Sunday, February 27, 2005


Our Unanswered Questions

1) How many Prussian Blue records have been sold to date?
2) Has Prussian Blue's mother, April Gaede, lost any weight?
3) Why do white nationalists always worship losers (Hitler, confederate soldiers, et cetera)?
4) Why does the National Alliance have fewer than 1,500 members if white nationalism is really growing?
5) Why do N.A. members distribute leaflets in the cover of darkness?
6) Why do "racialists" use black-on-white crime statistics from many years ago? Why don't they use current statistics?
7) Why are Mexican immigrants hated so much?
8) Why do many of the white nationalists commit many spelling and grammatical errors prior to minimizing the intelligence of other races?
9) Do "racialists" feel threatened by Asian-Americans?
10) Are you really proud to be white?
11) Why do you question the accuracy of the Holocaust?
12) Why do many "racialists" frankly deny the existence of the Holocaust?
13) Why do white nationalists display hatred toward Jewish people?
14) Are "racialists" jealous of the fact that Jews tend to be successful?
15) Why are "racialists" so intolerant of others?

Unaswered questions
1 & 2 Don't know

3) It is a fact that our side had been consistently losing ground for decades, so if you are unkind you can label our heroes "losers". But we do not worship Hitler. Don't forget that he got a lot of good white people killed. And imagine what the world would be like today if WWII hadn't happened, and Nazi Germany existed in the 21st century. And Confederate soldiers were fighting the expansive federal government that has grown to such a monster.

4)Because of people like you, it is dangerous to belong to groups like the NV or NV. But our heart is with them, and we spread the message as much as we can.

5) Same as #4. Come on, be honest. What would happen to them personally in they were seen distributing in the daytime?

6) Untrue. Current statistics as well as old statistics are valid, and are used.

7) Mexicans are not hated. We hate the system that allows them to come here. Once here, they undermine many of the things we treasure, which results in hostility but not hatred.

8) Who knows? But those that do usually say things that reinforce what you believe. Sometimes I wonder if they aren't really you, in disguise.

9) Asian Americans are not nearly the problem as blacks and Hispanics, but it's only a matter of degree.

10) Proud? No. But definitely not in a any way ashamed, or guilty. I am proud of the accomplishments of my people, and am grateful and happy to be white.

11) Because there is virtually no evidence. It's almost all stories, which may be true, but, then again, may not.

12) Because so many details are clearly untrue. Since it is filled with so many transparent lies, it is easy to believe the whole thing is a crock.

13) The short answer is that Jews, by their actions, are the enemy. They promote every negative thing while trying to destroy every good thing. The long answer explains all this in detail.

14) No.

15) Intolerant? I am responding on a site that exists solely to hurt and humiliate people you don't like. Who are you to even ask the question?
Your post was complete, though I don't necessarily agree with your viewpoints.
Why is it O.K. for jews, but not Whites, to have a whole racial supremacy oriented religion and culture complete with legal, financial, media, social, and political tentacles all promoting and protecting its head, worldwide jewry?
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