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Day Of The Rope

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You can thank Mansa Musa, a prolific moderator, for bestowing the idea of this post upon me.  Since Prussian Blue has released a song entitled 'Victory Day', I shall explain that the so-called Victory Day is synonymous with the WN "Day of the Rope".

The "Day of the Rope", Mansa Musa explained, is the day when the WNs seek vengeance on all the race traitors in the midst of their new "white nation".  The "Day of the Rope" will involve the savagely mass slayings of "whiggers, muds, and race-mixers".  Doesn't the violent ending seem too apocalyptic?  

Here's a sample of the lyrics of 'Victory Day':
Well, sit down and listen
To what I have to say
Soon will come a great war,
A bloody but holy day.
And after that purging
Our people will be free.

Miscegenation used to be the law of the land, it was the equivlent to child molestation, murder, and rape, and their are documented executions for it in almost every state.

So this isn't so much as in the future as bringing back the past.

Bring it on!!!! and hopefully yes, the two days can be synonymous with each other

And if miscegenation is so biologically wrong like you maggots say it is, why the hell are Asians so damned attractive?
Thank you for expressing your honest opnion that you'd like for the 'Day of the Rope' to become reality. While we're all celebrating the 4th of July, our American Independence Day it's interesting to know that other people are fantasizing about mass murders set to take place on their fantasy victory day.
The 'Day of the Rope' is nothing more than a fantasy....
An evil sick fantasy. You can't get more anti-White than wanting to kill all the White people who don't agree with your ideology that is thought crime genocide.
How can you call it a fantasy, when like Byronio said in his post, it has already happened before...You guys seem to forget that.

Many of Dr. Pierce's predictions have already come true, Ammonium Nitrate bombs blowing up buildings, air planes attacking the pentagon, the Day Of The Rope is coming soon to your town.
And it's not just about killing whites, of course all the non-whites that were race-traitors by sleeping with whites would have to be killed too.

Yes I would like to weed out the whites that are race-traitors, because just like if a purebreed dog ever gets mounted by a mutt, it "ruins" her, even if she doesn't get pregnant...So, by the same token, we can't let white race-traitors off the hook, simply because they are white, because there would have already been degrading hormonal changes that took place, that would ruin her for breeding.
The "Day of the Rope" is nothing more than a warped fantasy.
I'm not interested in the "Day of the Rope". That's it. No long speeches. If some WNs dream about it... fine. Not my cup o' tea.

Now if you go by my religious beliefs, Ragnarok will happen before the "Day of Rope", in that case we're all fucked.

*apologize for the profanity but it was the best word to use*
Oscar, fuck you. I hope when you make some bombs to blow up a synagogue or something, they explode in your house. Killing you, of course. Stupid fuck.
Fantasizing about mass murder is "not your cup of tea" Tuonela?

It doesn't seem to bother you very much. Doesn't it bother you even a little to associate with people who weave these sick fantasies and train thie children to sing songs about them?

Ever consider that there might be something wrong nwith this?
I see your point, Yo.
tuoni said....

Stop insulting little girls you anti white commie bigot.
Wow, "stop insulting little girls"-- but if you want to talk about KILLING people and committing mass murder in the name of white nationalism and celebrating this fantasy in music and indoctrinate litle girls into singing about it....

Oh well, I will just say it is "not my cup of tea", whistle a happy tune, and read the newspaper.

I suspect the truth Tuonela is that you are just fine with this crap. Passively fine, perhaps, but still fine. Shame on you.

Oscar Yeager's av on Prussian Blue's forum is a guy being lynched for the crime of being black, and they all say that the nude picture and semi-nude pictures of a Herero and an Amhara I posted on the Christian Identity board is somehow worse than that...
My avatar wasn't hanging the negro "Just for the crime of being black"

If you had noticed, I simutaneously had changed my quote to "The day of the rope is coming"

So, the idea being he was guilty of miscegenation, and gee..What web site could it possibly have been that reminded me of "The day of the rope?"
Oscar Yeager - you are an evil minded little fuckwit.

Tuoni - you seem intelligent enough to know better - by associating with these twisted freaks you're just as bad as them.

How can you stay on a message board where such an avatar is permitted? You say it's not about hatred, but PB is all about that - the language used serves only to dehumanise and degrade - one of the regular contributors, Jenab, speaks openly, even lustfully, of doing harm to 'niggers'.

Some things said on this blog have been unacceptable, but the PB message board stinks - what's the common comeback there? "You're attacking these two little girls - shame on you!" Bollocks to that, it's disingenuous at best, and an outright fallacy at worst.

I'm not proud to be white, nor am I ashamed, it's just how I was born - if I am ever to be ashamed of being white, it'll be because of the type of person you'll find on the PB boards.
That's part of the PB board mentality I can't understand. You can show an Asian or African being lynched, but you can't show her breasts.

I second Oscar Yeager being an evil-minded fuckwit.
More Slander!!! More distortions!!! More Perversions.

Here me, any honest White people who are viewing this blog. WN do not want to hurt or destroy anyone if they can help, it any more than an ordinary White would. The only people dreaming of mass exterminations are the non-whites. Read up on what happened to the White people in Haiti! Read on what happened in Zimbabwe, and is happening in Africa. Think about what happened as Poike's ditch, and the horrible massacres of White people going on all over America, you can go to Stormfront, David, and to read about these horrible incidents of hatred against White people which are spreading fast.

I've been to reserves, in case you are only reading this now, I am a status-Indian, I've seen, and have heard stories of how non-whites treat White people, when they are vulnerable.

Victory Day, is about when this horrible pattern will be broken, when White people, will defend themselves and win.

Tuoni, yes well, in the case of Ragnorok, and the gods and demons fight, as you know...were not going to be fucked when we are defeated...We will pass threw silver glass, and another middle-earth, will be there for us!

I wonder where the multicultural demons go?

Back to hell where they belong.
Hell is the abscence of white nationalists? Does that make it heaven?
Nick proclaiming you are a status Indian is a pathetic defense mechanism, noone is impressed, Native Americans can be just as racist as anyone else and you are probably no different than an ordinary White person phenotypically, we just don't have the term status Indian in America it is an Canadian term and really nothing unique racially considering upwords to 30 Million White Americans have Native ancestry.

Regardless of whether you feel the ends of Victory day are positive the means are evil, they are genocide. Atrocities are being commited all over the world including by White people. This White victim complex you have naming countries where White people have been discrimnated against is nothing more than a pissing game White people have discriminated against people and kill them in mass just about everywhere they went. I do not consider White people evil but you are a hypocrite for citing atrocities in random countires as inherent aggression towards White people.

Just as Normal Bloke said the if he'd feel shame at all for being White it would be because of people like you, many people who hate White people do so because of people like you. The song speaks of genocide and anyone promoting the song in their blogs such as Eyzwydopen and Tuonela are promoting genocide by doing so.
"Lies and distortions"? Nuh-uh. It's plainly written in the song and in the posts of Oscar Yeager and the other fucktard.
"and the other fucktard. "

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