Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Future of the White Race

The future of the white race rests within the hands of these three white girls. Lamb and Lynx took some time out of their busy musical careers to pose for this seemingly adorable picture with their infant sister, Dresden Hale Neufeldt.

Many white nationalists have placed all their hopes into these girls. Their futures consist of activism, xenophobia against illegals, the fears that black men actually want to look at them, and making blonde babies. Reproduction will be the of the utmost importance for Prussian Blue and their baby sister if they plan to change the trend of childless white people.

Dresden Hale Neufeldt's middle name was inspired by Matt Hale, the incarcerated Racial Holy War guy. Mr. Hale also happens to be a dear friend of Prussian Blue's mother, April Gaede.

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