohorts probably already know this but this is the bulk of contempt people have when they go and harrass those Prussian Blue Boards and blogs. Seeing a child devoted to a hateful dogma at such a young age is to most people absolutely disgusting. You are going to get alot of immature people along with that group of opposers but the bottomline is that this is where most of these people are coming from when they express their disgust.

You could clearly tell that everything Lamb was saying on that radio conversation was parroted, she really only had a elementary understanding of what she was talking about and was clearly confused by the rebuttles she was recieving from the other end.

Its sad that WNs are doing this to their children, its hard enough to break someone away from thsi hate dogma once they adopt it but even harder to do it when they are taught it from such an early age. There is hope, there are many people I encountered at MootStormfront who came to speak about their experience being a reformed racist. Some even came to the board as White Supremacists and left the board with a change of heart, usually due to feeling the atmosphere of Stormfront was too extreme (e.g. Tainted Blood rule and Sexism being prominent philosophies in White Nationalism).
FYI MootStormfront should be up and running next week.
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All I can say is The Olsen Twins have nothing on them.
id sue your ass if you made a blog about me!
id sue your ass if you blooged me!
Perhaps you should become more educated about American free speech rights.
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Those hoes are fascists!! How can you say the Olsens got nothing on them!
You worthless wiggers don't deserve to live in America.
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