Sunday, March 27, 2005


April And Prussian Blue 'Terrorized' By FBI

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A SWAT team, acting under orders from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, served a no-knock warrant on the Squaw Valley, California home of white activist April Gaede, allegedly seeking evidence in the killing of the family of Chicago Judge Joan Lefkow.

Despite the dramatic armed attack that terrified Gaede and her children, including the well-known singing twins "Prussian Blue", feds found nothing but copies of letters that had been exchanged between her and Hale. Reportedly, copies of those letters were already in FBI possession, as Hale's correctional facility Xeroxes and indexes them.

Gaede is a National Alliance member and writer for the National Alliance's National Vanguard Magazine, as well as contributor to Stormfront under the name SheWolfoftheNA, and a friend of White Revolution Chairman Billy Roper. is published by White politics, Inc. - P.O. Box 12244, Silver Spring MD 20908. All material not in the public domain and lacking other claimants is copyright 2004 White Politics Inc. unless otherwise noted.

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