Friday, April 29, 2005


Upcoming Prussian Blue Concert

On Saturday, June 18, Prussian Blue plans to perform at the Summer Solstice Festival near Tampa, Florida. Tickets can be purchased at the wonderfully discounted rate of $20 per person since this is a fundraising event. Best of all, children 13 and under will be admitted free of charges.

My advice is to save your money!

Is the Summer Solstice Festival a WN thing or Lynx and Lamb just playing there in hopes that they'll recruit a couple of fence-sitting fools they can convince that the commie stinking Jews are coming to kill them and rape their children?

You could always go there and cover some Masato Kouda, Tetsuya Shibata, and Satoshi Ise.

Mmmm... Japanese Industrial Metal.
The Summer Solstice Festival is mostly a WN thing.
The concert is sponsored by Tampa National Vanguard, and is a fundraiser. (You think they're desperate?) So far as I have been able to see, Prussian plays for the WN crowd and has no other audience. Considering the hatred in their lyrics and the lack of quality in their playing, this should not be a surprise.
Yo: I see desperation. :)
I most likely will be there. I need to get out of my house and there just isn't enough to do in Florida.
I don't claim to be a spokesperson for Prussian Blue, but an educated guess would be that if you told them they would be "Condemned" to a career of playing in front of white people, I don't think they would mind!
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