Sunday, March 27, 2005


A Small Victory After All

I decided to revise this post since it was written sarcastically the first time around. The co-founder of Buzznet, 'Mackey', decided to remove a few pictures from this blog, and here's the unabridged e-mail he sent me.

I am co-founder of it has been brought to our attention that there are some photos on your buzznet account that you did not take, and that give away personal information about a minor. Personally, i very much support the information that you are trying to get out on your blog and on buzznet (i think you should post some more information on your buzznet account). I am horrified after reading about Prussian Blue. However - we need to remove the map image and the photos of the baby, since you do not have the right to publish them. Just wanted to drop you a note to explain.

The complaining 'white nationalists' can celebrate over this small victory; after all, their complaints caused the removal of the pics of Dresden and the map. A self-proclaimed white-nationalist reader was disturbed at the co-founder's alleged 'support' for this blog. I'll reply to this reader by saying that 'white nationalism' is not PC. Many people in America will attempt to separate themselves from people and events that aren't PC. Anti-racists are still viewed as the beacons of tolerance; on the other hand, 'racialists' are viewed as 'haters'. Agreeing with 'haters' isn't politically correct.

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