Monday, February 28, 2005


California National Alliance Recently Infiltrated!

California National Alliance Recently Infiltrated!
Posted by: amethyst23.
The Jewish comedian Harmon Leon (pictured) recently removed those dreadlocks and infiltrated the National Alliance in California. He did this for the purpose of writing a long article about the experience.

Harmon phoned the N.A.'s local hotline number and left a message conveying his interest in joining the organization. The N.A. promptly returned his call and arranged to informally meet him at an Applebees restaurant.

They did meet at the restaurant a few days later. The N.A. members present were a dumpy college-aged girl, Kevin and his wife, and the couple's infant. The infiltrator purposely arrived forty minutes late.

Kevin and Harmon chatted about hate for the next couple of hours. The dumpy girl interrupted a few times about how the "Chinese problem is bad in San Francisco." Kevin's wife was too preoccupied with calming the baby.

Harmon persuaded Kevin into paying for his meal at the end of their casual get-together. The dumpy girl gave Harmon a bunch of cheesy-looking bumper stickers before informing him about the next meeting. The full article is at

Why did you purposely arrive 40 minutes late?
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