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Mock Ebonics?

Mock Ebonics?
Posted by: amethyst23.
I enjoy obtaining less-censored news and funny pictures from the National Vanguard website every once in a while. Of course, I began to burst in laughter once I viewed the above picture for the very first time. It displays a middle-aged, unprofessionally-dressed black man with leering bug-eyes. The mock-ebonics phrase "You gonna get raped" is stamped across the image.

Or shot with lightning.
Good heavens, is this their latest imaginery bogeyman? You really have to wonder about these guys.
"Imaginary bogeyman," are you guys completely dense or just plain dishonest? It's not the so called "neo-nazi's" who are running around raping and murdering people. Yet it is they who are made out to be the "bogeymen" in this world. Even the slightest "racial slur" on the part of someone who looks more or less Caucasian can get one attacked for "Genocide!" but non-whites are let off for tthe worst of crimes for nothing, by the oh-so "racist government." Who are the real "bogeymen" I wonder?
Somebody asked who I was on the last post? I'm an 11th grade high school student, who has to put up with similar "bogeymen" and two-faced White teachers, who should no better than to tell you everybody is equal but than stay far in the sub-urbs with other more peaceful whites. "Nicolas" is for my birthday on St. Nick's day and "de la mare" is from one of my favourite poet's in case anybody was confusing my use-name here with some other poor "un-racist" soul that I wouldn't want you to harras. Well by, class now!
Actually Nicolas, neo-nazi and WN groups have been responsible for quite a number of very serious and lethal terrorist attacks (e.g., Jesse Stoner, Timothy McVeigh, Matt Hale) and are posing a very grave threat to our country. This is violence which PB in both their music and in their public statements has glorified. We have very good reasons to take this issue seriously.

In response to your statement: "Even the slightest "racial slur" on the part of someone who looks more or less Caucasian can get one attacked for "Genocide!" but non-whites are let off for tthe worst of crimes for nothing, by the oh-so "racist government."

What on earth are you talking about? Are you implying that we do not make a distinction between genocide and racial slurs and other kinds of harrassment? That's nonsense. For the record, a racial slur does not have to amount to genocide to fall into the "not okay" zone. If you can't act like a civilized person, you are going to have problems. Its really simple.

As for your contention that non-whites get let off the "worst accusations" for "nothing" that is also not true. There are more than enough people in our prison system, of all colors, to disprove your contention.

You ask: "Who are the real "bogeymen" I wonder?"

Not the ridiculous, caricatured stereotype portrayed in NA's silly picture, that much is for certain. If you are really concerned about sexual assault, look at reality. Most sexual assault victims are actually attacked by people they are close to, who they know, and for whom they feel some trust. A woman is much more likely to be raped in her own home than off in some strange neighborhood. Demonizing minorities and living in a fantasy world where everything is black and white is not going to protect you.
O.K, you have a lot of learning to do, so let me explain this to you piece be piece.

point 1:
Jesse Stoner, Timothy McVeigh, Matt Hale are not the cases they are taught to be. Firstly, both Jesse Stoner and Timothy McVeigh have proclaimed themselves to be "multiculturalists." They never ever endorsed or believed in WN, the fact that they read Dr. William Pierce's fiction(I hav'nt read it.) book is used to link them to WN. Suppose one of your everyday-lovable Black criminal decided to carry out a mass murder and he happened to read a book that has similar scenes of violence and happened to be written by a Black Supremacist like say Eldrige Cleaver. Would you or would you not link the crime to Cleaver's supremacist beliefs, even if the Black in question did not endorse any of Mr. Cleaver's causes? Let's be fair here. Just because a killer is White does not mean he is a White Nationalist. I myself have read many left-wing books, take "A Modern Utopia" by H.G Well's but that does not mean I believe everything I read. I am take something from the book and immitate it without approving of the book.

point 2:
In the case of Matt Hale no crime was committed as even the most liberal of papers admitted, if you were paying attention. In fact, he wasn't even an accomplice in the crime, he disapproved and actually probably prevented it. Most of the mainstream newspapers admit this. Now I do think the name of his organization and self-title do sound sort of silly and I have not read anything written by him so I wouldn't know what sort of person were dealing with here, but it is completely barbaric to arrest someone based on his views and use his relationship with a would be killer to charge him.

point 3:
"Are you implying that we do not make a distinction between genocide and racial slurs and other kinds of harrassment?"
That's exactly right. The religous multi-culti's do not make this distiction save when it is a non-white that verbaly insults a White. When this happens, Whites take it cooly, like they would any other insult, but on the rare occasion when a racial slur is exchanged involving a White there is instant condemnation. -------- You know there are humorous situation in which one non-white will slur another non-white of a different ethnic group and charges fly all over. It really can be quite hillarious!

point 4:
Large numbers of people in our prisons does not automatically prove that the government is not swayed with bias's. As Dr. William Pierce showed in one of his articles- situation one: White on Black crime was treated as National emergency, but the Black on White crime that took place in the exact same county was only mentioned in the local paper. Rodney King can expose his attackers on television but the Victims of the Zebra killings, Wittchita massacre etc. are not mentioned because mentioning them would be "racist"!The recent brutal rapes in Sweden by Arab men who were let off with a small fine which they probably didn't pay themselves demonstrate these double standards. For

point 5:
On "Demonizing minorities" and the issue of "stereotyping" you may need some clarification. Hypethetically, if I had a habit of striking my little brother, would a social worker be "demonizing" or "stereotyping" me by saying that I am prone to violence? Of course not. Stereotyping and demonization are only wrong when they are infactual in regard to the subject being discused. Read "The color of crime" by Jared Taylor. By the way, what about the deliberate "stereotyping" and "demonization" of WN or of the German soldiers who fought in ww2. If anything they were more manly and less cruel in their treatment of their conquered subjects than either the Allies or the Soviets. Read History.
You are very wrong about Jesse Stoner, Timothy McVeigh, and Matt Hale-- their WN sympathies, motives, and connections are well documented and established. WN and Neo-Nazi groups are watched carefully for a very good reason. Right here where I live, in my neighborhood, two Neo-Nazis were arrested and jailed for their attempt to blow up the Boston Holocaust Memorial. Luckily, they did not succeed, but the evidence was considerable and as I recall, they pleaded guilty. Luckily, Hale did not succeed in his plans to murder an innocent person, but he was caught red-handed in committing conspiracy. Everything you are saying here in his defense is WN revisionist propaganda.

"Suppose one of your everyday-lovable Black criminal decided to carry out a mass murder..."

This is the problem, Nicolas, its all "suppose", its all hypothetical, and you are amking a *lot* of assumptions. Its all in your head. Obviously I would have issue with *anyone* committing such a hideous crime, regardless of their color. Mass murderers are not "loveable", except perhaps to people liek April Gaede who openly glories in this kind of violence. These crimes are not about race. They are about human choices.

Factoid: 90% of all serial killers, spree killers, and serial rapists are white men between the ages of 25-35. I expect though that you would object rather strongly to white men being treated routinely with suspicion, though as a result, wouldn't you? If you are going to resort to these kinds of puerile tactics, and they are puerile, Perhaps your face belongs more appropriately on that poster.

Factoid: Eldridge Cleaver did not get away with anything. He served serious time for his crimes and most certainly was *not* let off easily. In 1975, he and his wife Kathleen returned to the United States to face their charges, which was the appropriate thing to do.

Please get real.
Where do you draw the line between propaganda and truth? If I wanted too I could dismiss what's "all in your head" as propagande, but I don't. Why? Because, I believe that facts matter and a debate is a debate, lets not call it "propaganda"! Argue it! Was Mat Hale conspiring or did he prevent the conspiracy?
By the way, your twisting my words, I never said Eldrige Cleaver "didn't" but now that you mention it, Mr. Cleaver still called a wonderful person by many people(some Jews who wrote the intro for his books for example) despite the fact that he was "all that."
To rephrase that, the real question is this: Are the White Nationalists telling the truth? At this point I happen to be more convinced that they are. Based on what? Based on the far more abundant lies, wickedness and distortions of their enemies. If Mayor Barry speaks out against drug abuse but uses them himself how am I to trust him? If Abraham Foxman has a habit of slandering people he doesn't like but than backing thieves that he likes, how am I to trust his ideas? etc.etc. Jared Taylor, David Duke, Samual Francis, Dr. William Pierce , Kevin Alfred Strom appear to still have better reputations when weighed against their enemies despite how they are hated. Whose statistics should I trust? You may shout, "simplistic" but this is the starting point, of any opinion you have to form. Once this leval is established then we can move on to more complicated questions and statements.
"These crimes are not about race. They are about human choices."
Yes, and human beings are divided into sects, tribes and races.

"Mass murderers are not "loveable", except perhaps to people like April Gaede who openly glories in this kind of violence."

Since when has she gloried in violence? Stop taking their lyrics out of context. There is nothing hateful about their music.

By the way give me a source from where you got those statistics.
Yep. 90% according to all authoritative sources, though some set that percentage a little lower, at about 85%.

Ah, this just in Nicolas:

Martin Lindstedt, the perennial racist and Christian Identity internet gadfly who once hoped to occupy the Missouri Governor's mansion and the US senate, has been arrested on child molestation charges. The alleged victim is a family member under the age of twelve, presumably one of his grandchildren.

White Nationalists seem to have a lot of repeating problems, don't they?
Why don't you give me these authorative sources? Are not the profs, scientists and academics featured on Amren. Authorative sources?

By the by how many Blacks have been charged with similar crimes? Your the one stereotyping.
You know Nick, these type of debates are a bit too advanced for blog comments. If you want to have an advanced debate about White Nationalist issues I suggest coming to MootStormfront. A message board is a much better place to get your point across.
He looks like a black unabomber, you guys remember that widely-circulated picture of the unabomber wearing the hooded sweatshirt before he was caught?
The straight dope: Matthew Hale was, in fact, convicted of soliciting the murder of a Federal judge. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. "Prussian Blue" (and how many Prussians I know that would spit on the use of their country to pervert the minds of children and adults in the name of idiotic hatred!) is simply a tragic vehicle for the most moronic and hate-filled of political ideals.

in ,April Gaede calls the billions of dollars that the United States spends (though it's not nearly enough) on AIDS prevention an "insult."

Thanks, April. We now know that you regard any attempt to save the lives of your fellow human beings as an "insult."

Hateful filth and scum like this has no place in the national discourse of a civilized nation, nor does a racist depiction of a black man as rapist. I think the statistics will bear me out that the majority of rapists are white; not that that means anything.

Rapists=bad, it's true. But every single race of human beings on the planet has rapists, murderers, and hatemongers among them, as April Gaede proves.
That was well-said, FuriousJon.
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