Saturday, February 26, 2005


Asian Neo-Nazi Girls...

Posted by: amethyst23
Asian Neo-Nazi Girls...
These Japanese babes appear immensely sympathetic to the neo-Nazi movement. I've conjectured that they have white nationalist boyfriends; in addition, these chicks must be very self-hating.

Prussian Blue would look quite cool in these blaring get-ups. In fact, Lynx and Lamb would have displayed more honesty by wearing these swastika-laden clothes for their album cover picture. April, however, would look extremely horrible in this outfit because we'd be able to see the fat rolls on her belly.

A kind reader informed us that 38-year-old April Gaede regrets she didn't begin having kids at age 18 at the rate of one per year. If she decided to follow that plan, twenty white nationalist babies would have been brought into this world.

Did you forget that Nippon was an ally to III reich Germany?
Hello, came across your site while searching for the picture in question. I remember seeing it several years ago, it stuck in my my mind as being strangely comic. But a few of your assumptions are a bit hasty. The picture was taken at a launch of Wolfenstein 3D - you can see the poster in the background. It certainly is bizarre to see anyone carefreely dressing in nazi regalia but it's more to do with their love of that fictional fighter of nazis than love of a white supremacist boyfriend.
Also, though I cannot after several years remember what country in Asia this game release was happening in, but it definitely wasn't Japan. I wonder why you assumed their nationality was Japanese? That in itself is a little offensive.
Perhaps this is a reminder that on the internet we should always check where things come from. If we wish to form a firm ground to combat upsetting and dangerous attitudes such as white-power groups it is important that we remain clear, honest and reasonable, and to never take things out of context.
Oh p.s.
I think making comments on someone physical appearance is childish and really lowers the tone.
i.e. "April, however, would look extremely horrible in this outfit because we'd be able to see the fat rolls on her belly."
Again, this sort of cheap rhetoric merely weakens your position and is offensive to all sorts of people.
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