Thursday, March 24, 2005


The FBI Is Supposedly Involved

I learned an interesting tidbit of news less than twelve hours ago. 'Tuonela', a 26-year-old Florida resident, sent a tip about this blog to the FBI. He alleges that Prussian Blue's lives have been threatened in some way. Individuals are freely able to contact law enforcement for whatever reason they please; therefore, it is Tuonela's right to call the FBI on this blog.

Anti-fans of Prussian Blue have been getting laughs out of this site; on the other hand, the actual fans find this site irritating, wasteful, and downright threatening. Tuonela declares he doesn't have a problem when I poke fun at other 'pro-white' groups. He simply doesn't like the fact that this blog makes fun of two girls. I just said it, people. It is all about making fun.

I will share further developments as I discover them. Please note that I did not insult 'Tuonela' and do not feel anger toward him. He intends to visit his local FBI office to perform a follow up of his tip. Let's see what happens.

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