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Juicy Juice For You All

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Someone sent an informative e-mail with a link to some of the juiciest juice I've encountered in weeks.  I will not post the link on this blog because certain persons in the so-called WN movement are divulging painfully personal information about the Gaede klan.  As some of you know, an internal battle is being waged by Resistance Records against April Gaede and her prized vaginal fruits (Lamb, Lynx, and Dresden).  I will post a few of the caustic insults that were unflatteringly hurled at the Gaedes.

Posted by Glenn: "This was actually quite a good blog until the bickering between members of various rival racialist factions appeared.  Do you people see now why 'the movement' is a joke that is getting nowhere?  You call yourselves racialists but you act no different from the blacks you claim to hold in such contempt.  You are a joke, the lot of you." 

Posted by Activist: "There are many dysfunctional people in the White Nationalist community.  April Gaede is a prime example.  April just can't understand that when she lives in a glass house, she better not throw stones."

Posted by Chris Williams: "If you want to research the facts about Gaede, go to www.vnnforum.com and look up all posts by 'White Will'.  He was one of the many unfortunate suckers to be sexually manipulated by this whore.  Trust me, the entire pro-White movement hates this stupid slut.  She makes us all look stupid as soon as she opens her mouth."

Also posted by Chris Williams:  "Every bit of truth about April Gaede can be found on www.resistance.com/forum under 'Movement Frauds Exposed'.  There, you will find the truth about this slut and see pictures of her ugly, lying hypocritical self.  She is worse than gross, she is a waste of good White Aryan skin."

Posted by Kevin Winston:  "WHAT?!!  April Gaede is a disgrace to the entire White race!  The entire pro-White movement wants her to disappear back into the cow pasture in which she came from.  SHe is nothing but an over-aged, starved for attention, promiscuous movement groupie that will sleep with any guy that can bring her and her girls attention.  She parades around like she is some wholesome example of Aryan motherhood, when that is the exact opposite of what she is.  She was engaged to three different men in one year alone and one of them was an admitted race-traitor named Steve Sims.  She refuses to marry her boyfriend Mark because he is 'too short' and not a pro-White leader.  There is nothing virtuous about this girl at all, unless of course you think that sleeping with multitudes of men so that they will pay your bills and bring you attention is virtuous.  Make no mistake people, April Gaede is an embarrasment to the White Race and the entire world would be much better off without her."    

Haw Haw.

Oscar Yeager came up with a t-shirt that says "I AM THE LAMB OF PRUSSIAN BLUE. I HAVE COME TO TAKE THE MUDS FROM THE EARTH"

Why make it that complicated? Just get a picture of Lamb in a blue cloak saying "I loathe your beauty," "I loathe your strength," or "I loathe your charm," at the ethnic group your primary gouts of vitriol are focused on.
For awhile, you guys had beeen doing a good job of cleaning up your act, and now you have to go and post this trash-talk about April Gaede all over your front page.

There is nothing even new here, your just bringing up the same old tired rumors we've already heard a thousand times, most of the rumors even if true were in a period of her life were she had no steady boyfriend anyways.

You should be ashamed of yourselves for this junk-journalism.
So? April Gaede deserves it for being an ugly bitch, Mr. Day of the Rope.
All of those boards where you guys get your information from have been taken over by lying rat Jews anyhow.

They are experts at the tactic of tell a lie for long enough, and people will start to believe it.
Of course. Because everyone against that big fat ugly bitch is automatically a Jew.
Maybe she'll become the female version of George Burdi?

I think she'll be the female version of Emmanuel Goldstein.
The idea of my blog is to build a "inspiration flux box" able to contain texts, ideas, stories, topics, speechs and images about everything.

Then these materials will inspire the work of our musical collective.

Thanks a lot!!!
Did you see those "cameltoe" pictures of her on resistance?? Eww..
Nergui, I was just about to say exactly the same thing! April wearing her new "lip-huggers"! That's right up there with men who wear sweat pants and no underwear.

Hey Amethyst, I think that one is begging to be blogged!
"and now you have to go and post this trash-talk about April Gaede all over your front page."

As long as they are keeping it clean about the kids, Oscar, it's still better. April gets worse insults than this post at Resistance.

So, did anyone catch my posts in that Bakersfield thread?
I saw your posts in the Bakersfield blog, Tuoni.
"Hey Amethyst, I think that one is begging to be blogged! "

Why bother? That just sounds like reaching for something to blog. Besides it is also too similar to this last post. That would be tacky.
"I saw your posts in the Bakersfield blog, Tuoni. "

Didn't know if you would recognize my real name.

Personally, I just thought the Resistance people were being childish.
You should come by my blog, Ame. Post your observations of the Mansa/Playfair thing.
What happened to the Prussian Blue forums?
Looks like it is snafu'd.
Makes sense.
There's a new PB Forum at:

Congratulations. Here's some ethnic cleansing.
Wow, April must be getting really desperate to control the conversation. Did you see her response to "Mina" in Introductions? It's so sad and bad I am really wondering if it might be a parody.
this is the coolest blog ive seen yet
Thank you for the compliment, 'Eight'.
Well, April is a bitch. I'm sure the site is real. It comes from that guy who has a Prussian Blue fansite.

Why he'd come here and tell us about it is beyond me.
Eight? You don't get out much do you? ;)
It sure is funny how she uses "Karma" points as reputation points isn't it?
Isn't that what you are always talking about Yamaggot?
Aren't you always talking about giving and recieving Karma points?
And isn't it odd how the very first guest just happens to be an Asian for her to insult?
Isn't that an abnormal obsession you have Yamaggot?
Aren't you always going on and on about Asians?

So let's all laugh along with Yamaggot the porn poster and board hacker.
But lets also not forget that what goes around comes around.
I think that's the board system.
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