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Happy Summer!

I dearly hope you're having a happy summer.

Anyhow, Prussian Blue's mother and stepfather are in the process of selling their Bakersfield house. Since they reside in a neighborhood that has greatly appreciated over the past two or three years, the Gaede family will collect a hefty profit. In fact, it will be enough to purchase a cheaper house in a 'white neighborhood' far away from California.

April's real estate agent has described her behavior as 'demanding' and 'unpleased'.

It totally sucks that they're profiting.
Any idea where they're moving to?
I have no idea about their final destination; however, I think they're still considering the Pacific Northwest region of America.
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Will you fuck off with your muds crap?
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Now get back to your trash can.
How do you know what her real estate agent said about her?
I overheard her agent, Diana, saying that Mrs. Harrington was extremely displeased and hard-to-please. The agent made reference to the property address. The street name starts with an 'A'.
Who is Mrs. Harrington?
And also your reference to them making a profit when they sell their house.
Is this somehow a bad thing?
I have never heard of anyone selling a house at the same price they paid for it.
Real estate is an investment.
The only people I have ever heard of that didn't make a profit when they sold their homes are the morons who bought condominuims.
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California is multi-cultural, has been for a very long time, and has only become more so over time. Property values meanwhile have skyrocketed. It's an affluent state, so it is not surprising that any purchase would turn a profit there. If the real estate bubble bursts at any point it is not going to be because of the ethnic population-- it is more likely going to be due to the fact that real estate prices for a very long time have been way out of step with reality. This is an issue in many parts of the country, including my own, and has *nothing* whatever to do with race. So yeah, right now is a great time to sell.

The real problem the Gaedes/Harringtons will likely face is buying a new place that is both affordable and desirable. If race really is the only thing they care about, then I guess they can move to one of those really icky, remote, semi-fundamentalist, backwater areas in Washington state or Idaho that have little in the way of cultural opportunities or good schools. They may be in for a surprise then-- it might not be the haven they imagine, and they might find themselves surrounded by the same people who like to heckle them in the NA and Resistance boards. I can't imagine anyone really wanting that.

They might make a profit, but I suspect finding a desireable new place is going to eat that profit up rather quickly. That's usually what happens-- people expect to make a hug profit and then move to a mroe upscale place, and then are surprised by how little a step up it turns out to be.
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I've seen some of Mark Harrington's posts on some Bakersfield blog. He sounds like WN propaganda.

Maybe we should publicize his real name...

I'd rather people who smell like taco than paramilitary freaks like Oscar.
More tired old stereotypes. Yawn.

I've spent time in Mexico and it isn't like that at all.

Yama, is Mark Harrington's name a secret? I wasn't aware of that. I know he goes by "Mark Neufeldt" on those fringy racist webboards, but I thought everyone knew who he really was.

He does teach in the public schools, doesn't he? I wonder if anyone has actually fact-checked that?
I'm sure it is a secret. Of course, he doesn't teach in Bakersfield public schools anymore. Since, you know, they moved.

Oh well, maybe someone could ruin his career when he finishes moving.
Yo Yo, how nice to see you!
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Public school teachers do not have tenure.

They can be fired at any time for a wide variety of reasons-- including ethical issues like sexual or racial harassment, behavioral issues, or in some cases "moral fitness". They are under close scrutiny, and Mark Harrington knows it. In Boston last year, for example, a public school teacher lost her job (though not her certification) when it was discovered that she was working as a professional (though completely legal and above the board) dominatrix at a local nightclub. This made headlines because the court determined that even though she did nothing illegal and her "adult" behaviour was completely private and on her own time, and her teaching record impeccable, she could still be fired since she was teaching and influencing children. She still has her certification-- but guess what? Nobody will hire her. Nobody wants to be associated with that.

Likewise parents of minority children would have a very legitimate concern about allowing their kids to be taught by a teacher who openly professed hatred for their ethnicity and race, belief in their inferiority, or any other kind of virulent bias. Would you want your children to be taught by someone who openly hated them and who wanted to deny them opportunities and equal protection? Who beleived that your children have no right to be there? This is a serious issue, and would be a very serious splat on his employment record-- and clearly Harrington knows it.

Tenure only applies to college professors, and in some cases to teachers at very high-level private schools. I would say in a case like this, even tenure might not be much protection. It all depends on the circumsstnces of course, and on who ultimately makes the decisions.

I wouldn't count on "transfers"-- public schools are not like corporations where they just kick you upstairs, and nobody is entitled to a job. This is exactly the sort of thing that can render a teacher permanently unemployable, or at the very least prevent advancement (a sticky issue because ultimately only the senior teachers get anything approaching decent pay).

All for a good reason: People are very particular about who teaches and cares for their children.
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Says the fool who fabricated evidence that I posted porn.
I didn;t send anything to the FBI you schmuck. BTW PV doesn't live in Boston. I knew the entire time. I wish you could read the mod forum. Nice long thread about it. Including every PM I sent you.
What's the reason for the abundance of deleted comments?

Anyway, I heard about that assassination attempt on Davey Duke. That really sucks.
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Yeah, but the assassination attempt failed. At least his house might be destroyed.
What blather is coming from Tuonela now? And who is PV? Who are you stalking now, Tuonela?

Back to the subject: I really wonder if anyone has brought up Mark Harrington's fitness to teach. Has there been any talk of this?
Tuonela is basically threatening everyone who posts negative comments about white supremacy or Prussian Blue. He'll fabricate porno evidence like he did last time.
And PV is Pastor Visser. He's an asshole who believes that anyone indigenous to a continent starting with A are subhuman.
"He'll fabricate porno evidence like he did last time."

Sorry chum, never fabricated. That is the story I told you when you where pretending to be PV. Get it through your skull, I knew who you were, you don't think we check IPs? You think I would really waste my time fabricating when you leave plenty of stalking and hacking evidence all around? Get real.

Yo, ask Yama who he has been stalking and you will find out.
Your IP is on our list of troll IPs bub. Get over yourself.
Davey Duke has this to say: A huge tree penetrated the roof of my house in Mandeville and with the torrential rains, there is an expected heavy extent of water damage as well as physical damage. The office suffered three huge trees ( and by huge I mean with a trunk diameter of at least 5 feet) blown over onto the dwelling. These trees are very tall and stout old pines that have been there for generations! Finally, my old family home in New Orleans is completely under water and will be a total loss.

Mwahahahaha. You know what they say about clouds and silver linings. I guess I just found one.
I'm so fucking stressed.

Yo, Amethyst. For you guys to check out.

Yama, I told you I would lay off, I even deleted the posts about jan as a symbol of good faith. You blew it when you sent Gumby over.
Yamamanama said...
Yeah, but the assassination attempt failed. At least his house might be destroyed.

Yamamanama said...

Nice feelings Yama. Is there someone you don't hate besides your Asian porn models?
Gumby was actually Eyzwydopen. I don't get why you can't see it. It's so obvious.
You are grasping at straws, and not holding on very well.

I'm wondering if due to the current legal situation you now face if Amethyst really wants you here. You are implicating her just by making posts here. Or.. is she a gamingforce member as well? Hmm...
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Yamamanama said...
Gumby was actually Eyzwydopen. I don't get why you can't see it. It's so obvious.

We already proved it was gumby, you porn posting piece of crap.
But since you are saying that it was me hot shot, let's see your proof.

Thats your problem yammy, you never know when to quit.
You where completely in the clear over this whole porn posting business and then you had to go and do it again.
And this time we got you and we got you good.

Even the low-lifes at Moot Storm Front gave him the boot.

The people at mootstormfront aren't low lives.
They stuck up for their friend because we couldn't prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that screwy was posting porn to children.
They acted exactly like his defense attorneys and we were the prosecution trying to prove our case.
But now it's the real deal.
We have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that yammy has posted porn with the intention of showing it to minors.
His friend Jan, who did the actual posting under the guidance of yammy, is in it over his head.
His life is going to be a living hell for the next few years.
Yammy is the ring leader in all of this, he instigated the whole thing and is directly responsible for everything that took place.

And now for the good news.
I submitted all of the screen shots from Prussian blue and gaming force to the FBI this morning over the internet.
They responded to my report within five minutes on my telephone.
I talked to the agent for nearly an hour and filled him in on the whole situation with yammy and his porn patrol and how they have been harassing those two girls and their family for over a year.
They saw the screen shots and the comments yammy.
And they were just as disgusted by what they saw as the people you stabbed in the back at mootstormfront.

So go take this and post it over at gaming force to show your porn patrol how they screwed their lives up by getting involved with you.
Yamamanama said...
I'm so fucking stressed.

6:59 PM

No tears please. It's a waste of good suffering.

Have fun in court - dirtbag.
I have no idea what has been going on. Truth be told, I don't follow any of those other boards.

However I do feel that waging your pissing war on this blog, Tuonela, is inappropriate, puerile, and ultimately undermines your point.

If you actually have an argument, please make it in the appropriate channels and stop escalating it. This blog is all about ridiculing of Prussian Blue-- nothing more.
Why are you even demanding that Amethyst and I read your blog anyway? You remind me of a small child on a playground running to the teacher to scream because he isn't getting his way. This is not a daycare center.

Give it a rest already and please recognize how perhaps *your* behaviour online has contributed to your problems.

This is the last thing I am going to say about the subject.
Between the stalking and harassment by Jerry Abbot, Oscar Yeager being Oscar Yeager, and Tuonela claiming he fabricated evidence earlier...
What problems, Yo? I am not the one going to jail for harassing children and posting porno. ;)

I asked you to read because I knew you would stick up for him anyway. Amethyst is she is smart will see just where Yama will lead her. Not tha the stalking in this last post isn't leading her there by intefl.

Anyway, I've noticed something. You guys come here, do whatever you want, say whatever you want. People PROVE you are sick and start whining "Why are you posting this here."

Like I said before.. grow up.
Yama and his pals keep messing with our blogs, we will keep coming here.
But this is not Yama's blog, Tuonela. And frankly I don't care what you do. I am pointing out to you though that your behaviour has contributed to the problem. I neither "stick up" for Yama or condemn him-- because, as I have said before, I don't really read the other blogs.

You have accused Yama of posting pornography: I am stating a fact when I say that so far as I have been able to see, you have not proven your case, and your own flaming has contributed to the problem. Tit for ta is not how grownups work in the world. Its online road rage. That's my opinion. Now if what you are saying now is true, than the case is closed and the authorities will take care of it. I see no good reason for your continued rambling about such irrelevant matters on this blog.

It's all prima facie for me: if you had a strong case, I think you would be handling it very differently.
You have accused Yama of posting pornography: I am stating a fact when I say that so far as I have been able to see, you have not proven your case,

And who are you?
Are you someone important?
Is there some reason why we have to prove anything to you?
As far as dicussing this matter on our blogs and our websites is concerned, it is no longer relevent in any way.
It is in the hands of the U.S.D.O.J.
If you want to satisfy your curiosity over this, you can read about it on my blog, Tuonelas blog and at Prussian blue.
If you don't want to read them, then you don't have to.
Well as far as this subject matter is concerned all I've got to say is this.

As long as Amethyst allows them to, Dopen and Tuoni can discuss whatever they want in the blog comments of this blog.

As a far as the subject of Yamamanama is concerned I will give a "short" synopsis of my experience with it.

I have been on MootStormfront since December and am now a Moderator and have been such almost since the beginning.

Since I have been on MSF mysterious people have popped up claiming to be anti-child porn vigilantes working with the government to rid the internet of this type of filthy material.

I have seen angry Stormfronters come on MSF and verbally assault Yamamanama and the administrator for allowing him to post.

I have seen SF members such as Lord PlayFair and Eyzwydopen calling our membership as a collective, losers, whiners etc. but worst of all perverts myself included for our association with Yama.

I have seen Tuonela aka WildLlama come on MSF and dictate to us the merits of bigotry and accuse us and this very blog of being the reason he joined SF.

I have registered on Stormfront posing as a White Nationalist to "stir the pot" interacting in all the threads that dealt with MootStormfront and getting to the bottom of why they show so much contempt for us over their other opponents and why they keep using the rumored actions of one of our members as a scapegoat.

I have interacted with their angry hateful moderators on Tuoni's blog and been called all the niggers in the world over the silly issue of what went down during my time posing as a WN and getting them to interact into proper dialogue with us instead of talking shit over the internet.

I found it peculiar that they were so eager to debate with me even though I was clearly kicking their asses but shrieked at the mere presence of Yamamanama, who they were too disgusted to even post in the same comments box with.

After seeing Dopen's verbose post catalouging Yama's interactions with God knows who (I later realized it was quotes from Yama's journal comments which cannot viewed unless you are a GamingForce member) and viewing a screenshot provided by Lord PlayFair of a naked Asian woman presumably posted by Yamamanama, on a board or "guestbook" that no longer existed, with no knowledge of who the post was directed at I decided to take the accusations into consideration, to get to the bottom of it so I created a thread on SF specifically for them to air their allegations.

Dopen and PlayFair still refused to register even to prosecute Yama so all they had was Tuoni who spoke of allegations of child pornography being posted on Mice Trap forums which he could not prove and considering the nature of such a serious allegation we had no reason to believe. I was later scolded by the Administrator of our site for even creating such a thread that he felt was a distration to the board.

But this time was different. After Tuoni asked me how to create screenshots he utilized this tool to catch Yama in the act of spamming their site.

First there was the picture of a "Dead Nazi" which we knew was from Yama given that he posted with his blog account.

I talked to the MSF Moderators in our forum. We agreed to give Yama a warning to cool it off.

Then the nailing in the coffin came when the GamingForce user Jan logged onto Prussian Blue's Fan board in order to post an absolutely disgusting picture.

To put it plainly it was an image of the Sesame Street character cookie monster stuffing a cookie up the vagina of a japanese manga girl who was resisting the sexual abuse. It was a hentai picture depicting child molestation of a drawing the girl was depicted as younger than an adolescent never mind younger than 18.

Tuoni saved the screens of this and went to Yama's journal and saved screens of the conversation in which after the picture was introduced by another Gaming Force member Yama clearly stated that the image had the potential to traumatize small children stating that "You know what to do" then explaining that by that he meant post the pic on the blog for the viewing "pleasure" of Lamb and Lynx who as we all know are not even 16 let alone 18.

I saw the conversation myself although they appear to be deleted now. In any case Yama is banned from MSF. Basically Yamamanama and Jan are both screwed. They have the screens, the convo existed and the FBI can order them to be recovered anyway.

If I were Yama and Jan and I wanted to get away with this I'd probably have every computer they used to log onto GamingForce destroyed, but for Yama even that can't save him as they know his real name and where he goes to school. He's going to be looking at doing some time and paying a fine for this and there isn't a jury in America that would not convict him given the evidence.

All I can say is that the moderators at MSF did their part to diffuse this situation, we listened when they had something to say and acted when the evidence was brought fourth, so yes case closed atleast as far as all of us are concerned.

I'm not going to demonize Yama for his actions only state that he deserves to be brought to justice. I am skeptical of the previous child porn allegations still I suspect that at worst he posted a topless picture of a young looking Cambodian girl or something which is not child porn but at this point it is irrelavent.

It's a done deal, if the proof is in the hands of the authorities then for Yama and friends the worst is yet to come and because he could not comprehend when enough is enough he will face the consequences and the WNs are free to gloat, they are victoroius in this situation, I do commend Eyzwydopen and Tuonela for making it clear that despite past generalizations of all of us as perverts Yama's actions are his own and MSF members are not involved.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mansa, the conversation is still online.
Wow, Mansa.

Okay, all I can say is that if there is proof, then there is proof and that seals it right there. Yama will get his day in court, but if he is responsible for this photo, then there isn't a doghouse big enough for him.

I too was very sceptical of earlier accusations against him-- it all seemed to be a lot of hot air without anything to back it up. I believe that people who do things like this should be brought to justice-- but also that there must be real evidence.

Thank you for doing this work, Mansa.

Oscar: Please try to understand that I was *not* trivializing child pornography. I was criticizing Tuonela for what appears to me to be aggressive escalating behaviour and crontributing to a flame war. Big difference, okay?
I hear that they want to move to the Pacific Northwest. I hope that they think twice about that since it is a liberal, left-wing, open-minded, intelligent, and non-judgemental area that wouldn't suit the Gaede family at all. I don't know where the best place for them to move would be, but it certainly wouldn't be there.

Not many places in Europe are extreme, right-wing, pro-hate, judgemental scumbags either, so maybe they should move to South Africa and try to revitalise apartheid? My theory is for all white-racist idiots to live in a multi-racial environment anyway.

What's the point of sharing your views while living in a 'white only' environment? It's a bit hypocritical and gutless in my opinion to want to change the world and sing songs and shout about racism and hatred while doing it from a safe distance. The Gaede family should move to Cape Town or Johannesberg and share their views there to see what happens.

They want to change the world with their views, well lets see them do it the courageous way instead of through lyrics from a distance. I feel sorry for the twins to have been raised on such negative views, and to think that they're home schooled is shocking. Some people should not be allowed to have children, and this is a perfect example.
I hope someone burns thier house down....wit the girls inside
Just because yuou have a cute face doesn't mean you can go around being stupid. Free speech is one thing but this is crossing the line huge. these parents.... then again you can hardly call them parents... are hiding behind their beautiful daughters to spew this disgusting message of hate. someone needs to hand these kids over to foster care or something and fix the BRAINWASHING their folks have done all these years. Racism isnt born is raised. you people are a disgrace to WHITE people everywhere! save these girls from this hate. THEY are innocent!
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