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Prussian Blue's Neighborhood

Prussian Blue's Neighborhood
Posted by: amethyst23.
Prussian Blue and I reside in Bakersfield, California. April, Lamb, and Lynx live in Northwest Bakersfield; however, I dwell in another part of town. The pictured houses are in Prussian Blue's neighborhood.

Northwest Bakersfield could be described as the white-flight area. All of the houses are newer and cost over $300,000. Residents are highly intolerant toward apartment dwellers and people of color. Therefore, the Gaede klan lives in a neighborhood full of like-minded people.

The schools are fairly segregated, so I don't understand April's reasoning for home-schooling Lamb and Lynx. Northwest Bakersfield schools are mostly white and high-achieving. Perhaps April fears that the schools have been infiltrated with anti-racist white kids and teachers.

Prussian Blue's neighborhood is anchored by the amazing Northwest Promenade shopping center, the Riverlakes Golf Course, and congested Rosedale Highway. April often protests against illegal immigration in front of the Northwest Promenade. Her homemade signs always display the National Alliance website address.

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