Monday, June 20, 2005


Prussian Blue Video Clip

Check out this new Prussian Blue video. If that link didn't work, please click here. Enjoy.....

I saw the video. As I said on MootStormfront, "Victory Day" sound like the fabled "Day of the Rope". I tell you what all the skinhead girlfriends might be smiling but the Britney Spears's of the world will be hanging from poles for adopting the mud race's culture.
One question: What's a "mud race"?

One response: Britney Spears is really ugly. Enough said.

A good White Nationalist, who loves the West.
I shoulds have said "Mud Races' cultures".

Answer: People of Color, your favorite category.

What race's consist of said category?

Everyone but White people. And ofcourse since we can't even name all the races non-White, people of color, and the Neo-Nazi phrase Mud Races all mean the same thing, without defining the actual races.
You have defined one race: White people.

Keep going, your doing great, I'm sure you'll come up with more, it's not that hard.

By the way, my ignorant friend, "people of color" has never been an anthroplogical catagory. European scientists have long ago figured out how to come up with more precise catagories.

If the best you can do is single out the evil-blonde-Malfoy's and rally the rest of us in hatred against them: your going to have trouble.

I for one don't hate Whites as you do.

P.S. As far as I know, Chinese and Koroeans do not want to be put into your one great romantic catagory of "people of color," try reading

"Paved with Good Intentions" by Jared Taylor It's a great book on our racist multiculturalists friends who constantly single out the good White man who has done so much for my ancestors. Available at most libraries near you despite much screaching from the true haters in this world.
I'd rather not read taylor's crap. If you're so confident about defining all the races why don't you go to my "What are ALL the Races thread" which is at the top of the questionsforum. Honestly Nick you are far to arrogant for your own good to think you can "enlightment" me on the truth and then have the audacity to call me ignorant at the same time.

For one thing modern racial classifications are based on phenotype not anthropology and if it were based on anthropology the White Race would be a sub race of caucasian not an actual true race.

I don't know why you all insist we are anti-White, White people like and agree with people like Ame and myself far more than they do you and racists like Jared Taylor. Go ahead kid, do what no WN has ever sucessfully done on MootStormfront or Stormfront. Go show us your wisdom and reveal to us all the objective boundaries of racial classifcation.

Oh and go take the PBS race test if you haven't already and try your hand at matching the faces of people to the races they indentify as since you've got all the answers.
Also you may want to try reading all 10 pages before jumping into the debate and going over crap we've already covered, or atleast find a way to make your argument more persuasive.
Funny how tha PBS test did not have a single blond haired blue eyed person. And you can lump all the asians and indians into the same category. Plus why should someone by allowed to call themselves indian when they maybe had one grandparent who was a pureblooded indian. And the classification of hispanic is bullshit because the state of NY no longers classes people from Spain as 'hispanic.'

No you want us to argue with you about you premises and on your terms. Examplary of you Mansa thanks.
Who is us? You aren't a registered member of MSF so I don't se why your opinion would matter if you refuse to submit it. Obviously they choose people who would be hard to classify, but they are everyday people the point is still valid. In my opinion Native Americans have diverged enough from East Indians phenotypically to be considered a separate race. The fact is that race is a social construct, the boundaries are not objective and we can't even name a complete list proper racial categories.
state of NY no longers classes people from Spain as 'hispanic.'

That is not true .
Scooby: Why were you banned from MSF?
pissed off the mods and opend up about the death of the phora .
Kamandi asked me to leave so i left .
here is a goo explanation of my banning .

hopefully this explains it .
Yeah, the Phora Phucks are annoying.
Yamamanama said...
Yeah, the Phora Phucks areannoying.

6:24 PM

That's not very tolerant of you Yamamanama.
Do you think I care? I shouldn't have to be tolerant of maggots because I don't spend every hour thinking about how great white people are and how every Asian, African, and Jew should die a horrible death.
quote yama Yeah, the Phora Phucks are annoying.

Amen to that . Hey yama How the weather in boston ?
Right now, pleasant.
The Phorites are annoying as hell. I wish they would go back to wherever they came from.
Yamamanama said...

Right now, pleasant.

7:18 PM
Thanks Yama . I'm going to be in boston on sunday . Oh btw Go red sox !
Amethyst23 said...

The Phorites are annoying as hell. I wish they would go back to wherever they came from.
heh heh heh ... sorry to dissapoint you Amethyst but the "bitches and hoes" are stuck at MSF . The phora's domain is gone and the server is almoust dead ie beyond repair . Sorry .. I guess it was a true overkill . :D
Yeah, but they still have a Phora in Exile.
lol . You call that a forum ? It a joke . The main forum is dead and that is important . phora in exile is too small to have more than 90 members .
Yeah, but I think the Phora Phucks should join that and leave MSF alone. It's like gamefaqs rejects joining Gamingforce or something after LUE and the War on Terrorism boards get deleted or something.
Yama , there is not enough space for all phora members to join in . Plus they are setteled at MSF . So Fade's comuter is dead . So no Phora . Sorry dawg cant help you there. I agree with you but its not like its going to matter to me anyway since i'm banned
The fact of the matter is, it is not necessary to "define" all the races to state that "race" exists. Indeed "race" can be broken up so many times that for some people it can be inconvienient. Tell me...How many times can you break down an Atom...alot, eh...we can divide and divide and many times, that Ancient Greek Philosophers thought you could just keep spliting and spliting. Once recently scientists though they had made the final break, but were proven wrong. Do you think it would be right to say that the Atom does not exist? I don't think your that stupid. Believing in the biolgical basis of racial differences has nothing to do with being able to "define" all the races. If you insist that I post on your most un-Aryan forum, I will do so eventually, sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner.

You really do pose the most retarded responses as if to pass of as inteliigent...well, Muse there are a lot of gulable people around who might fall for such silly deceptions but I am not one of them.

To make it even clearer...we are all taught in high school that the atom consists of an electron, a proton, a neutron and a we enter higher levels of learning however we learn that we can split that up into even more parts. Likewise, is it wrong for Proff. Rushton, to split Humanity into Caucasoids, Mongoloids and Negroids? Of course not...we could spit humans into incredibly fine grouping as slight as the space between the hairs on my head...but does that mean "hair" does not exist?
You clearly didn't catch my sarcasm back there.

Britney Spears is really the ugliest creature on the face of the planet.
Britney Spears is a tramp who doesn't mind teaching young girls to dress and act like whores.
What the crap are you talking about?

Democritus thought that the atom could not be seperated. Also, the only reason we know about Democritus's theory about the atom is because other people ridiculed him in their own works.

Also, that is just about the crappiest logic I've ever god damn heard.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
He theorized that eventually you would come to a point where we could no longer separate it...and he called that "the atom" though he couldn't have know of its existance. As I said recently we have separated the Atom, into even smaller subatomic pieces proving the older scientists wrong.

If the logic is "crappy" (how like a proff. to use the term) prove it wrong, besides most of it is an analogy, the only logic involved is realizing that race is never a definite thing...In a puddle of mud do you need to define which parts are earth, waters, germs etc. to tell the difference between sand or some other mixture? You do not have to define all the races to recognize the existance of such.
Whatever. It still makes no sense.

As for the video, that guy made it in mpg format, and I watched it. Well, I managed about 30 seconds before it started to bug the hell out of me and I went back to listen to good music from Indonesia and Japan.
"Whatever. It still makes no sense."

What makes no sense?

It is possible to believe in abstract concepts that we can't touch or feel, with out being able to define those things.

You havn't answered the question, What does not being able to define the races have to do with the existance of the actual concept? There are so many things in this universe that we cannot define, and yet we all know they exist as a reality.
The good news is that Briarhopper was banned from MSF. I hated him.
I think he'll continue to return.
Yea he will ,but so would i when i find time . And when "D" gets off my ass . no pun intended
“You really do pose the most retarded responses as if to pass of as inteliigent...well, Muse there are a lot of gulable people around who might fall for such silly deceptions but I am not one of them.”

“Likewise, is it wrong for Proff. Rushton, to split Humanity into Caucasoids, Mongoloids and Negroids? Of course not...we could spit humans into incredibly fine grouping as slight as the space between the hairs on my head...but does that mean "hair" does not exist?”

The only point you have proven with your asinine statements and chastisement is that human biological diversity exists. No one is denying that. Hair is not a concept. Race is a concept. Gravity is also a concept but we can objectively observe gravity, that's why it has been accepted as law. You can objectively define a species. A species must consist of a group of living organisms that can reproduce fertile young. By that statement we cannot separate human beings into a separate species because when you bring any fertile man and woman together their sex cells can produce fertile young. It is when we come to race or sub-species that we get stuck.

In a sub-species you must have more genetically in common between groups than between individuals. It is the opposite with humans. A person of a similar height body structure, weight and same gender can be Black and have more genetic affinity to someone who is White than another person of different height, body structure and weight but same gender who is also White.

Scientists regard what we call Race as merely being genetic clines based on adaptation to the environment. They do not recognize racial terms as being scientific or objective. That doesn't mean Race is not based on genetic variation because it is. It simply has no objective boundaries, there is too much gene flow between populations to split them into sub-species. I think Tim Wise takes it too an extreme by saying Race does not exist, in fact read this.

Race exists as a social construct based on biological variation, it is subjective not objective. It has no objective boundaries nor a complete and proper list of Races. It isn't my contention to make you out to be "gullible" Nick, the bottom line is if you want to put your money where your mouth is you need to go to a thread and prove your point instead of making stupid posts to sound cool and using silly buzzwords like "deceptive" to defend yourself. Stop trying to be witty, defend your views in a proper debate .
I love how the girls can't sing for shit. How come people rarely ever call them out on that? They don't sing. They chant. They make William Hung sound talented - at least he makes an attempt to sing.
You're correct, Yelena. They cannot sing well.
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