Thursday, February 17, 2005


Sweet Indoctrination Part II

Sweet Indoctrination
Posted by: amethyst23.
You probably have been aware for quite some time that America is a free country. The lunatic fringes of the far right are free to indoctrinate their offspring as they wish. April Gaede, mother the twins Lynx & Lamb Gaede Lingelser, would be described as a bigoted lunatic who has a deep affinity for changing her hair color as frequently as the sun sets. Also, the proud mom has been married several times, which points to her lack of real-life social skills.

Since America is the land of the free, April was free to drop out of school, marry and divorce at liberty, home school (read: indoctrinate) her kids, and hold protests in her backyard. The golden blonde twins have an exciting baby-maker future to look foward to since the survival of their race is in their hands.

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