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On Tour

On Tour
Posted by: amethyst23.
A dear reader informed me of Prussian Blue's most recent performances. (S)he wrote, "On Sunday, they performed 4 songs, a CBS news crew was there filming them, the audience was told a national news story would be done about Prussian Blue, with about 7 million viewers expected to be watching the national news at a later date."

They also performed 2 songs on Saturday night during David Duke's European American conference. An estimated 400 attendees were present.


You know what that means, don't you?


In other news, Eyzwydopen finally lost his mind and Lord Playfair says that Prussian Blue's forum is better than MSF because it has more members. Yeah, if only about 30 people have more than 10 posts and half the members being zero-posters counts. At least something goes on Mootstormfront besides the usual:

"You're insulting little girls you racist's (sic)"
"Yama is a pediphile (sic) who insults little girls and posts porn*."
"I hate Jews, Asians, and Africans." (In Lamb's case, include Portuguese people, since Lamby seems to be under the impression that Portugal is near Vietnam somewhere. I think a lot of it stems from "I loathe your beauty" syndrome)

*Apparently Bob Jones University has the same opinion of "what is porn?" that Mommy Hitler and her cronies do.
MSF is great!
Any other impressive credentials Mr. Yama?
First of all, I didn't go to Bob Jones. Second of all, I could hardly call graduating from Bob Jones "impressive credentials," unless simply surviving it counts.
From what I have been able to see, a good number of the PB posts are anti-PB, people registering just for that reason. I registered but never bothered posting because it just seemed like a waste of time. The rest seem to be the same people posting over and over.

MSF on the other hand actually has active threads with a variety of participants.

Show me any evidence that PB has an audience outside of their small WN community-- an objective audience responding to the quality fo their music. They don't, because they are perfectly dreadful and talentless. Only a mother or a WN would love what they do.
I'm not really sure what to think of your blog-who would take the time and energy to pick on a couple of 12-year old girls? Then I start seeing your comments on how they are being marketed as jailbat. Personally, I don't see anything sexual about thier image. Then I noticed you publish a map of thier neighborhood. Are you hoping one of your fellow Jews abducts them for one of the many Tel Aviv whorehouses?
Remember Hanson? People make fun of "cutesy" bands, especially children, all the time. I don't know any of this bullshit about who did what and what happened and quite frankly I don't care. And last time I checked a paedophile was meant to be someone who Loved children in an unnatural way, not hated them thats an entirely different matter.
"And last time I checked a paedophile was meant to be someone who Loved children in an unnatural way, not hated them thats an entirely different matter."

Wrong, RH. Here's why.

A pedophile is ANYONE that get's physical with a child or even simply attracted to children.


A man rapes a child... he is a pedophile and last I checked rape is not something done out of love, it is something about power, control, and anger.

You have been listening to too many NAMBLA people. They always claim love.
Amethyst, keep doing posts like this one I will have no problem with this blog. Although you still might want to help your peanut gallery clean up they comments.

The whole website needs to be cleaned up. Especially the crude pornographic picture.
You mean William Pierce? The fool deserves it.
Maybe you should add, pychopath and paedophile to your resume...hhm...
I beleive someone was asking back there why PB does not have some sort of musical review...well, what do the Blacks usually do on the rare occasion when they aren't propelled to the centre of attention for producing their musical garbage? They simply scream "Anti-Black Racism" ( oh, but race doesn't exist right) SO...what do you think we can do...SHOUT...Anti-White Discrimination!!!
Nicolas De La Mare: 80 percent of all buyers of rap music are American white youths. Therefore, white children and teenagers are the main consumers of "musical garbage" performed by the blacks.

I just wanted to feel your soul with some useful knowledge.
Do you expect me to be surprised by these statistics? Or merely more enraged at the Jewish supremacists who push this garbage upon my generation?And when the market is so filled with this trash? etc.etc.

I though I just might try filling your soul with some useful knowledge.

The whole website needs to be cleaned up. Especially the crude pornographic picture."

What I meant Martin is if they have stopped the illegal parts of this site there is not much I can complain about.

Ideally they woulf remove the threats that are still contained within these pages but I don't see them truly acting like human beings. As long as they STOP posting threats it will make things a bit better.
oh, but race doesn't exist right

This is a common misconception about the race existence issue. Racism does not need race to exist. Race exists as a concept, whether biological or not, racism certainly exists. The question is whether race is a scientific fact not whether it exists. It exists as a social construct based on phenotypical variation.
Posting a picture of Dr. William Pierce having gay sex with a negro is not even up to the standards of tabloid journalism.

If you are going to let your blog contain trash like that, at least have some decency standards and contain it to the comments section and leave it off the main section
I'm sure if VNN put out a tabloid, the standards there would disagree.
Well, VNN has nothing to do with the organization that the Gaedes are a part of, Alex Linder is no longer in the National Alliance or National Vanguard, and does his VNN thing on his own
The pathetic merry-go-round-bush tact you employ to say that "race" does not exist but "racism" does is truly pathetic and beyond the point. In terms of scientific classifaction it is perfectly correct to argue over whether or not there is enough genetic difference between human races to classify them as "races" or not. Very often scientists have trouble classifying animals. VEry often the classifications have changed as knew information is brought forth.--take Lions and Tigers--Horses and Donkeys--mammals that lay eggs---sometimes the diversity of life on earth can become quite difficult to class, but that does not null the existance of the difference. How retarded do you think we are?

Fine, I am not an expert in any way so I wont dispute the claim that thier may be more genentic difference between individuals that between "races." Though this has been very cleverly argued on

Very well, let's use term like
"Population" and "Population-ism" in place of "race" and "racism," if you prefer. It makes no difference.
You are the one running in circles Nicholas you ask how retarded we think you are? White Nationalists for the life of them cannot objectively define who is White or what the races are. I have started the topic on MootStormfront and the subject has run for lengthy threads without resolution, there are even recent ongoing threads as we speak trying to classify certain people as White. Could the Human Species one divide into categories we would classify as proper sub-species? Quite possibly. That has not happened there is too much gene flow between population to objectively define them as one group or another. We aren't a species that can be divided into neat sub-species or races or breeds like the breeds of dogs who have been artificially bred by human beings to give them their unique features, human beings have evolved naturally and intermixed too much for us to diverge into different sub-species.

I'm not trying to banish the word race from anyone’s vocabulary when I bring up race as a social construct I am merely saying we should put it in proper perspective. You are the one immaturely and mockingly challenging theories that you cannot yourself debunk. Human morphological diversity can more accurately be described as genetic clines caused by diverse environments. People believing race does not exist is a misconception White nationalists have because they are intimidated by the progressive nature of modern science and do not want the objectivity of terms that define their entire ideology challenged. Race exists as a social construct, racial categories are subjective at best. If you don't like it go to College, major in biology and challenge the establishment to prove that racial classifications are objective. Otherwise accept the fact that you cannot use the objectivity of racial classification as a crutch to defend your beliefs.
What belief are you referring too? For the life of me, I really don't see your point? No one has ever denied that "race" is a social construct, but the fact of the matter is, the social would not exist without the biological, however you may wish to define the biological. Virtually, every struggle accross the face of the planet is driven by these sociological/biological differences, and they are driven to the most ridiculuous and extreme extents in multicultural societies where "race" supposedly shouldn't matter. The fact of the matter is that hybrids (such of myself) make more of a squaking issue of race than pure blood's in homogeneous societies. The only kind of society in which race "doesn't matter" is the racially homogeneous kind. The multicultural society is the inevitable breeding ground of "racism," "hatred" and "conflict."

Matee, mulattos, quadroons, octoroons, mestizos, zambos, barconos, castizos, lobos, moriscos and zambagos are all mixed groupings with sometimes the slightest and most irrelevent differences between them, can anyone claim that the multiracial are at piece with themselves?

Indeed these differences are social...BUT they are real, and WILL never go away. The more we try to ignore the facts of race the greater the conflicts will become and the greater the divisions.
Uh, what are you talking about Tuoni? I haven't been listening to any nambla people. If there's anything I hate, it's a paedophile. I just doubt that the definition of a paedophile can be applied in this case.
"People believing race does not exist is a misconception ""White nationalists have because they are intimidated"" by the progressive nature of modern science and do not want the objectivity of terms that define their entire ideology challenged."

INTIMIDATED...your trying to provoke people aren't you? Why don't you try giving us some concrete examples of WN ignorance or bla instead of making baseless accusations like that. In my experience the only ignorant, metally chalenged, rude, insensitive "racist" people are White Liberals, Jews and non-whites.
I read some more of this blog's "content" and determined that it's not just a hate PB website. It seems to be a launching pad to attack the entire WN message. Ah, the straw man. What smear campaign would be complete without it? Yes, they are bad musicians (dude, they're 12. What do you expect?)and yes, their mother has said and done some less than admirable things. This doesn't mean everything they teach false, does it? You liberals didn't stop following liberalism when Clinton was caught, did you?

The point is that there are many many more people out there than just the 1800 in the NA. They just have something to lose and keep silent. PB takes it on the chin for allof them.
INTIMIDATED...your trying to provoke people aren't you? Why don't you try giving us some concrete examples of WN ignorance or bla instead of making baseless accusations like that. In my experience the only ignorant, metally chalenged, rude, insensitive "racist" people are White Liberals, Jews and non-whites.

LOL! Anyone but Neo-Nazis right? You'd have to define the nature of this ignorance I wouldn't want to overhwelm you, I could list a plethora of quotes on Stormfront alone that are a testament to their ignorance, nevermind all the other racist message boards.

How about the fact that some of them think every non-White country is a 3rd World country including Japan?

Or that a few Jewish people in positions of power have a hive mind mentality to control and dominate society for Israel?

Or how about the radicals like the Aryan Nations who encourage Islamic terrorists to continue their acts in hopes of forming an alliance under the princles of "the enemy of my enemy being my friend", as if Muslim terrorists would want to align themselves with White Supremacists just because they hate the Jews.

Does that sound like a rational thinking educated mind to you?

Its sounds like paranoia and ignorance to me.

The dumbest among the movement is Christian Identity who try to White Wash the Bible to fit their racist views. I'm debating a recently banned idiot on MootStormfront who is so hateful he regards all People of Color as beasts and cannot engage in civil dicussion without chastising me with racist slurs.

Anyway thats getting off the topic, again this comment box is not designed for advanced discussion Amethyst23 is tolerant enough to let people carry on conversation on her blog, most people prefer to stay on topic. I prefer to do my discussions in message boards that have for more resorces available to convey your points through messages.
Frobisher: Perhaps you may visit and join! They accept a wide range of views.
Alas, Such stereotypes! Such biogotry!

What about ignorance amoung non-whites?

I wouldn't want to overwelm you...

-belief that Whites are inferior Blue-eyed demons set on world domination who come from hell

-belief that Whites planned the Aides epidemic in Africa

-belief that Whites deliberately run around exploting third world countries

-belief that every CAtholic priest is a child molesting homosexual

I could become cruder, but that should suffice. I have myself witnessed alot of cruel hateful things being said about white people, particularily blonde people. For every one example, you gave I could provide a thousand.
You make the frivolous claim that non-whites are ignorant, Nicolas. However, I shall point out your spelling errors in the most previous post. Spelling errors are a somewhat lofty indicator of ignorance.

1. overwelm is spelled 'overwhelm'
2. biogotry is spelled 'bigotry'
3. Aides is spelled 'AIDS', an acronym for 'Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome'
4. exploting is spelled 'exploiting'
5. amoung is spelled 'among'

Don't call non-whites ignorant again.
Spelling errors are NOT an indicator of ignorance.

They are more of an indicator of someone who has a busy lifestyle, unlike you anti-white racists.

If you want to play the spelling game, I could point out numerous spelling mistakes on your blog's main pages.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
“Alas, Such stereotypes! Such biogotry!

What about ignorance amoung non-whites?”

Nick, talking about stereotypes and bigotry you just said something overtly stereotypical and bigoted. Ok, I was talking about WHITE NATIONALISTS not WHITE PEOPLE, so an appropriate counter for you would be to talk about Non-White Supremacists, racists or Separatists. Instead you choose to generalize People of Color as a whole. I agree with you, non-White racists as a group say and believe a lot of stupid things. People of color in general do. White people in general do as well. PEOPLE in general believe a lot of stupid crap. My only point was that there are a lot of common ignorance exampled among the White Nationalist Movement. You pretend to not be a bigot and instead a rational thinking "racially aware" person, but your words betray you.

“Spelling errors are NOT an indicator of ignorance.

They are more of an indicator of someone who has a busy lifestyle, unlike you anti-white racists.”

I agree with you on the first part. But that second part is a farce, White nationalists for the most part have a far less busy lifestyle than their opponents as their ideology consumes their existence, for us the Anti-racists its just a pet peeve among pet peeves we decided to look into. Racism IS a lifestyle, these people dedicate their lives to it. I don't dedicate my life to Anti-Racism, in a few months I'll grow bored of it and move on to something else or limit my attention to it immensely. What I find pathetic is that Stormfronters love to discredit their opponents by nagging about spelling and grammar. Unless you are a perfectionist most posts are going to contain grammatical errors. The idiot who has been harassing me in PMs is 2 for 2 in citing grammatical errors for my intellectual inferiority and 2 for 2 in containing grammatical errors in their own posts THAT is ignorant.

(Posts 153-160)

Now when you say "anti- White racist", are you saying we are "Anti-White" racist or Anti-"White Racist". Because on one hand you are saying we hate White people and on the other hand you are saying we oppose racist White people. Well I assume you mean we are racist against White people which is an extremely ignorant and vain self-defense.

All of you know good and well you don't speak for White people, White Nationalists bring shame to the rest of the White Race. I've had White people personally tell me the KKK and Neo-Nazis sometimes make them ashamed to be White. They certainly don't feel shame for the Holocaust as most White people consider Jews to be White and most White people are not German, that’s no reflection on White people as a group. They feel shame for "their people" when they see hate rallies containing bigots who claim they are speaking for them and make people of color resent White people. Calling us Anti-White because we oppose Neo-Nazis and the White nationalist establishment is like saying you are Anti-Black for opposing the Nation of Islam and New Black Panther Party. I guess the News is Anti-Black because as we get closer to the Millions More March the media is criticizing Farrakhan and other Black leaders for anti-Semitic comments. The notion that opposing racists means you are opposing the race they represent is absurd, its completely unrealistic, its mere wishful thinking on the part of racists. I laugh when White Nationalists make up these little buzzwords like Anti-White Racist and sophist to counter their opponents. That too shows intimidation, you are all intimidated by the modern world which is the very reason your leaders are trying to make White Supremacy/Separatism as ideologically mainstream as it can possibly be.
"Uh, what are you talking about Tuoni?"

Didn't mean any offense, Rach. If you took any.

I am just going by the definition of pedophile when it comes to a psychiatrist's view of it. It isn't about love. It is about Anger, Power even Hate.
It is about controlling the child to get what you want. Not love.
"Lamby seems to be under the impression that Portugal is near Vietnam somewhere"

Have none of you people ever heard of Macau? was until resently Portugese and inhabited by Portugese people.
And guess what? it lies right in the neighborhood of Vietnam.(believe it or not Lamb was right)
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