Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Stop Immigration!

Stop Immigration!
Posted by: amethyst23.
Here's a picture of April, Lamb, and Lynx displaying their severe opposition toward illegal non-white immigration by protesting in front of a gas station in North Bakersfield, California.

The xenophobic girls of Prussian Blue actually have a pleasurable affinity for immigrants (as long as they're white). However, they despise the Mexican immigrants who now call America home. April has even called Mexican immigrants "creatures".

We cannot use simple solutions to correct complex problems. Crime and disease do exist in America, but blaming these issues on immigration is just narrow-minded. Displaying hatred toward non-white immigrants is extremely idiotic and fruitless.

The crowd is present to see President Bush pass by in his motorcade. A reader commented that April and her girls seemed to have support from all walks of life by looking at this picture. I corrected the dear reader by informing him/her that April actually got into verbal confrontations with the people of color, especially the Mexicans. Also, why aren't the other "anti-illegal" people holding these types of signs?

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