Tuesday, March 15, 2005


The Benefits And Detriments Of Multiculturalism

The Benefits And Detriments Of Multiculturalism
Posted by: amethyst23.
White nationalists, such as Prussian Blue's family, hate living in multicultural societies. Anti-racists are usually able to live in multicultural places with much harmony and accord. Multiculturalism has plenty of benefits as well as drawbacks; accordingly, I've decided to list some of them.

The Benefits of Multiculturalism
1. We learn from each other's differences.
2. A broader view of the world forms.
3. Biracial people will feel comfortable.
4. People open their minds freely.
5. Love absolutely sees no colors.

The Detriments of Multiculturalism
1. Multicultural empires fall from grace.
2. People reside near unwanted neighbors.
3. Foreign languages might be annoying.
4. Mixture adds irksome stressors at times.
5. Some people worry around other races.

We've attempted to utilize the most non-threatening phraseology possible. Every single benefit and drawback is not listed, of course.

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