Monday, April 25, 2005


The Vermont Poetess

A Vermont poetess recently sent a few emails to the proprietors of this blog with hopes of expressing her purely laughable opinion. I shall add that she is a pro-white member of the of the National Alliance.
Dear "Amethyst":
My commode is all full of rust (country living!) and I'd like someone to come and clean it. Interested? If so, I can provide directions.

I suppose the joke is on me. Here's my hastily planned reply.
Would you be interested in purchasing the round-trip plane ticket to Vermont? Perhaps I will accept your sarcastic offer of employment. Oops! I forgot to mention my current employment as a geriatric nurse.

She decided to mention the ongoing investigation in her next email.
Employment? As a geriatric nurse? Is that pending the FBI investigation?

The poetess sent another brief email immediately. Read on.
P.S. But then you DO clean up shit with your hands? I must be psychic.

The certified nursing assistants are the ones who actually clean up shit with their hands. Her attempts at humor are, at best, shoddy.I replied once more with a very terse email to the Mount Holyoke graduate.
So where's my round trip plane ticket?

The poetess expediently replied.
Hi: I said nothing about paying your fare. As if I'd invite someone like you into my beautiful world! That's an honor reserved for the Gaedes.
Furthermore: While I'm sure it's exciting for you to hear from someone in my demographic, it was only a one-time thing. Future e-mails will be considered harassment. Thank you.

This woman is quite conceited if she thinks I'm excited to hear from her. Her world is not as beautiful as she'd like everyone to believe; in addition, she's a middle-aged spinster (no children or man). Reproduction, I hear, is the essential action that keeps the white race alive for future generations to come.

Eh, she's better at poetry than Lynx, I'll give her that.
Well now. Small world isn't it?

Speaking as a Radcliffe alumna, a Bostonian, a Plath scholar, and an active member of the Boston poetry scene, I wonder what the people at the Longfellow Society would think of Miss Anderson's other "affiliations"?

I think just for giggles I might circulate her article around and see what the poetry community over here has to say. I can predict the response. Eyes rolling at her verse and repulsion for her racism.

Meanwhile: I don't think she is much of a poet from what I have seen here. Her ideas about formalism and her anti-modernism are uninformed to the point of being silly, the sort of thing one hears from amateurs. Predictable I guess: what is it about these WN types and the little fantasy worlds they live in? Her understanding of Plath and Hughes also leaves a great deal to be desired. She clearly does not know that Plath and her family were all very powerfully anti-fascist, does she?

Her scat emails to you are pretty childish, Amethyst. Lame, very lame, but maybe good for a laugh.
And I did laugh, Yo. She apparently has sent angry e-mails to the Jerry Springer show after they invited N.A. members to be guests for a filming.
LOL . Thant i did not expect .
Oh good heavens. Now that is someone with way too much time on her hands.

I could always just print out some of her WN articles and slip them to X.J. Kennedy (aka Joe) if I were really feeling impish. He still lives in Lexington. I was part of a committee that selected him for a certain award some years back, and he would remember me. ("Joe! I googled you and look what came up!")

There is no way in hell that he would feel anything but profound revulsion for Miss Anderson's racist sympathies.

Read the article carefully.
"Oh good heavens. Now that is someone with way too much time on her hands."

Wait wait wait. Look at this site. Now THAT is people with too much time on their hands. ;)
Takes no time at all, Tuonela.

Amethyst, did she complain to Jerry Springer about his bad taste in guests-- or did she complain about the stupidity of the National Vanguard for taking him up on the invitation? You've got to wonder about some people and what they won't do for attention.
Wait wait wait. Look at this site. Now THAT is people with too much time on their hands. ;)

- No, they simply dedicated a site to the undeniably true proposition that Prussian Blue suck.

There's no limit to truth!

When they stop sucking, then they should stop running the blog. But, for now, they suck.
Thank you, Kamandi!
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