Sunday, October 23, 2005


Are You New To This Site?

Most of you are probably discovering this site for the very first time after viewing the recent television program that featured Lamb and Lynx, the thirteen year-old blondes of Prussian Blue. If you're seeking information about the girls and their freaky stage mother, please feel free to comb through the archives that are conveniently located on the lower left-hand side of this page.

In addition, I have received a few angry emails that were apparently directed toward the Gaede family. We're not associated with the Gaede family, so please refrain from sending angry emails about them. If you wish, you may read these emails below.

you people are the sickest fucks i have ever heard of i maybe white but i believe that we need more then just whites in this world and you are teaching your daughters to be sick racist fucks who need to get away from you and form their own opinions about people instead of your sick fucking beliefs i hope you all fucking rot in hell you white supremecist fucks here is a picture of your dear role models being excuted fuck you all

I think it is really sad that people are so ignorant about race. You must have all forgotten that we are all part of a bigger race the human race. The only explanation I can give for this is ignorance, and un-educated people. These two girls for example are so brainwashed, and being home schooled, they will have no social skills for their future. What happens one day when they want to go to college, and the professors are black, or the person they want to get a job from is black. You all need a bit of reality, this country is very diverse. O and by the way, whites were not the first ones in America, so I suggest you teach your children compassion for all humans, cause you will never see a country that is all whites, unless you all take all of your people and go find some empty island cut off from the rest of the human race. With all the hate going on in the world today why would you want to perpetuate that by instilling these ridiculous ideas into your children. Hopefully one day they will be able to think for themselves, and hopefully have a chance at a normal life.

what are you fucking kidding me i hate your band, what is wrong with you, you people are morally wrong, its sad to see racism at a young age, you will regret it when you are older, im sure you will even marry a black man, we are all people, hitler also killed white people pretty much all the people he killed were white, so shouldnt you hate yourself too? white people arent all that good either, havnt you heard of trailor trash? you know those lazy low life losers who live in little trailers drinking beer all day and beating their wife and kids? is that what you think is right? america has been racist to just about every race, shouldnt be the ones racist to you instead? keep these words in mind on your next kkk meeting

Just saw that the girls have hit the Big Time.....Drudge has linked to this ABC News story. Thanks for the info you provide on your site.
You are very welcome, Brother Joe.
Wow. 1 in 3 emailers was actually semi-literate. nice.
Yes I am new and I did discover you after the ABC coverage (thanks GOOGLE!). I've already combed your archives. Scandalicious!
Ace Lannigan said, "Wow. 1 in 3 emailers was actually semi-literate. nice."
Your above sentence didn't exactly display a strong mastery of written English, either. You pathetically suck.
Too bad Fat Man wasn't ready in time for the European theater!
Judging by their pictures, the Prussian Blue girls aren't even real blondes. They dye their hair (and the roots are a-showin'!).
I think their true hair color is dirty blonde, and perhaps they regularly lighten their hair to a platinum hue.
I hope thier little shit band burns in hell
You pathetically suck.

My understanding from the ABC coverage is that they aren't being received very well. Wonder why? :-) Even the victims of Hurricane Katrina did not want their aid.

I think it is very sad that the Gaede family thinks this coverage means that they have hit the "big time". Wow, that is clueless.

Anyway, as Amethyst pointed out, this forum is not run by the Gaede's. Its a cheerful place where people who know better can make fun of this twisted racist sideshow act, the narcissistic mother who acts as its Svengali, and the pointless hatred that the WN movement stands for.

Just keep it decent, folks. :-)
What bothers me the most is that these girls will be "marked" for life for something their parents are responsible for. Even if they ever renounce this message, they still will be looked down upon.
...these girls will be "marked" for life for something their parents are responsible for. Even if they ever renounce this message, they still will be looked down upon.
"They preach tolerance and that everyone can believe and do whatever they want, except for those who disagree with them."
Check out the adventures of Lamb and Lynx, white trash extraordinaires!
Original, I mean not that I need to keep your moronic attempts at slandering these girls alive, hell knows that all that hard work you did paid off in full.. Original, WOW.. Prussian Blue has arrived when guys like you pull something like that, wow.. Hannity and Colmes save the press, this guy is keeping those precious little girls fame alive.. WOW!!
I wonder what kaston darkness is trying to say, whatever it is he's not making much effort at eloquence or comprehensibility.

I think you might get less of those emails if you were more explicitly anti-prussian. Until I had read a number of posts, I wasn't entirely sure myself. I have a sneaking suspicion that you may have to tone down your outbursts for legal reasons?

Slander away!

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