Friday, April 15, 2005


The Comments Return

Kind of. I've restored comments, but since a lot of readers felt the need to abuse the anonymous comments feature, I've restored *Blogger* comments. All the old comments are still there, waiting to be restored. But until the preening little twats like WASPY can sack the fuck up and stop trying to use proxied IPs to harass the shit out of people (incidentally, I sincerely hope you're aware of the Java security hole regarding proxied IPs), then to post you're going to need to register a blogger account. That doesn't mean you actually have to have or maintain a blog, but you need to get an account.

Will this stop the harassment? Probably not. My guess is the fascist manchilds that get their panties in a twist over this blog will just go and make a hundred different blogger accounts so they can harass unabated. But it might ameliorate the situation a little, and that's enough for me.

Greetings, pbblogger! It is a pleasure to meet you. I am here as a supporter of your blog. I think both you and Amethyst have done a splendid job.

yo- big mazel. Judging by the bile coming from the WTNs typical to the comments section, I'd say you're probably right. That said, mad props to Amethyst, the backbone of this modest venture.
I'm flattered, Pbblogger! But you're the one who STARTED this venture.
"mad props to Amethyst"
Amen to that !
Hey Amethyst i think that the wasp problem is over .
That's a good sign.
Waspy is just a like a cockroach really. Turn on the light and he scuttles away.
lol , it not the light he's afraid of its ....
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