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New Prussian Blue Forum

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A brand new Prussian Blue forum has been created.
Take a look at the extremely warm post recently made by Prussian Blue's mother, April (pictured).

Editor's note: The aforementioned forum is allegedly phony. We'll keep you posted.

April: You all know who I am by now. So I don't need an introduction.

Mina: Hello ^ ^, my name is Mina Kayasuki. I rive in Japan. Please meet everybody. ^ ^

April: Asians are animals, so stay in opposing views.

Oh my God that was funny! Poor girl.
As I said, April's a bitch.
Besides, April's character defames itself. She doesn't need my help.
"Yamaggots new Prussian blue forum"

Oh No! Say it ain't so! This sounds like a disaster in the making...
Well, the moderator of that forum seems to think it's really not April that posted there, and I would tend to agree just based on the intro...It sounds a bit cocky
There was no hacking involved.
I'm not worried, Eyzwydopen, as I had no involvement with the allegedly 'fake' Prussian Blue forum whatsoever. I am advertising the site on this blog because I actually thought it was a genuine forum.
Amethyst? I believe you have no involvement but how the Hel could you think it was real?
A person by the name of 'Prussian Blue Fan' left the new site's address in the comments section of the last post. He, I believe, is the same guy that operates a pro-PB site elsewhere.
Damn you guys are getting screwed with hardcore.
Prussian Blue Fan is probably a fake. I am not affiliated with him.
Eyzwydopen said, "Do you have that persons IP number?"
You don't have to sound so happy, Mansa sheesh hehe
Tuoni said...

You don't have to sound so happy, Mansa sheesh hehe
So does this mean that you and mansa are going out for drinks later?
BTW it is a Chicago IP.
My trace says it's an AOL IP from Virginia.
That's strange. My tracer said the ISP was AOL, but gave me a location of Pittsburgh.
LOL. First it is AOL. Second its Chicago and third its stolen and hocked up to a proxy. Fourth that person is hooked up to IRC right now. That’s how far I got.
You got to learn one thing that freeware is not always accurate.
Scooby: What is 'IRC'?
Internet Relay Chat just like a two way on a nextel but only for the web and for multiple users . More or less a chatroom software .
Okay, Scooby. Thank you for the much-needed clarification.
No problem .
If that forum is indeed a fake, the funny thing about it is there seems to be some legitimate moderating going on in there.
Maybe he just came here to bait us.
Another funny occurrence: the pro-PB website, is no longer accessible. It was accessible this morning, meaning that something happened to it within the last 12 hours.
Maybe so ...
wow ... such sloppy work . The main directory is still standing .
The guy that posted that is a member on VNN and SF . Does the name Leo45 sound familiar?
Leo45 is the guy who keeps spamming on MSF. He made about 170 posts before they finally banned him. He recently returned to MSF with the username of 'Polomint', so they didn't correctly ban him the first time around.

Why is Leo45 relevant, Scooby?
Easy , Leo is the owner of the forum . IP's match .
If Leo45 is the alleged owner of the forum, then I hope the interested parties read this information eventually.
If so then it is nice of him. However, the forum turned out to be a bad idea so far.
What the hell? I went back to the thread. This is weird. So what happened to PlayFair's guestbook?

As far as Leo45 is concerned we can't perm ban him he is using proxies. Kamandi got a bad vibe from him and said his attitude seems to be more malicious than the other WNs.

Linking to someone's photo page or other public information is *not* hacking. Parody is protected speech. Taking pleasure in seeing ridiculous person get her karma and/or maintaining an unflattering opinion of said person is also perfectly reasonable and legal.

And Amethyst has no obligation to give you *anybody's* IP number.

For myself, I thought the new blog was entertaining but also very clearly a parody. April is rude, but her rudeness usually takes a more insidious form. Also I really doubt that an asian person would type "rive" instead of "live".
The guy who typed it was Asian, he was just Malaysian-born Chinese, rather than Chinese, and in China and Malay, there are L's and R's. He was just being silly. Hell, we thought it was a serious site. I'm suspecting it's fake after April didn't get mod powers after flipping out.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
yzwydopen said...
You have commited three federal offenses, two civil rights violations and several other civilian cyber offenses which include hacking into a privately owned website and destroying the board.

Only two that really apply . The trird one wont fly in court .
The hacking offense alone is going to run at you at least 50 grand in fines.
Wrong , up to 15k to 20k. Yama's home state laws are soft and most likely he will get probation .

A defamation lawsuit can run into the hundreds of thousands.

No, a civil suit can go up 75k . Criminal ones will go over 100k
Yo said...


Linking to someone's photo page or other public information is *not* hacking. Parody is protected speech. Taking pleasure in seeing ridiculous person get her karma and/or maintaining an unflattering opinion of said person is also perfectly reasonable and legal.

That's how it works .
And Amethyst has no obligation to give you *anybody's* IP number.
You are right. But it only applies if you are not slapped with a sapina.

By the way Yo you got legal background?
Most likely, Dopen will drop it because he doesn't have a case.

The fake board? I bet Dopen and pals set it up to bait people. It really wouldn't surprise me.
Let's stop weaving these conspiracy theories, people.
Hello people:

After reading your posts, I just wanted to stop in, and set the record straight.

First off, I absolutely love Prussian Blue, and have no idea whatsoever why the official forum is down, my guess would be that is has nothing at all to do with "hacking"

I did create that other forum, on my own, and Yamamanama had nothing to do with it, nor do I know or associate with that man.

As far as whether or not the forum is "legitimate", let me say that I have never met Prussian Blue, or their mother, and have never seen them live, so I am not in any way associated with them, other than being a fan.

The forum is legitimate in the sense that it exists, if you are wondering why it is modeled so closely after the official forum, their are two reasons for that.

1) out of respect for the official forum, Elvis Presley used to say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

2) To provide a comfortable and familiar environment for Prussian Blue junkies like me to hang out at, while they get the problems ironed out at the official site, and perhaps beyond.

The problem so far has been the antis tried to turn it into a parody site, and the wn's were too paranoid about the forums origins to post there.

Actually I thought the posts there were funny, although I lean towards the wn side.

Obviously the original poster there "april" is not april gaede, so it is a misrepresentation to label her the author of that "extremely warm post"

Well anyways, anyone is invited to post there, it was not put there to "bait" anyone, and there is no conspiracy going on, and I am willing to "turn over the keys" so to speak, and provide moderator accounts to the original moderators of the official forum if they are interested in doing that while the other site is down.

Sorry for all the confusion, hope this clears everyone up, take care...
I'm not a moderator at the PBGB and I don't believe there is much harm done except for the usual "anti" junk. So I will say good work. I may join it eventually, but I am still trying to figure out how to run my own forum.

If everyone makes their own forums, there won't be anyone else left to post, not trying to discourage anyone, just saying more is not necessarily better
Have you seen my blog lately? 140 comment threads! It's crazy. hehe

It's not my forum per se. It is a section of a forum run by me.
With moderators like Dragon and DaveNYC what could you expect ?
DaveNYC? I hate that guy.
Yea that DaveNYC the former drug addict DaveNYC. You are not the only one .
With moderators like Dragon and DaveNYC what could you expect ?

What does any of this have to do with my section of the forum? They are hands off mine.
Mr. Kitty ,
I was banned from dragon's realm five or six times by both Dragon and DaveNYC.
All anti's belong in the opposing views treads.
And they won't allow free e-mails to sign up. It's not worth registering on their jerky forum for jerks.
Yama, there are ways to go around that problem . But you can blame it on the way Mr smith aka Dargon set up the board . All i could say "not bad for a racist redneck "

Heh, Dargon. Fan of Homestar, I presume?
My section will also allow antis.
I guess.
Not going to happen . Your forum is almoust dead as stormfront at 4am . I will stay where i am and save Dragon a lot of headaches .
No skin off my furry rear. ;)
Keep thinking that .
The whole affair is stupid!

Do I have to be the one to say this?

Your all so...

Really Yamama, that word your people( or you) put in Aprils mouth really does describe you, you are animals...if only I had a tomahawk handy...





I know you are but what am I?

Nana nana Boo Boo!
Nicolas De La Mare: there's no need to utilize bold lettering. It is not going to convey your focal point more effectively, so please stop.
April has weird lips.

One of the reasons why Southeast Asians are so much more attractive.
Please visit Mootfront. You will find lots of Asian slave girls there.
I don't get these stupid racists and I'm very offended by that stupid ignorant "Prussian Blue" band and IT'S family for making racist ass comments about everyone who is not white and it makes me sick to my stomach to think that I'm fighting for stupid fucks like them while they sit on their asses and talk shit about other races...I'M FIGHTING FOR YOUR FUCKING COUNTRY ASS HOLES!
Forgot to say..I'm hispanic
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