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Our Dear Lamby....

Posted by: amethyst23.
Here's a memorable picture of Lamb as she cracks a half-smile for the camera. My gosh! The twins are growing up so speedily; in fact, they'll turn thirteen next month. Their infant sister will be celebrating her first birthday in the middle of July.

In other news, Lynx and Lamb are no longer studying at home, as they started attending a public school recently. April has pumped her children up with "rational fear" of the handful of minority students who may wish to do something "savage" and "beastly" to them. After all, they want to have protection against the AIDS virus and/or "ugly" mixed-race children.

Personally, I think Prussian Blue has very little to worry about. Minority men, for whatever reason, tend to gravitate toward the chubbier chicks. Enough said!

This has to be one of the most butt-ugly photos I have seen yet of the Gaede's. Serious trailer trash material. Eyyyewwww.
What a great analysis, Yo!
She probably got a disease from one of her fans from the real site. Most likely Eyzwydopen or Jenab.
I'd like to see photo's of some of you guys. Bet your not that pretty.
"Serious trailer trash material. Eyyyewwww."

And this is not a hate site?!?

"Trailer park trash (or trailer trash) is a derogatory U.S. English term for people who live in trailers or mobile homes, especially in trailer parks, and lower-class whites in general, regardless of where they actually live."

Derogatory phrases are a mark of hatred. You guys continue to be hypocrites.
I'm with you there. They may be able to dance the Haiku pretty well but when it comes to maching our shrill piper's pipes, they'l never match our shrill Northern tune. "The truth is mighty and will prevail."
Please - can the ridiculous white power rhetoric. It only makes you look like an idiot.
Nice Photo. What'd you do take a picture of a picture and then scan it in at 32 dpi?

I like the Ashlee Simpson pre-dye-job thing she has going on with her hair.

And come on Cheryl, you're not exactly a beauty yourself.
I'm with you there. They may be able to dance the Haiku pretty well but when it comes to maching our shrill piper's pipes, they'l never match our shrill Northern tune. "The truth is mighty and will prevail."

Yeah, I know what you mean. The Song of Nephilim, right? Remember, we do get unholy powers from listening to your crap.
Alas, such hypocrites, well if you don't like our "crap" perhaps you'd like some pleasant, comfort rap lyrics, maybe one with Ice T singing about cutting up some White flesh or bashing us evil blue eyed demons, eh. I'm sure that would be much more classicly refresing for you.
Guys, I am making a very simple observation. This is a butt-ugly picture of a very homely, mousy girl. Bleh. If that statement is your idea of "hatred", all I can say is you must lead very sheltered lives.

What's with the mullet haircut by the way? What comes next? Fake nails? A fake tan? The ubiquitous tattoo of Yggdrasil on her back? A crack-addicted boyfriend, just like her father? Unwed motherhood followed by dropping out of school?

Her mother is turning her into a monster. Its so sad.
Ice T singing about cutting up some White flesh or bashing us evil blue eyed demons

I'd like to hear him sing about bashing the Blue Eyed Devils. I've seen people suck before, but they are the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked. Never more will they harm us with their asstastic music.
"Please - can the ridiculous white power rhetoric. It only makes you look like an idiot. "

Why don't you stop whining it only makes you look like a crybaby.
Yo, the only one here that may be on the road to trailer trashiness is you.

I'm not even close to being christian but I seem to remember a certain phrase... he who casts the first stone... and that phrase is pretty much true no matter your faith. Are you bringing up trailer trashiness to hide your OWN trailer trashiness?
Your response is lamer than usual, Tuonela. :-) Which hand did you type that with?

Generally speaking it is advisable not to read in a complex explanation where a simple one will suffice. In this case, what I am saying is very simple: This is a butt-ugly picture of a mousy, trashy, homely-as-hell child. Its really simple.

I am just reading the writing on the wall. Its pretty obvious. You don't have to agree with me of course.
In case you hadn't noticed, I think both myself and tuoni think your absolutely right. It is a butt ugly picture, which is why we have not contradicted you on that. Not once. What I am doing however is using this forum to promote the idea's behind their music. By the way, I'm not a great judge of music. I've listened to their samples, and the samples of other rockers and country singers, but to tell you the truth I've never been into to music. When I hear something I like I'll buy it and listen to it, but as for telling whether they have talent in comparison to the mainstream, I really couldn't say.
Addressing the issue of the picture, shall we all present politely suggest that the owner of this prussianblueblogspot get a better(a pic intended to be more complimentary) picture!!! P.S- I do know bad music when I hear it and Ice T/Ice Cube/Michael Jackson are all trash.
"This is a butt-ugly picture of a mousy, trashy, homely-as-hell child"

Yes, the picture is very pixellated i.e. bad picture.

Mousy, that's a matter of opinion. Even so, let me guess. When in school you always pciked on the mousy kids, eh? So, you were a bully, eh?

Trashy, come to Florida, visit one of our trailer parks. That is where you will see the truly trashy. You don't know what trash is until you have seen what I have seen, and the trash here can be white, black, hispanic, whatever...
Lamb is hardly trashy.

Homely, again. a matter of opinion. My non-racialist 14 yo cousin thinks she is cute.
Also, again, with this opinion, that means you believe in only technical beauty anyways, you are shallow.

Child, ok yes, she is a child. Whom adults are picking on. Who is more pathetic? The child? or the supposed adults picking on that child.
Nicholas, glad you agree that its is butt-ugly. I have to say though that I approve of the photo itself-- no, it is not "flattering", but I think it is more honest. The glazy eyes, the pursed mean lips, the tasteless hairstyle are all indicative of how April Gaede is raising her children and where they are heading. My opnion, of course.

You say you like the message in their music. I think that is very telling, and I am curious as to which part of it appeals to your twisted racist fantasies. Do you like that song where they punctuate the refrain with Nazi salutes? Or is it their overall call to hatred in their song "Aryan Man Awake"? Really their lyrics are so riddled with all the varieties of racist hatred and aggression you hear in the WN community, the possibilities are endless.

Or maybe you just like the idea of using children to funnel your message of hatred into the world. Its a kind of power I suppose, the kind that would appeal to the cowardly pitiful racists that form the whole of PB's audience. So far as I can see, they have no other.

Its so sad. I really do feel sortry for the children. The only hope is that eventally they will realize how much they have been used, but even then they are going to have a long sad row to hoe.
To Josh Mallon: Who is Cheryl?
To Yo: Who is Nicholas?
Nicolas de la Mare, who postred above, who said he wished to promote the ideas behind PB's music.

To which I would I add, it is a good thing he has a tin ear. Otherwise listening to PB would be extra painful.
Seriously, Prussian Blue sucks. Their music isn't the issue, but their dumbass mother is the one to blame. The two airheads are completely brainwashed. Somebody needs a reality check, coughcough. I myself am white, but you don't see me standing up with a sweet little grin on my face saying to the crowd, "I'm better than you!" Who cares if your skin is a different color or you speak a different language or call God by a different name? Being different is not a bad thing, and there is no "superior" race.

And those stupid little 'stop immigration' t-shirts? Look who's talking! We're ALL IMMIGRANTS. Duh. This country was created in the idea that "all men are created equal". Maybe that only applies to you if you're white? Stupid, stupid, stupid...
Seriously, their music pretty much does suck. Of course, I was in such a paroxysm of agony when I was looking at one of their videos, an action incited by curiosity, that I wasn't able to make a detailed analysis of their musical talent.
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