Saturday, April 09, 2005


The Wondrous WASPY....

WASPY, a rabid fan of Prussian Blue, is stalking and tracking any person who supports this blog. He has even resorted to posting under different names:
1. Wanda Martini Chevago
2. Isao Tomita
3. Iguana
4. Gladys Prig

I just want to thank this 'wonderful' person for the refreshingly racial slurs he has hurled toward me. In addition, the highly 'admirable' WASPY posted a picture of a dead friend in the comments section of this blog. It appears that he tracked some people down successfully. I've sent his site's web address, IP addresses (probably not real), and chat logs to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He's likely not scared one bit because he (or his cohorts) intends to silence me permanently. The blogosphere knows he's planning something unpleasant. If one full week passes without new entries to the blog, I have been 'silenced'.

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