Tuesday, February 08, 2005


April Forgets to be Politically Correct

"Women are all into thinking about how people view them; that is why so many women mistakingly think being with a nigger makes them a 'good person'. I don't think they are with the nigger because he smells nice or treats them well or even looks like a cute monkey. I think it all stems from the perverted logic they have learned from society that
A. Racist is bad.
B. I want to be good and have people think I am good
C. If I am with a nigger no one will think I am racist.
D. Thus I get a nigger boyfriend and everyone thinks I am great and wonderful person."

April Gaede, author of the above words, usually pretends to be politically correct when dealing with the outside world to avoid spooking the better-educated white people. After all, the National Alliance continually seeks middle class members of society for membership. April looks so unappealing to the point that everyone's eyes hurt as they glance at her. Brace yourselves prior to clicking on the January 2005 archives to see her picture.

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