Tuesday, February 15, 2005



Thanks to one of our many sets of eyes and ears, it would appear that the father of L&L is actually one Kris Richard Lingelser, whom April divorced in 1997, after obtaining a restraining order against him in 1996. Shortly after, April married Robert Sinner II, but then divorced him as well--this time, though, without the temporary restraining orders--before marrying current Hubby No. 3, Mark Neufeldt.

Interestingly, April will share just about anything regarding her own life or her daughters (love of nude photography, for example), except her two ex-husbands, who she seems to have kept secret, or at least out of the public light.

Sure, I could think of something funny to say about all of this. But then, so could you, sweet reader. Anyway, I'm saving the real humor for when we find out exactly who the two exes are. Stay tuned.

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