Saturday, April 02, 2005


An Explanation To The Readers

An Explanation To The Readers
Posted by: amethyst23.
A reader who calls himself 'This Blog Sucks' states that this blog is not as popular as Prussian Blue's fan site. I believe (s)he is uninformed on a few facts.

1. Nearly eight hundred comments have been posted in the opposing views section of the Prussian Blue guestbook. Only two hundred comments have been posted in the positive feedback section.

2. The Prussian Blue fan site is heavily moderated. The moderators delete comments and bash people who do not agree with Prussian Blue's racial lyrics. On the other hand, this anti-fan site isn't moderated.

3. Anyone who thinks we're out for popularity is uninformed. This site is intended for the enjoyment of Prussian Blue's anti-fans. If your beliefs differ from mine, that's great. You won't change my mind; also, I won't change your mind.

The bloggers of this site don't visit white nationalist sites and post fetid comments, yet 'racialists' visit this site and then proceed to do everything humanly possible to destroy it. We're exercising our free speech rights; accordingly, I hope that's something you all can surely understand and appreciate.

Although your first point is factually true, it is very misleading.

Most of the posts in the opposing views section are actually rebuttals from Prussian Blue fans.
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