Saturday, February 19, 2005


National Alliance Leaflets (or Litter)

Posted by: amethyst23
National Alliance Leaflets (or Litter)
April Gaede, the mommy of Prussian Blue, is a self-proclaimed 'activist' for the National Alliance and 'writer' for the National Vanguard website. In addition, she litters front lawns with leaflets, fliers, and literature from her organization. This form of leafleting is intended to recruit better-educated white people to the National Alliance. Perhaps Lynx & Lamb will grow up to become professional leafleters.

To be honest, these leaflets and fliers disturb most of the homeowner recipients; however, N.A. members are protected by free speech laws. The fliers usually don't contain any direct threats, so all law enforcement can do is fine the leafleters for littering. The anti-litter laws have worked only rarely due to the fact that N.A. 'activists' tend to do this type of littering during the wee hours of the morning when most normal people are asleep. I believe this to be a sign of cowardice.

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