Saturday, March 12, 2005


Stop Illegals!

A handful of people believe firmly that April Gaede and Prussian Blue are truly making a difference on issues concerning illegal immigration. Holding up signs in front of small crowds will not eradicate the problem. The most powerful thing the anti-immigrant people should have done is vote for anyone other than George W. Bush.

He has kept your precious borders open and continues to welcome our Spanish-speaking neighbors from south of the border. His administration continues to outsource jobs.

The 'racialists' needed to convince as many Americans as possible to vote for somebody like Peroutka. Any person who assisted to re-elect Bush is responsible for any and all unfavorable immigration woes.

Rocking the vote would have been the single most powerful thing ever done. However, April's city of Bakersfield overwhelmingly voted for Bush, the pro-immigration guy. Many other registered voters decided that Bush was 'the guy'.

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