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Prussian Blue's Hobby

Prussian Blue's Hobby
Posted by: amethyst23.
April Gaede (pictured) is in the process of molding her children into the perfect "Aryan women". Therefore, the family has hobbies that promote pride in their European-American heritage. One of Prussian Blue's many hobbies is horseback riding. Since Bakersfield does not have many world-class stables, their grandfather's Squaw Valley ranch is very useful when the family is in need of horses.

Horseback riding is a supposed way for European-Americans to practice "white pride" since the vast majority of different horse breeds originate from Europe.

And guess where horses come before that...


April, you'll truly be nothing without Asians. You better look at those pictures I posted and appreciate them.
Nothing without the Asians? Just because the horses choose to graze on ground inhabited by a bunch too stupid to get on their backs and ride! It was the Indo-European (Aryans) peoples of ASIA that first made actual use of the horses living their. They were so ingenious they even decided to hook them up to a pair of wheels and guess what: The Chariot!
In case you don't realize the practicality of this they were literally Stone-Age Warp speed inventors! Where others walked they rode... and scared the hell out of the natives of India.

-And you know what, horses were actually found in North America, before the so called "Aboriginals" showed up and probably ate them. Guess who probably brought the horses? Proto-Caucasoid Nordics like the Kennewick man from Asia!
And it was the MONGOLS that were famed horsemen.
And guess who united the Mongol tribes. Ghengis Khan, who belonged to a tribe which name means, "the tribe of the grey-eyed" men. He was a Caucasian. Even the Chinese histories admit it.
Such ignorance.

Asia was the first to perfect the art of horseback riding as we know it-- it all hinged really on the invention of the stirrup, which were first used by nomads (traveling people) in Asia, hundreds of years before they were discovered in the West in the 8th century.

When stirrups were invented people could suddenly use horses for many things, because they keep the rider in the saddle-- they could stand up in the saddle, turn and duck, make the horse jump and change direction quickly, etc.

By the way, the historical and ethnographic meaning for the word "Aryan" is *very* different from the Nazi's appropriation and distortion of the word for political purposes. Once again Nicolas, propaganda clouds your thinking.
1) "nomads" are not by definition non-white.

2) The historical meaning of the word Aryan can certainly apply to those peoples that came to speak an Aryan tongue after coming into contect with the so-named light-skinned nomads from the North. Very often for example the Hitites described by the Egyptians and the Jews of ancient times were blonde, nomdic and came from the North where people spoke Indo-European variation.

3)It is difficult to pinpoint the exact time that an invention was made or which people produced it though archeologists have only found evidence for their first use (wheel and the stirrup)in certain regions of North-Central Asia first. Precisely the regions that the Indo-Europeans were transversing.

4) Usually propaganda is something that is most easily spread by the mass media. Since the above statements are not accepted by the popular media but belong on the web sites of fringe organizations I think we can safely say that "propaganda" is not what has led me to thier point of view. It is difficult for thier propaganda to reach people.
What's next out of you, Nicolas de la Merde, the Maya were white? The Chinese? The Khmer? The Nubians?

And the Jews never spoke an Indo-European language until Yiddish.

PS: I will not accept any documents in languages I do not understand with a random collection of words circled with an annotation that says "THESE PEOPLE ARE ARYAN! Asians suck and are not pretty azman farethredna azora."
I never said the Jews spoke an Indo-European language. I merely said that they came into contect with Hitities that did speak an Aryan language. Maybe you have language difficulties if you can't understand that!

Stating that some Mongol tribes had some White elements does not mean I paint all mongols as being White, and neither do the Chinese historians.

PS. There is nothing impressive about the Nubians...I wouldn't "claim" them even if I wanted to.
To Yo: Why don't you give me these authorative sources? Are not the profs, scientists and academics featured on Authorative sources?
By the by how many Blacks have been charged with similar crimes? Your the one stereotyping.

Yamamma: You might try reading Thor Heyerdalh's Kon-tiki or Aku-Aku.
Heheheh, So you admit now that attributing crime to race is a stereotype eh? So what is your rationalization for that ugly poster on NA's website now that you don't want to apply the same twisted logic to yourself?

In addition to missing my point, you are being terribly inconsistant Nicolas.

As for sources about criminal profiling for serial/spree killers, do your research. My stats are *not* controversial, obscure, or marginal at all. The demographics are all there, and criminologists agree. The works of John Douglas, Robert Ressler, and Roy Hazelwood are classic and a good place to start.
Your definition of propaganda is pretty dubious, Nicolas. So you are saying that because your organizations are "fringe" and get little exposure, that means they are not producing propaganda? Please think again-- that makes no logical sense at all. These organizations work very hard to recruit people to their ideology-- specifically by using very manipulative propaganda.

Proaganda privileges a particular agenda (political, religious, etc.) over the facts. When a propagandist encounters a fact that doesn't fit in with the agenda, he neatly ignores or comes up with an excuse to dismiss it. He values only ideology. Hence the WN knee jerk response that all historical evidence and research that doesn't fit neatly into their ideology is a Jewish plot.

The NA poster, for example, exists solely to inspire fear and hatred-- it is propaganda-- despite the fact that its premise does not hold up against reality. It plays on emotion, ignorance, and fear and discourages inquiry.
Quite the contrary it is you who are using twisted logic. You were using a crime to paint "White Nationalists" not Whites, as such. I admit nothing. The fact of the matter is that presently in the U.S Whites are a majority which means that they will commit as large percentage of the crimes but the percentage that they commit is not consistance with the size of the population. Blacks are only 13% of the U.S population and yet they commit 90% of all racist hate crimes, etc. Where do you draw the line between what is a stereotype and what is a fact?

And for pete's sake stop calling opposing points of view "propaganda"! What I meant of course is that when the term "propaganda" must be used it makes most sense to use it when it is widespread as in the popular media. One way of justifiing the use of the word "propaganda" is to look for common cliche's that people use often without thinking, like, "Were all God's children." etc. Even when the speaker doesn't believe in God.
As for the Jewish plot business I don't know what your talking about. A race of people who own major newspapers etc. does not have to be involved in an actual plot to still use thier position of power to manipulate. An organized plot is not even required. Suppose a bunch of Roman Catholics(such as myself) completely unrelated to each other, never met each owned, every major newspaper in the United States. They were print complimentary things about other CAtholics and in a war defend the CAtholic parties to it. THe same way the Jews defend the Aparthied system in Israel and the purity of the JEwish race.
Furthermore nobody denies that Whites dominate certain crimes that others, such as serial killers, that are almost always White. Nobody complains that this is a stereotype but when the statistics for rape are quoted that's when people start shouting "stereotype" and racist"!
By the way thanks for at least providing me with some of the names of your trusted sources. I will certainly look them up.

By the way I think I recall Jared Taylor's book "Paved with good Intentions" mentioning one of your characters.
oops, sorry made a mistake... Blacks commit 90% of interracial crimes, not hate crimes. Though they do commit twice as many hate crimes as Whites and we have to remember they are only 13% of the population.
The reason why NV puts out "propaganda" like that is because Blacks choose White victims disproportionately. Whites need to be warned of this. It is those who believe in the equivelance of everthing and everybody who live in a fantasy world.
By the way I'd have no problem with a similar poster depicted a White serial killer instead of a Black rapist, BUT only if White serial killers choose as their victims Blacks 90% of the time! It would be nessasary to warn Blacks, if that were so.
PS. There is nothing impressive about the Nubians...I wouldn't "claim" them even if I wanted to.

Nubia did not have as exspansive an Empire or as many dynasties as Egypt however their culture was very similar and they accomplished many of the same things for their kingdoms. Infact Nubian civilization is believed to predate Egyptian civilization and it is even believed that Egyptian civilization is deeply rooted in the Nubians, Egypt is actually a daughter kingdom of Nubia. Also compared to European civilizations which were virtually non-existent at the time Nubia was far more advanced an Anicent Civilization.

I find it comical that you've chosen White Nationalist propaganda as your secular education when you are still in high school but thats ok, there is much schooling for you to receieve elsewhere. Perhaps you didn't catch it before in the last post but as I said before these little debates are a bit advanced for simple comments in a Blog, I'd suggest you take your opinion to MootStormfront if you want to defend your views and "knowledge" against anti-racists, the same people who post here post there along with many others. I'd certainly like to debate you on your laughable historical knowledge among other things. Feel free to drop by anytime you want to debate Nick.
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