Friday, February 04, 2005


It's Time To Refresh Your Memory

I have the displeasure of living in the same city as the Gaede clan.

We both live in Bakersfield, a city known to the rest of California as the ultimate hick town. I moved to BakeTown in 2003. It's merely a coincidence that the Gaedes also moved to BakeTown that very same year.

April Gaede was born in 1966, raised in the foothills of Fresno, and graduated from Reedley High School in 1984. This high school was mostly non-white; therefore, the experience must have been rough for her. She was raised by a "racially aware" cattle-ranching father.

April majored in journalism at California's own Fresno State University in the middle 1980s, but dropped out before earning a degree of any type. She claims that a black man attempted to rape her in 1986. The story sounds highly questionable because the black guy allegedly ran away after she "bit his finger". Any rapist could have snapped her little finger in half if he really wanted to sexually assault her. 1986 might have been the year of her "racial awakening" if the rape attempt truly did happen.

Lamb and Lynx, the blondies of Prussian Blue, were born to April in the summer of 1992. Their father is unknown at this time; in addition, I've noticed that the girls use April's maiden name as their surname. Why don't the twins have their father's surname? This is a tell-tale sign of illegitimacy. L & L were born and raised in the Fresno foothills just like their mother.

April married a "white hero" named Mark Neufeldt almost two years ago, and relocated to the "rapidly browning" city of Bakersfield around the same time period. Mark, a Gulf war veteran, has a German speaking, non-English speaking daughter from a previous relationship named Sandy. They decided to live happily ever after in Rosedale, a mostly white part of town. The bad news for this family is the fact that Mexican people are buying homes in Rosedale; as a result, this part of town is "rapidly browning" as well. April, Lamb and Lynx created time in their busy schedules to star in a poorly made 2003 horror B-movie called Darkwalker.

Mark impregnated April in the fall of 2003, and Dresden Hale Neufeldt was the result of careful baking. The ash-blonde infant girl was born in July 2004. You see, Mark and April believe in replenishing the numbers of the white race, so baby Dresden was their critical contribution. Matthew Hale, a family friend of the Gaedes, was the source for the baby's interesting middle name. Mr. Hale, former leader of the World Church Of The Creator, is serving time in prison for conspiring to have a female judge murdered. He's the one who coined the term RAHOWA (Racial Holy War). WCOTC is now called the Creativity Movement.

April is currently a housewife who home-schools her children. Two main reasons exist for the home studies of the twins. Reason #1: Lamb and Lynx are too precious to be exposed to the many Mexican children in BakeTown schools. Reason #2: Why attend school for seven hours daily when an unsuccessful music career is ready for the taking?

It is frightening when a college dropout mother has the opportunity to educate her baked goods. The two members of Prussian Blue are, however, surprisingly articulate in interviews. Their mommy has helped them learn vocabulary words that will aid in their futures as saviors of the white race. They are thoroughly knowledgeable on subjects such as Hitler, eugenics, reproduction and poor quality whites.

The Gaede clan should be fully aware of California's status as one of only two states where whites are outnumbered in the population. They should stop muttering about making white living spaces and just move to one of the numerous white neighborhoods in the great United States. Flagstaff, Arizona is a white city with plenty of white living space. The state of Utah is a vast land of white blood. I also want to suggest the Pacific Northwest due to the numerous militia groups.

April, Mark, Lamb, Lynx, and Dresden will be unhappy campers if the California tides continue to turn brown. Lamb, Lynx and Dresden will have dazzling futures as the replenishers of their race. They'll all meet wonderful white heroes, marry, bear children, and still have time for some European-American activism.

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