Friday, April 29, 2005


SPLC Article!

The Southern Poverty Law Center recently wrote an article about Prussian Blue and their 'fearless' stage mother, April Gaede. Lamb, Lynx, and April must be either famous or infamous if they have captured the attention of the famously fair SPLC. The hit-piece even mentioned this blog in a slightly unflattering fashion.

I don't think it was either flattering or unflattering, frankly. I mean it is factually true-- this blog is called Prussian Blue Sucks, and they do indeed suck. I noticed that the writer of the article as well pulls no punches:

"Although Gaede's parenting style and her twins' dubious musical talents have brought criticism in white supremacist forums and even spawned an unkind blog (, Gaede's supporters refuse to let a few out-of-tune instruments and off-key harmonies deter their dreams of glory."

She throws some very well-aimed barbs at Gaede, the drop-out who married a "pot-smoking pole vaulter" and later got arrested for indecent exposure. (Though wasn't the father of Lynx and Lamb also a crystal Meth user? Exhibitionist mother and drug addict father-- so much for the claim to good genes.)

It sounds like PB is not well-liked even among the WN crowd, which is interesting. I haven't found any relevant threads about this, but then I haven'tr looked.

"famously fair SPLC"??!!

C'mon now...The SPLC is a Jew organization that goes after anybody that opposes their Jewish Supremacist agenda, usually white civil rights groups.

They don't allow for freedom of speech, which you guys claim to cherish so much.
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